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The World of Jewelry

The World of Jewelry is the most creative and primary form of Art used for the ornamentation and beautification of people or unique objects.

Subsequently, this is the form of art that varies from different periods according to their culture and traditions.

Similarly, each jeweler has a creative nature of designs and patterns. He is admired according to his talent and uniqueness of Art.

Moreover, jewels are for people’s glamourization by intensifying the beauty of the one who wears them.

Especially for women, their beautification is everything; they love to use jewels, which intensifies their beauty with an aesthetic outlook.

Pakistani World of Jewelry Bangles
Pakistani Jewelry Bangles

Subsequently, this attractive and artistic outlook enables the people to admire the Art with great pleasure and desire for it. Even though women usually use this art piece, men also have many conditions for its use. For instance, they also wear engagement rings and other symbolic rings for luck.

Consequently, jewelry has been an essential element of life for centuries. From the very start of time, people use Art for their beautification. There was a time when jewels were made using shells, stones, bones, pearls, flowers, clay paintings, various metals, and other colorful natural objects.

However, over time advancements took place when people started polishing their skills in innovating new ideas for the adornment of gems and other valuable objects. Firstly, the metals gold and silver were the most valuable jewelry charms. Later, Diamond also came into popularity after their mining procedures were introduced.

Besides, the world in which we live right now is known for its importance of ornamentation and glamour. Most people used to believe that women were for ornamentation and should be decorated with colorful ornaments.

Though, for men, valuable gems were for luck or showing their social standing stronger and presenting gifts to their beloved women. However, in the light of the present scenario, jewels are used by both genders for ornamentation, social status, and luck, as a valuable asset, and for presenting gifts to each other.

Pakistani Jewelry

Pakistan is mostly famous for its rich culture of art and literature. Significantly, the country’s jewelry and weddings are the most famous cultural inheritance that people from all over the world acknowledge. For Pakistani women, the supreme beauty lies in the type of jewels they wear in their functions, as beautification is as necessary for them as beautiful dresses and any other life necessities.

For them, ornaments are not just tools for enhancing their beauty; instead, they are quite a mixed feeling of pride, happiness, gratitude, and self-confidence. In other words, they need to have these artistic accessories to have a complete personality in life.

Moreover, Pakistan is a resourceful state which is enriched with most minerals and valuable metals. These metals are further used to manufacture the purified gold, bronze, silver, and other metals used to make precious jewelry. Subsequently, the country is also filled with several talented jewelers, of which many workers belong to the descendants of the Mughal empire’s jewelry makers.

They have the old way of creating a unique variety of charms. For example, these people work to make Kundan, Polki, Meenakari, and other ancient designs and patterns, which increases the demand for Pakistani designs and patterns throughout the world of jewelry and beyond. Nonetheless, people mostly prefer eastern patterns of jewelry within the country, as most of them belong to the middle class. In contrast, most of the upper class prefers western jewelry and imported diamonds.

Scope of Jewelry in Pakistan

Pakistan is a social hub of wedding functions and other important gatherings, where people mostly spend their income on precious jewelry and clothes. Weddings in Pakistan are more glamoured and high spending than any other event, where women dressed up in a complete attire of sparkling and valuable jewels as a cultural habit. 

Not only are brides loaded with valuables, but their relatives and people attending marriage have the same intensity and pressure of showing off their ornaments as them. However, as a matter of respect, Pakistanis spend a very handsome amount on gold, silver, and diamond jewelry, which is contributed by each side of the people equally.

These valuable stones and ornaments also serve the purpose of a status symbol for many higher-class individuals. They wore gold, diamond, and other precious stone to gain respect and value from their rank.

Women in Pakistan could carry any jewelry with grace and dignity, in such a decent manner, that many jewels have become their identity. Fantastically, nose piercings and ear piercings are done by most girls and women, especially married ones.

However, many girls follow the current fashions and jewelry designs to enhance their beauty by jewels’ artistic features.

For illustration, many girls nowadays are going for nose rings, head jewels, and chokers, which they carry with extraordinary decency and elegance.

Besides, for mehndi functions, people mostly opt for flower jewelry, which provides the girls with natural fragrance and immense beauty through its color scheme. Also, nowadays, it’s the primary trend for all classes of weddings, except for some highly poor people who could hardly earn their bread.

Moreover, the most significant purpose of jewelry in Pakistan is wedding presents, dowry essentials, ritual ceremonies, birthday presents, and other honorable reward purposes.

People from all over the world come to Pakistan for their ancient and unique form of carved and engraved jewelry, especially the one having the Mughal era’s touch.

The higher class mostly goes for the valuable jewels of gold, diamond, and other unique ornaments. While lower classes could hardly afford any expensive ornaments, they go for either artificial or flower jewelry.

On the other hand, the middle class shows moderation; they use both valuable and artificial ornaments for their weddings and other events.

Therefore, the scope of jewelry in Pakistan is as high as in any other foreign country.

Consequently, the demand for Asian jewelry is intense throughout the world of jewelry.

Even in the country, its preference is as high as its price.

Similarly, the entrepreneur who invests in the business is very successful and earns the highest amounts than most the other investors.

However, the risks of getting into trouble due to this business are also significant. Sometimes the investment could also be declined due to robbery or other thefts, resulting in higher debts and bankruptcy.

Hence, the people who could afford these higher risks could be very successful in this business. For Pakistani people, jewelry is not an accessory but is a necessity of life.

The World of Jewelry Variety of Products

Jewelry always enhances women’s personality and should be selected very thoughtfully so that it could provide a decent and graceful look to an individual. There are different kinds of jewels according to their use and function of it. Following are the various kinds of ornaments known;

Hair and head adornment jewelry

These kinds of jewels are used for the enhancement and beautification of hairs, faces, and ears. For example;

Crowns: are the traditional objects for the head ornamentation, which the royal blood of kings and queens wear as a symbol of power, authority, and pride.

However, crowns have many types of coronet, corolla, diadem or circlet, kokoshnik, makuṭa, pschent or keepers, and Tiara.

Earrings; are ornaments used for the beautification of ears, which hangs by ear piercings. These are the most decent jewelry forms, which people could wear casually, professionally, and for formal events. Fortunately, they provide grace, class, and decency to the outlook of any dress.

Fascinators; are the formal headwear used as an alternative to hats. They have a decorative outlook and are attached to a pin or clip.

Hairpins; these are the pins used for the styling of hair. These are the most useful form of accessories used by the girls for decorating their hair.

Sarpech; is a particular type of pin used to decorate a turban of the head. These are of the feather-shaped body attached to the right side of a turban.

Matha Patti; this ornament is mostly famous for Indian brides, which is used to enhance the beauty of hair and forehead. The word ‘Matha Patti’ is derived from two Urdu words, ‘matha’ meaning forehead and ‘Patti’ meaning strap, a jeweled strap for the decoration of feminine heads. However, nowadays, it has become a popular casual fashion for girls.

Tiqqa; is famous bridal wear in Asian countries, used to adorn a girl’s forehead. This product has a variety of designs and greater importance for wedding events.

Neck adornment Jewelry

These are the jewels that intensify the beauty of a women’s neck. These kinds of ornaments are of types;

Bolo Tie
Bolo Tie

Bolo tie; is a unique type of necktie made up of leather straps and metal pieces with a jewel clasp attached at the front for decoration. However, the bolo tie is a western piece of Art used to enhance a women’s neck.

Carcanet; is a middle French word for a gold or pearl circlet, used to beautify the neck.

Choker; this is a tightly fitted neck circle made up of beautiful materials like leather, pearl, gold, silver, or other precious stones. However, it is the most popular neckwear nowadays, which has a tremendous demand for its artistic features and is worn to enhance the neck’s beauty.

Necklace; is the primary form of jewelry, which has been upgraded according to the different environments and resources. Its basic shape is of a neck decorated strap, which enhances the beauty of women. This could be remarkably made from precious stones, gems, pebbles, diamonds, and metals like gold, silver, platinum, and copper.

Pendant; this is a loose hanging necklace having a stone or piece of ornament hooked to it. It’s the most casual and decent wear, which enhances the grace in a woman’s personality. This product is currently in a fashion that increases its demand in both eastern and western countries.

Torc; these are the European Iron age thick neck rings made up of metals. They have their origin from the 8th century BC to the 3rd century AD and were used to show higher status and rank. They are from the ancient collection of Celtic Art and are used as neck ornaments.

Hand adornment Jewelry

These are the kinds of accessories used for the ornamentation of arms, fingers, and wrists with their sparkling gems’ special artistic features. For illustration;


Armlets; are the upper arm bracelets having a beautiful artistic outlook, which intensifies the beauty of arms. These are made up of metals and are of fitted size according to the biceps of women’s upper arms, which were mostly used in Greece. In ancient times, both men and women were used as ornaments that they wear for weddings or dances.

Bangles; are the traditional and cultural Asian ornaments used for the beautification of women. Mostly, women wear bangles at weddings, cultural days, religious festivals, and family events. These are made up of different materials like metals, wood, plastic, and other glass elements.


Bracelets; are another prominent form of accessories, which are of two basic types. Firstly, friendship bracelets make a friendship stronger by presenting these unique bracelets to the best friends.

Secondly, gospel bracelets are the source of Christian identity, having colorful beads of the Christian community.

However, except for these two purposes, bracelets enhance the beauty of wrists with their artistic outlook by having different gems attached to them.

Cuff lings; are decorated pins used in cuffs of men’s shirts, which gives a professional and decent outlook to the personality of the one wearing it. These are mostly preferred by men for adornment and could be having stones, steel, gold, diamonds, and other gems attached to them.

Rings; are the most eminent form of jewelry, which enhances the beauty of fingers and are used as a source of commitment, relationship, luck, and other symbols. These are circular shapes having unique stones attached to them or are made up of valuable metals. Consequently, rings have further types based on their use;

Birthstone ring; this is a ring denoting the birth zodiac sign of a person and is made up of birthstone gemstone.

Cameo ring; this is an ancient cameo carved ring made with engraved ancient gods’ designs. Most commonly worn by men and is known for its ancient importance.

Championship ring; this is a ring presented to the winners of sports games championships.

Claddagh ring; is a traditional Irish ring for companionship, symbolizing love, friendship, and loyalty.

Class ring; this ring is used by students on their graduation day.

Cocktail ring; this is a lady’s ring, having a stone in the center surrounded by many little stones. This is the most commonly used type among women.

Other examples of rings include; doctoral ring, ecclesiastical ring, engagement ring, eternity ring, fede ring, finger armor ring, Grandinetti ring, gimmal ring, iron ring, keyring, mood ring, mother’s ring, mourning ring, poison ring, possie ring, promise ring, portrait ring, prison ring, purity ring, thumb ring, watch ring, toe ring, and many others.

Body Adornment Jewelry

These kinds of ornaments are for the beautification of the body, having further types;

Belly chains; are the metallic chains tied around the belly to enhance a women’s waist’s beauty. This is a famous Indian product known as the ‘Kamar band.’ However, in Pakistan, it is a belt used for the waist to enhance the fitting of a gown or maxi (long dress).

Body piercing ornaments; are the accessories used in the body’s piercings, mostly done by western people.

Chest plate; is the chest metal armor used mostly by the men to protect themselves from attack in wars.

Broach; this is a glamourous pin used to enhance a dress’s beauty and is attached to the front side of a dress.

Chatelain; is an old traditional belt having chain hangings where materials like scissors, watches, thumb impressions, house keys, and other households are hung. Women of the roman empire used to wear these belts on their waist for emergency requirements.

Feet adornment jewelry

These are the accessories used for the ornamentation of feet. Following are some examples;

Anklets; are the famous Asian accessories used for the beautification of women’s ankles. These are bracelets shaped with various designs providing an aesthetic appeal to it and the girl who wears them. Significantly, this type of ornament is famous in Pakistan and India; however, its demand is recognized by the whole world.

toe ring
toe ring

Toe rings; these are the rings worn on the toes of women’s feet, having the same outlook as standard rings but differing in sizes and designs.

Importance in the World of Jewelry

Jewelry was a necessity of human beings from the beginning when there was no knowledge of the extraction of metals and diamonds. At that time, people used to make jewelry from bones, flowers, shells, pebbles, pearls, and other natural elements. However, human nature to look beautiful led the people to develop creative jewels and ornaments for them. The following are some paramount significance of using jewelry highlighted;


Source of enhancing the natural beauty of human beings: The most prominent use of ornaments is to provide human beings with an aesthetic and artistic outlook, making them look attractive and admirable. Especially for women, appreciation is the biggest goal, and they loved to be admired for their beauty. However, they get appreciation through the beautification of valuable jewels.

Source of a status symbol: In ancient times, people use to wear valuable jewels to show their power and status. While most lower-status, people wear flower accessories for their beautification. However, the trend became universal, as, in this world of jewelry, people still have the same mentality. Even now, most of the higher-class wear jewelry as a status symbol. They wear them to compete with their companion classes.

Source of luck: Many people have associated different materials of jewelry with luck and charm, which helps them stay lucky and quickly pass life’s difficulties. Jewels are also a source of symbolism associated with luck, good fortune, happiness, safety, and many other philosophies created by people.

Source of confidence: Ornamentation enables many people to be confident, especially when it becomes a source of admiration and appreciation. Also, it could provide acceptance and confidence in oneself. However, if some people are not looking beautiful, they usually feel hesitant while interacting with other people.

Source of fashion: Many celebrities use jewelry as a fashion source, which their followers follow, and the demand for that particular ornament increases.

Source of business: Another prominent use of jewelry is the most significant source of business. This means people could earn more than they could ever imagine as ornaments are necessary, especially for women worldwide, their importance and needled to a greater demand for its business.

A prominent form of Art: Jewelry is considered the most prominent form of Art and is recognized and admired throughout the world. It is exhibited in many international and national museums and is acknowledged for its aesthetic appeal.

Source of cultural identity: Every culture has its forms of art, and jewelry is one of these forms. Which preserves the culture from each period, and helps the future generation learn about ancient history.

Used as an asset: Most middle-class people preserve their expensive jewelry, especially gold, which works for them as an asset. Because the value of gold is increasing significantly faster with time, which doubles the value of the money invested.

Online Jewelry Shopping in Pakistan

As the scope of jewelry shopping in Pakistan is very high, some people prefer shopping easily from home.

However, the maintenance of the quality of online goods is difficult, and there are certain things to take care of before shopping online.

Most people bought from scammed websites and became heartbroken when the low-quality product is delivered.

Consequently, to shop online safely, a person needs to make sure that the website’s ratings should be higher than three stars, and that the reviews of the previous buyers are excellent. If the website belongs to a brand, it would be reliable.

Besides, many websites whose online delivery systems are working great make it easier for many people to shop online. Also, online shopping of ornaments became a savior for the women who shop for their accessories at the end of the time.

Moreover, before the spread of Covid-19 online shopping was not that much preferred, but after the increase in the cases, this field’s scope increased; especially, for cultural events like Eid, thanksgiving, and other important events.

In Pakistan and throughout the world, online accessory shopping has become the topmost priority of the people as a measure of safety.

Materials used in Jewelry

A more significant variety of materials are used for the manufacture of different kinds of jewelry products, starting from the least costly to the most expensive ones. Having several advantages and disadvantages. Following are some examples of the materials used for the manufacture;


Manjoos; is a material similar to gold in appearance; however, the quality difference is quite more significant. It is used to make artificial jewelry, which is much cheaper than the original metals like gold.

Polki; is a type of jewelry made from colorful stones giving the accessories an aesthetic and fascinating appeal. They are also similar to gold jewelry but are artificial, having a greater demand in the market places.

Brass; is the most readily available material for ornaments and is made up of copper and zinc. That is why this is the most common and cheaper form of jewelry material.

Aluminum; is a lightweight metal with having silver color. Its properties are unique and do not react in water. It is a kind of stainless steel.

Bronze; is a metal similar to brass having brownish-gold color. Subsequently, it is a mixture of different materials like zinc, copper, and tin. However, this type of jewel is quite affordable, having different colored stones attached to it, which provides it with an artistic appeal.

Copper; is a warm reddish metal used for the manufacture of different adornment products. Even though it is relatively cheaper than gold and silver metals, its cost is higher than brass and bronze. Subsequently, it has a disadvantage in that it’s color darkens with time and makes the skin green.

Gold; is the most precious and expensive of all metals, having the most valuable qualities. It is bright yellow and is known for its beautiful and shiny outlook. However, its price touches the sky, making it the most extraordinary form of jewelry of all metals.

Palladium; is a comparatively affordable metal than gold and platinum. Subsequently, it is silver-colored light weighted, and durable, which is mostly used for the manufacture of rings and frequently worn ornaments.

Pewter; is considered the fourth most popular metal and is an alloy of copper and tin. Subsequently, it has a shiny or matte silver color and is used to manufacture a wide range of ornaments.

Platinum; is the rarest and most valuable metal on earth, having an elegant white stainless color. It is mostly found in wedding rings and other elegant jewelry forms due to its long-lasting and robust nature. However, it is the most expensive type of metal which is not easily found.

Silver; is another vital form of metal used for the manufacturing of jewels. However, silver is highly malleable and is never found pure; instead, it is mostly 92.5 % present in any product, and the other 7.5% is a mixture of alloys. This metal also has a bright white color, which makes any product more attractive.

Stainless jewelry; is an alloy of many different metals like iron, chromium, nickel, titanium, copper, and other metals. Subsequently, This is a preferable material for daily base ornaments, as it does not rust and is having an attractive silver color. Also, this type is much cheaper than other original metals.

Titanium; is another attractive form of metal used for the manufacture of lightweight jewelry. This metal is much more affordable than gold and platinum and could be in both forms, pure or alloy. It also has the quality of resisting tarnishing and corrosion.

World of Jewelry Summary

Jewelry is the most basic and original form of art, which is upgrading its form over time. Its artistic features make it more appealing and magnanimous, which fascinates people of all ages aesthetically. However, the designs and patterns of jewels vary culturally from one period to another.


Although an ornament’s primary function is to attract and enhance the beauty of women, there are also other functions that increase its importance more and more in the lives of the people. These jewels are also used as the source of cultural identity, confidence, elegance in nature, ancient art, fashion, luck, and a status symbol for the world.

Moreover, the quality of these ornaments varies according to the cost of the manufacturer’s material. For example, precious stones like diamonds and valuable metals like gold, platinum, and silver are costly. While on the other hand, the use of flowers, shells, low-quality stones, beats, and less expensive metals like brass, bronze, and others is more affordable than the original materials.

Besides, the perfect and remarkable designs and patterns of jewelry make it more appealing and admirable. The most famous products used nowadays are pendants, chokers, Matha Patti, gold chains, diamond rings, bangles, bracelets, anklets, nose piercings, earrings (especially hoops) other forms of jewelry.

Which could be worn on occasions like weddings, national and religious days, professional events, and simple daily routines. Hence, we could say that jewelry is the most famous form of art, which was from the start of the world and probably will go until its end.

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  1. “These earrings exude timeless elegance, making them the perfect accessory for both casual and formal occasions. The subtle sparkle adds a touch of sophistication without being too ostentatious. The unique design showcases a perfect blend of modern and classic aesthetics, making them a versatile and eye-catching addition to any jewelry collection.”

    1. Indeed, in the mesmerizing world of jewelry, timeless elegance is not just a concept, but the very essence that we hold dear. It’s this enduring allure that continues to captivate us, reflecting our passion and understanding for this magnificent craft.

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