Pakistan, the world’s fifth-most populous country with 241.5 million inhabitants, is known for its significant Muslim population. As of 2023, Mr. Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar serves as the caretaker Prime Minister. Despite facing challenges such as sexual violence and political unrest, Pakistan is gradually aligning with international financial standards like those of the IMF. Its capital is Islamabad.

Cultural Richness in Pakistani Paintings

Cultural Richness in Pakistani Paintings

Pakistan is renowned for its cultural richness, which is reflected in its paintings. From the traditional miniature art to modern-day contemporary art, Pakistani paintings showcase the country’s unique culture and landscapes. The vibrant colors and intricate details of these works of art are a testament to the skill and creativity of Pakistani artists. The traditional miniature art of Pakistan dates back centuries and is still practiced today. This type of painting typically features small scenes or figures that are painted on paper or silk using natural pigments and gold or silver leaf. These works often depict religious stories, folk tales, or scenes from everyday life. The vibrant colors and intricate details make these pieces truly captivating. Modern-day contemporary Pakistani art has also gained popularity in recent years. This type of painting often uses bold colors and abstract shapes to create dynamic compositions that reflect the artist’s individual style. These works can range from abstract expressionism to figurative realism, giving viewers a glimpse into the artist’s creative vision. No matter what type of painting you prefer, there is something for everyone when it comes to Pakistani paintings. From traditional miniature art to modern-day contemporary pieces, these works showcase the country’s unique culture and landscapes in a beautiful way.

Buying Quality Pakistani Carpets and Rugs

Just like Pakistani crafts buying Pakistani Carpets and Rugs is easy, there are so many shops in Pakistan selling beautiful carpets and stylish rugs, however, there is much more than just a rug or a carpet that meets the eye.

Pakistani Woodcarvings

Cutting Edge Pakistani Wood Carvings

Pakistani wood carving is found most popularly in Chiniot, Peshawar, Sawat, Rawalpindi, Lahore and other domestic regions, which vary according to the individual cultures of regions.

Amazing Glazed Blue Pottery

Pakistan Blue pottery is a traditional craft of Multan and Hala, originated from China and Persia. Each pot is handcrafted, painted, and glazed by passionate artisans. Blue pottery made in Hala yards are of two types, one is made of red clay and the other from white clay and they are the best gift in signature blue and white for any occasion. Just look at blue pottery dinner sets, tea sets, plates, bowls, handi’s, dessert sets, mugs, soup sets, candle stands, vases that all can be purchased online.

Pakistani traditional embroidery work

Admire Truly Pakistani Handcrafted Artisan Embroidery

Artisan embroidery is among the richest and oldest surviving art culture, which varies in patterns and designs according to each period’s traditions. Each piece of needlework is subsequently known for its unique materials and functions with specific motifs differentiating its outlook. Nevertheless, many crafted products like handcrafted pottery, dress shirts, Kurtis (eastern shirts), dupattas(scarfs), handbags, curtains, sofa covers, table sheets, and other daily essential items that are the part of every household in the neighborhood.

camel bone birds

Stunning Camel Bone Handicrafts by Artisans of Pakistan

Pakistani artisans use Camel bone for making a variety of consumer goods including fancy and decorative items. Camel bone handicrafts are becoming more popular day by day due to the cheap cost of its raw material and adorable beauty of finish goods. Camel bone handicrafts range from necklaces, earrings to paper cutters, napkin rings, key rings, cigarette holders, and decorative objects, and so on.

pakistani jewelry

The Amazing World of Jewelry

World of Jewelry always enhances women’s personality and should be selected very thoughtfully so that it could provide a decent and graceful look to an individual.


Sindhi Ajrak is Colorful

Ajrak known as Ajrakh is a unique form of block-printing found in Sindh, Pakistan. These shawls display special designs and patterns made using block printing by stamps

Pakistani Women Artisans

The Great Pakistani Women Artisans

Women artisans are playing a significant role to maintain the identity of the cultural heritage of Pakistan Handicraft and keep breathing the dying crafts for the upcoming generations.

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