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Amazing Glazed Blue Pottery from Pakistan

Pakistan has a long history of rich culture and art. Blue pottery is just a small piece of the spectacular art of Multan and Sindh.

The Ancient Art of Hala Kashigars

The attractive town, Hala, located near the River Indus in Sindh, is the home of ancient blue pottery artisanal artists called Kashigars. Hala is celebrated for glazed blue pottery in Pakistan, which is available in many sizes and shapes, and is famous for wonderfully magnificent hand paintings and motifs. Pots and tiles of signature colors are transported massively to Europe and the Middle East.

Blue Pottery

History of Multan Pottery

In Southern Punjab, the cultural and oldest city named Multan is well-known as a city of saints. Kaashi gari is the second name of blue pottery. Artisans in Multan are making this vibrant and unique art for centuries, which, if you see, you cannot keep your eyes off.

This pottery has roots in Kashgar city of China and the Kashan city of Persia. Beautifully painted branches and leaves of trees with glorious rich blue haze in this pottery prove Persian influence. With time, artisans of Multan introduced many innovations in pattern and functionality with the base colors blue and white to paint unique designs. Blue and white is the signature color of this pottery.

Types of Blue Pottery

You can gift two types of blue pottery to your loved ones, one is made of red clay and the other from white clay, but both are handcrafted and painted by passionate artisans.

They have spent all life-preserving and transferring this unique art to the next generation. Red clay is gathered from the banksides of clean rivers and canals of Multan. White clay and stones are collected from other cities like Mansehra, Sawat, Peshawar, and Tharparkar to make ceramic pottery.

This is not just a piece of clay; it is a passion of artisans that are still making this kind of pottery in the age of technology and gave life to your dead crockery pieces with their magical touch of the hand.

The little imperfections in pottery connect you to the soft side of this world that nothing is perfect, and flaws are the essence of uniqueness.

It can be used everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom sink. It is used in products of kitchen, garden accessories, home décor, washroom accessories, and drawing room accessories and adorns material. You can gift any kind of antique-designed pottery to anyone.

How to Make Blue Pottery?

Are you curious about how to make this glazing pottery?

It is made from scrap glass, white clay, quartz stone, and Katria gond. Each material is crushed into granular powder form, and each material in a specific ratio is mixed to form a dough and is molded into different shapes by artisans’ hands. Then dressing it by painting and glazing turns it into an eye-catching piece. Making handmade blue pottery requires experience, passion, and extreme love for this art.

Let’s go to Hala Yards in Pakistan

If you visit Hala, Pakistan, you will find pottery yards or workshops. Yards are not like well-designed pottery studios or factories. These are natural, earthy, and organic setups in big yards bordered with bricks.

Blue Pottery
ID 219016249 © Tariq Hameed Sulemani |

These yards are partially used for painting while the rest is used to store and stock the drying products. The actual clay and sand blending process, sculpting, molding, heating, and glazing take place in the wide-open courtyard. In Hala, there are 5 to 6 yards in a small village with slim, muddy lanes, surrounded by simple brick-mud houses parallel to the pottery courtyards and workshops.

The material passes through more than 25 stages before it turns into a piece of art; everything is done manually. There are heaps of materials in the courtyard which are being refined, sifted, and mixed. The fascinating part is molding and painting the pottery. Before painting, the mold is fired in a handmade furnace of wood for 18-25 minutes.

In Hala, the artisans have acquired these skills from their family, which is Kashigars generation after generation for centuries. Even the new generation never thinks of joining a profession other than what their forefathers have been doing. These people are proud of their work, and they are keeping this ancient art alive. These people are a significant asset to the culture. They are well-trained and skilled, passionate artisans who are making geometric patterns, motifs, floral patterns, and calligraphic work.

Shades of Blue in Multan

When traveling in Multan suddenly in the plains, an encaustic tiled mosque is no less than a sight of wonder. It is all washed in blue, green, yellow, and other colors. At sunrise, from a distant view, its glazing minarets and splendid domes seem like pure gold, like glass covered in sapphire and green, like a phantom of indescribable elegance and the most captivating glory.

Glazing pottery is popular in the Muslim world and internationally due to its many shades, from lapis to turquoise, geometric patterns, floral designs, and craftsmanship. Blue color represents nature, and it is a sign of courage, peace, and calm. The ancestors of this art chose the blue color for designing the white base to give a pleasant and calming look in Multan’s hot and warm climate. This combination of blue and white became a trend, and later, this art is known after its colors as blue pottery. With time other than blue many other colors are introduced in this art.

Due to modernization, this art is also enhanced. Artisans add many other blue shades in the pottery like light blue, berylline, dark, and sky blue but also yellow, mustard, brown, and green are used. These different combinations of glazing colors on pottery are famous worldwide.

The diversity of color and fertility of design in the present time in this art is itself an art. The fantastic hues and their brilliance used by artisans who are working their whole life to sharpen their skills to craft a perfect pottery piece is enough justification for you to have this in your home. Each piece is crafted so well that it does not faint colors for over 100 years.

Designing and Painting

White and blue colors give a fresh effect to pottery in the warm weather of Multan. Other colors like red, yellow, and green are used to make sketches more vibrant. Multan pottery is different from other worlds because Multan artisans use a mixture of white and red clay.

Artisans are called Kashi Kar in Pakistan and the patterns they paint are called Kashi Kari. Angoor bail (Grapevine) of different styles is painted with perfection.

The artisans of Pakistan are masters in their fields. They never draw a design on the piece to paint. They directly paint designs with a brush called flat style craftsmanship, which can be attained after years of experience and passionate learning of art. The paint and scrub brushes are also created by Pakistani people and are available for sale.

Education Institutes of Blue Pottery

Blue pottery is quite famous among foreigners, and it is mostly used in hotels, homes, and haveli in Pakistan. If you are interested in crafting for your loved ones, you can learn how to make it. In Multan, TEVTA’s Institute of Blue Pottery Development and Research Center‘ and an independent organization, ‘Ustad Aalam Institute of Blue Pottery,’ teach this art. Many artisans are also privately teaching and training pupils.

Artisan Ustad Aalam

Blue pottery Godfather, the late Ustad Aalam, passed this art to his sons, who are still pursuing glazing blue pottery craft and teaching and training many other pupils in this art.

Handmade Pottery

Pottery reflects ancient times, and it is an art itself. If you are selecting blue pottery because of its uniqueness, you must choose handmade instead of machine-made. The flaws of handmade pottery give warmth to the artisans’ passion, who spent days making this piece perfect with little imperfections.

Pottery has bricks on the edges, which represent it is handmade, and it did not count as a flaw. The designs differ slightly in sets because artisans painted them, not machines. You can remember it as a tip to check whether pottery is handmade or not.

Multani Crockery

Best Blue Pottery for Home

Blue pottery of Multan built its unique, enticing, and ethnic style. Every tenth building in Multan is a masterwork like the memorial of Shah Rukne Alam, Shah Ali Akbar, Saraiki Department, and Mosque of Bahauddin Zakariya University. This art makes its way to kitchen pottery and home décor.

My advice is to pick health-safe, handmade pottery as your first choice for plates, mugs, dinner sets, tea sets, cooking pots, and dishes. You can also beautify your house with garden planters and wall decoration plates. Design your sitting area walls, upward stairs, and doorways with tiles, which will give an enchanting, passionate artistic look to your house and a warm, loving welcome to visitors. Seek to buy from some reliable sellers who provide you with authentic products.

Perfect Dinnerware

Choosing a dinner set that is beautiful and valuable is not that easy. You will be glad to know that many designs are for daily use, formal use, weeding, continental dining, gathering, and gifting. Blue pottery is safe to use in the microwave, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. Trends in dinnerware change with time.


Handi is a narrow-mouthed, deep cooking vessel. To enhance and preserve the nutrition in food, Handi pottery is the best. In Blue pottery Handi, a tender, delicious and flavorful dish is cooked because of little to no moisture loss from food.

Within the walls of Handii, water is absorbed, which prevents the burring of food as long as all the Handi is not completely dry. Due to this, less oil is used, and food will eventually be lower in fat. Plus, it does not produce cancerous material while heating up in the oven and microwave. Switch to blue handi pottery to keep the traditions alive.

Dessert Sets

The compulsory dish at dinners, gatherings, birthdays, and any other celebration is something sweet that can be eaten after the main meal. Eating sweets is a habit and tradition too. Is there something traditional, attractive, and beautiful to serve the dessert in front of guests other than the blue pottery deserts set?

These handmade blue pottery glazing dessert sets are an art, style, passion, and also a hard work of an artisan. Artisans make Blue pottery dessert sets with clay, ceramic powder glass, powder, and water. Potters make every piece of blue art with loyalty, honesty, and hard work. Eight hours are required to mold each piece into the final shape. After 2 hours of drying, it is painted with different colorful designs and patterns and then glazed.

A dessert is served after the main meal to satisfy the sweet tooth, and something unique like blue pottery can add more sweetness. Blue pottery makes the dessert more unique, traditional, and stylish, and enhances the decoration of the dessert.


Hot chocolate mug, steaming coffee, or a warm mug of tea, in a personalized blue pottery mug, nothing hits better than that. Every person has an emotional attachment to their mug and enjoys drinking hot beverages in their comfort zone.

Mugs are larger than teacups, which release the aroma and provide a taste of liquid due to the wider top. The high, cylindrical, and narrow mug is best for all beverages. They also come in different themes like mugs with inspirational quotes called Sufi mugs, peace mugs, Christmas mugs, and polish pottery mugs.

Handmade blue pottery mugs are in fashion because they have the essence of nature. They can be gifted in different geometric shapes, sizes, and unique antique designs. These vivid, detailed mugs never make you angry in morning breakfast, afternoon break, and evening get-togethers.

Soup Sets

In-home gatherings and occasions, the use of handmade crockery are in trend. It gives a classy and traditional touch to an event. Soup, also called pottage and broth, is a mixture of meat, veggies, stock, and sauces. The use of handmade blue pottery for serving warm soup gives a little extra warmth to the soul due to its glazing hues.

Handmade Blue pottery is used by celebrities worldwide because it is trendy, classy, and personalized. The perk of handmade pottery is that each piece is different from the others, the same as you are different from others. The handmade blue pottery soup set is handcrafted, painted, designed, and then glazed, making its hues long-lasting and durable.

Serving Bowls

Blue pottery cereal bowls are temperature proof and can stand hot soup, cereal, or gravy, and it’s free of toxic material, which makes them good for health. Blue pottery is microwave friendly, and you can easily enjoy your bowl of cereal every morning in a traditional bowl and kick start your day with fantastic glazing blue hues. Antique design blue pottery soup sets look unique and royal, which can be used in elite class gatherings. Avena Gori’s design suits an informal gathering with friends and loved ones because its design is vibrant and passionate.

Serving Dishes

Pakistani women are known for their desire to have a perfect selection of pottery for their kitchens. They are very keen on serving food with excellent dishes. Mostly at BBQ gatherings, the problem is faced with not having the astonishing serving platters. Serving food is an artistic task, and blue pottery can make this task easy for you by amazing the guests with glazing designs. Every dish goes along with its unique serving dish. Blue pottery has a wide range of serving dishes, which would be a perfect match for your personalized dish.

Half the taste of food is in its presentation, how it looks and how it is served; people eat from their eyes first. So, showcasing food is the best way to represent your culinary skills in front of others. The selection of food should be according to the dish serving, like straight platters for steaks. Arrange your table with perfect astonishing glazing blue pottery, which enhances the visual appeal of food. The best tip is to keep the crockery in contrast with the food and pay close attention to small details. At any event from Christmas to Eid, glazing blue pottery has something special to offer to your guests, loved ones, and friends.

Tea Set

The tea set history is as old as the discovery of tea plants. Tea is the most popular hot beverage all over the world. The tea set adds flavor, aroma, and experience to the tea gatherings.

A cup of tea in handmade Blue Pottery uniquely designed tea set is the perfect way to chit-chat with family and friends or enjoy some me-time.

Blue pottery tea sets are admired for their gorgeousness, strength, and outstanding high quality. Blue pottery is perfect for tea lovers who love to spend some quality time.

Blue pottery Tea sets are a perfect match for all seasons. When summer swing, spring springs, winter blooms, and autumn temperate your sip of tea in handmade blue pottery teacups, it will leave you in the wonder of this piece of art by artisans.

Different tea sets designs can be gifted like Antique Blue pottery, Mughal design, Vinca blue, Japanese Anemon, Italian White Daisy, Multani Kashi, Neem Leaf, Royal Vintage, Baltic sea, Springtime, Avena Gori, and Victorian tea set. Many more designs are also available in Multan and Hala blue pottery shops.

Tea sets are handmade from a mixture of white clay, stones, and ceramics and hand-painted from oxide colors, which make them microwaveable and refrigerator and dishwasher-safe. Blue pottery Tea sets are a perfect gift for weddings and for those who camp in gorgeous mountains. If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then the tea set is the soul.

Royal antique tea set has traditional cups and a large teapot with stylish handles. A Victorian tea set represents the British era, its design is famous during the British raj, and it is still a hit.

Every human is different from each others, but everyone has the same sentimental attachment to a teacup. The universal significance of tea can help you gift a well-crafted tea set to friends, family members, and lovers.

Candle Stand

A Blue Pottery candle stand is best to make your home a cozy and glowing place and turn your place into a warm, purest, and welcoming atmosphere.

Multani Crockery


The vase is used for holding flowers and for decoration separately. A handmade blue pottery vase is a symbol of luxury and artistry. The unique and eye-catching designs of different colors by artisans make it worth buying. Blue and white are the signature color of this pottery vase, although other colors are also worth having, the blue vase directly clicks mind that it is blue pottery. Each pattern and motif has some back history, and it is related to some place and traditions. These designs are keeping this history alive.

A handmade ceramic vase in blue and white is best for home decoration with or without flowers because of its elegant and memorable patterns on it. If you are looking for a wedding gift that reminds them of you and they could not resist appreciating your choice, then a blue pottery vase is the best choice.

Bedroom Decoration by Blue Pottery Products

Glazing blue pottery suits both the traditional and artistic styling of the bedroom. Different minimalist, colorful, classy, and vibrant pieces of pottery can be purchased from Pakistan. Handmade blue pottery art of Pakistan is widely used in many countries to update the bedrooms, and it is rich art. The blue pottery of Multan is available for sale. Each piece is individually crafted and painted making it closer to a piece of wonder.

The unique and surprising fact about pottery is that it goes with any color of the bedroom. It comes in many motifs, designs, and colors. Lamps, decoration pieces, pots, even tiles, and wall panels are used to update the bedrooms and be gifted to someone constructing a new house.


The artwork of blue pottery in your bedroom speaks for itself to your loving and prosperous nature. If you cannot buy this art, you can take pictures from the internet to print, then paste, draw, and paint them on a wall or canvas. It is the easiest and coolest way to have eye-catching art in your bedroom if you don’t know how to draw or paint.

You can also be creative with the family picture frames. Add stripes of blue pottery art at the sides of frames to make it classy, creative, and a piece of art that is loaded with emotions, and when you see them, you feel nostalgic. You can also add pictures of your favorite characters or specific people you love. You can also gift this artistic, yet simple handmade frame made by you.

Blue Pottery as a Gift

Blue pottery is a great gift for National Day. The color blue is associated with loyalty, strength, and wisdom, making it the perfect choice for a national holiday. Plus, blue pottery is just plain pretty. Whether you choose a simple vase or an intricate sculpture, your gift will be sure to impress. And if you’re feeling extra generous, you can even pair your blue pottery with a bouquet of flowers. After all, what’s more, patriotic than giving the gift of beautiful blooms?

Where to Buy Blue Pottery Online?

You are amazed by this glazing blue pottery and want to buy it? You can learn this art from Pakistan’s fantastic artisans, who are teaching this art to keep it alive. If you wish to buy Pakistani blue pottery, you can meet artisans in Multan, Lahore, and Hala’s prestigious yards.

However, it is not for all to fly to Pakistan and for that, you can buy blue pottery online. Many sites provide genuine, theme-based, vintage, antique, and food-safe, high-quality glazing blue pottery in vast types, colors, and designs.

Which city is famous for blue pottery in Pakistan?

The city of Multan is famous for its blue pottery. Multan is located in southern Punjab, Pakistan.

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