Freedom Day Portugal

Freedom Day in Portugal symbolizes a pivotal moment of unity and resistance, marked by the Carnation Revolution that led to democracy. Celebrated with fervour, it encompasses military parades, cultural activities, and the emblematic exchange of red carnations, embodying peace, friendship, and a collective commitment to democratic values.

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East Meets West Day Germany

East Meets West Day Germany

German Unity Day, or “East Meets West Day,” is a momentous occasion that commemorates the unification of East and West Germany. Celebrated on October 3rd, it symbolizes the power of unity and peace triumphing over division, marked by vibrant parades, cultural events, and the exchange of meaningful gifts among friends.

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Anzac Day

Anzac Day

Anzac Day transcends time, uniting past and present in solemn remembrance. It’s a day where the legacy of bravery, sacrifice, and unity is honoured, reminding us of the enduring spirit of the ANZACs. Through commemorative acts, we pledge to keep their memory alive, embodying resilience and mateship in our lives.

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Colombia's Independence Day

Colombia’s Independence Day

Colombia’s Independence Day pulsates with the heartbeats of millions, uniting over fiery parades, vibrant dances, and the tantalizing aroma of traditional dishes. On this day, the spirit of freedom and cultural pride blankets the nation, echoing the courageous battles of yesteryears through joyous expressions of unity and diversity.

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Cable Car Day

Celebrating Cable Car Day

Cable Car Day is an opportunity to appreciate these iconic modes of urban transportation. As we celebrate, let’s relish the nostalgia, enjoy the panoramic views, and learn about their captivating history. It’s a day to remember the charm of cable cars and their enduring impact on our cities.

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Ellis Island Day

Ellis Island Day

Ellis Island Day is a day to honor the memory of the millions of immigrants who passed through Ellis Island in search of a better life. Every year on January 1st, people around the world reflect on their heritage and remember those who made incredible sacrifices to try and create a brighter future for themselves. From 1892 to 1954, it is estimated that over 12 million immigrants entered New York Harbor through this iconic gateway after having undergone rigorous medical and legal inspections at “the island of hope”, as it was once known. Today, Ellis Island stands as an ode to those brave individuals looking for refuge – with many reuniting families even still living in nearby states. This remarkable moment in history deserves recognition on its special day – come along and join us while we recognize Ellis Island Day!

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Coles Hill and Plymouth Rock House

National Day of Mourning

Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, Native Americans across the United States observe National Day of Mourning. This day marks the end of the annual harvest season, and is a time to remember and pray for the loved ones who have passed away. It is also a time to reflect on the challenges faced by indigenous communities, and renew our commitment to fighting for justice and equality. So if you’re looking for something meaningful to do this Thanksgiving, consider observing National Day of Mourning with your local community of native Americans. You may find that it’s a powerful experience that helps you better understand the complex history and culture of America’s first peoples.

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