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Unexpected Trick for Bad Days

In the throes of a damned day

Unexpected Trick for Bad Days; Even the bluest of skies can turn gray, luck can tilt off-axis, cosmos can swing into disarray—there are those days when you’re jousting with the universe one-on-one and the dust that coats your body is from your own falling. The specifics might waver but the sensation doesn’t; you slip on soap in the shower, you snooze the alarm one too many times, breakfast slithers away from your clutch and your coffee spills and sears your skin a touch too harshly.

The commute is nothing short of a dread and then there’s the world at large that refuses to hush. The boss is a nightmare, workload a monstrous shadow that just won’t back down. Finally, when you plop onto your bed, the day is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

An interesting tidbit about damned days—they have a whole day devoted to them, National Have a Bad Day Day, celebrated on the 19th of November each year. So, when on a day like this, stuck in the hamster wheel of catastrophe and discord, don’t sweat. For with every such crushing day comes the potential to carve a turn-around.

When you are having a damned day

The universe seems monstrously grand and sneeringly hostile. Every minuscule move screams disaster and is a strike of the bell tolling an unfortunate event. It doesn’t take much figuring from here—to understand that Murphy shipped his snaggly law with an added guarantee that it paints your life crosshatched on certain unfortunate days.

And make no mistake, these are not just any unfortunate days—they are days when all hell breaks loose. Bukowskian in essence and Sisyphean in spirit, this day is a cruel reminder of Murphy’s law at work, a sort of personal catastrophe unfolding like a ruthless mosaic.

It’s as if a scornful deity is forcing you to twist and turn on a whim, making you dance an awkward jig that upends your sanity. Wading through this day is like navigating a mindless maze that stretches endlessly, with no promise of a finish line.

Turn Your Damned Day around

Wrestling with a bad day requires patience, resilience, and surprisingly, a good touch of humor. You can start by inhaling the purity of hope, holding on to the serenity of patience, and exhale out the toxicity of defeat. Picture a paradise in your mind. It could be a place you yearn to visit or a spot that drops your heart rate down to normal.

May be the Bahamas, mountains of Dharamshala, or an imaginary rendezvous amidst lavender fields of Provence. Summon that soothing scene in your mind and let that image engulf your senses for a while. Knock your favorite tunes into your eardrums, a melody can be surprisingly medicinal, lifting the spirits up beat by beat.

If all else fails and the world keeps threatening to implode, here are a few alternatives to weather the storm and piece together your very own ray of sunshine.

  • Phone a friend who knows about your struggle for sanity on days like these. Their voice on the other end emitting empathetic sighs and expressive notes of understanding can act like an anchor, grounding you back to reality from the shadowy realms of an overly anxious mind.
  • If the situation permits, stream your favorite sitcom or a stand-up special that tickles your funny bone even in your gloomiest hours. Laughter, the oldest and the most natural therapy, can pose as a surprisingly powerful antidote to stress, raising your spirits and brightening the corners of your outlook.
  • Pen down your grievances in raw, unfiltered words. Be brutally honest and expressive. Write down everything – from the day’s outrageous misfortune to your own tipsy balance. It doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a lament, a tirade, a whining whimper, or a screaming roar. What matters is the catharsis, the feeling of let-go, the calming relapse it will usher in.
  • If time allows and responsibilities don’t gnaw at your ticking clock, try to squeeze a quick shut-eye into your schedule. A quick nap can be surprisingly rejuvenating, pressing the restart button on the rest of the day to follow.
  • Physical activities like going for a sprint, or a long, mindful walk can do wonders. Why else would Bukowski, a notorious reclusionist and drunkard, go for long, aimless walks in the neighborhood in the middle of the day? His walks may have been drunken and staggering, but they were a staple he couldn’t do without. They cleared his mind, inspired him and formed the genesis of many of his poems. Research too backs this up, showing that exercise, besides improving health, acts as a potent mood lifter by releasing endorphins in the brain.
  • You might find solace in the scent of a newly purchased book you have been wanting to read for a while or in the rustic feel of an old one you decide to revisit. Sink into the book, lose yourself to the poetic words, and let the author do all the fastidious thinking.
  • Organize your desk or closet. This may sound absurd to some, but a decluttered workspace often leads to a decluttered mind. When everything seems to be going haywire, this small act of order could bring a semblance of control and calm.
  • Make yourself a warm, aromatic cup of your favorite tea or coffee. It’s warm, comforting, and uplifting—the monotony of the routine task can form a welcome distraction, and the result, a rewarding relief.
  • Pay heed to this little gem by Bukowski — “Concentrate on good thoughts during the bad days. Something as simple as waking up to a fresh batch of cookies, getting a comforting, concerned message from a friend, finding money unexpectedly, can bolster dimmed spirits.”
  • Treat yourself to your favorite comfort food. There’s a reason it’s called ‘comfort food’, it soothes your stressed neurons like nothing else.
  • Lastly, find a meditative spot onboard on the journey to your metaphorical paradise. Do a quick mental sweep, evict all the thoughts instigating worries and make room for cleaner, clearer thoughts. You can either chose this as a resting spot or strap a parachute onto your back and plunge into a serene dive into the land of calm and quiet. Listen to meditative music that stills your uneasy heart and quiets down the noisy bustle in your head.
    Unexpected Trick for Bad Days
    Unexpected Trick for Bad Days

    Gifts to Cheer Up – Patient-tested, Friend-approved

    When a friend is being dragged through the treacherous paths of a damned day, it’s your duty as a friend to be there for them, walk unflinchingly alongside them, and make sure they don’t give in to the ordeal. Offering the following gifts is bound to elevate their spirit.

    • Personalized Notebook: For those friends who find solace in writing, a personalized notebook to spill their chaos out onto. Unleash the power of words onto the pages of the notebook, and watch as the gloom subsides.
    • Audiobook Subscription: Just the thing for friends who love books. An audiobook can provide a journey away from the day’s woes, offering an escape into another world.
    • Cooking Kit: If the friend takes to the kitchen for distraction, a cooking kit with their favorite ingredients and a recipe might make a fitting present.
    • Yoga Mat: Stress-busting workouts do wonder for the mood. If your friend is into yoga or meditation, the gift of a good quality yoga mat will be appreciated.
    • Finely Bound Classic: If they are fond of reading, a classic leather-bound book will make a wonderful gift. It’s the kind of book that looks just as good on a shelf as it does in your hands.
    • DIY Craft Kit: Engaging the mind in creating something beautiful can help overcome bad moods. A DIY kit of their liking might just do the trick.
    • Spa Basket: Sometimes, the joy lies in pampering oneself. A basket filled with bath and beauty products, aromatic lotions, and soothing facial masks might be just the pick me up required.
    • Comedy Movie Collection: Gift a collection of some of the best comedy movies. After all, laughter is the best medicine.
    • Basket of Snacks: As they make their way through a rough day, a little munching might be in order. Cheese, chocolates, dry fruits, and snacks of all sorts wrapped in a basket of affection might cheer them up.
    • Handwritten Letter: Last, but probably the most effective is a handwritten letter. Pour out your compassion, empathy, and positivity in words, the result may not be immediate, but when they read your thoughts, they are bound to echo with positivity.

      Complementing a Damned Day

      Of the many tolerable ways to tread a damned day, one endorsed by Charles Bukowski tops the chart. “Don’t try”, he said, which might seem rather counterintuitive. But when you ponder it, you’ll realize that “trying” too hard often leads to disappointment, while letting the natural course take its place often works out much better. Here are a few such inspirations that Bukowski would likely give a nod to:

      • Turn Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” into your anthem. Let your friend join in this ironic yet strangely pleasing tune, and announce a war against the damned day.
      • Cooking something together that you both love, perhaps a shared favorite dish or dessert. A culinary adventure just for the two of you acts as a distraction as well as a source of victual comfort.
      • Indulge in some ‘retail therapy,’ either real or virtual. Go window shopping or simply browse through online stores. Finding things you love, or better yet, picking things out for each other can be a great deal of fun.
      • A movie marathon night epitomizes a cozy, comforting night. Gather all time favorite films, wear pajamas, order pizza, and let the night unfold into a stream of shared sorrows, laughs, cries and talks.

        FAQs – Backed by Research, Imbued with Wisdom

        In the battle to overthrow a bad day, one would likely encounter queries — some desperate, some trivial. Here, a few common inquiries will be addressed:

          Recapitulation Unexpected Trick for Bad Days

          Every dark cloud doesn’t intend to storm, it often comes with an unspoken promise to action a silver lining. Nights exist to balance day, sorrows lend meaning to joy, and similarly, damned days make the heart yearn for and appreciate the good times. In the throes of a bad day, it may feel like the end of the world but remember, the world runs round the clock, every passing minute refurbishing hope and opportunity, and equipping you with strength and resilience to combat adversity.

          Live through a bad day, and remember, as day gives way to night, your bad day too shall pass, replacing ordeal with tranquility. With this, here’s a toast to new beginnings, to hope, to resilience, to you!

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