National Days in March

National Days in March

What do pancakes, waffles, and pie have in common? They’re all national foods!

In the United States, there are a number of national days in March to celebrate our culture and heritage. Learn about some of these special days and how you can participate in the fun. Whether you’re looking for ideas for gifts, party themes, or just something to make you smile, these national days are sure to please. Happy celebrating!

But it is not just the USA that celebrates the national days.

Can you pick the national days of other countries and the international ones? We should celebrate these days too.

2023 March

Baby Sleep Day
All Day
Baby Sleep Day is celebrated on the 1st of March! This special day is all about celebrating the amazing gift of sleep, and helping parents and caregivers create the best possible sleep environment for their little ones. Creating good sleep habits from an early age is so important for your baby’s health and development. , ...
International Pancake Day
All Day
The International Pancake Day is a day where you bake your best and most delicious pancake to be shared with the one you love. Eating a chocolate pancake, a vegan pancake, or basically any pancake you would like to bake. The main thing is that the pancake is cooked yourself and eaten together. , ...
National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
All Day
Did you know that March 1st is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day? This fun food holiday celebrates everyone’s favorite spread—peanut butter! Whether you love to eat it by the spoonful, mix it into recipes, or use it as a dip, there’s no doubt that peanut butter is a delicious and versatile ingredient. In h , ...
National Fruit Compote Day
All Day
National Fruit Compote Day is a day to celebrate one of the most versatile and delicious desserts around. This delicious dessert is perfect for summertime gatherings or any time you need a little something sweet.Whether you make it with fresh berries, peaches, or any other fruit, compote is always a hit.Enjoy , ...
World Music Therapy Day
All Day
5 Reasons to Celebrate World Music Therapy Day and its BenefitsCelebrating the Power of Music: 5 Reasons to Observe World Music Therapy DayThe 1st of March is a very special day: it’s World Music Therapy Day! It’s a celebration of the power of music, an opportunity to honor and recognize the incred , ...
Zero Discrimination Day
All Day
The Power of Inclusion: Celebrate Zero Discrimination Day in the Workplace and BeyondZero Discrimination Day is an annual day of action, celebrated on March 1st every year. Its purpose in the broader context is to highlight issues of exclusion and discrimination faced by certain individuals or groups, while also p , ...
Bonza Bottler Day
All Day
Time to celebrate National Bonza Bottler Day! This fun holiday is all about honoring those who go above and beyond, those who are always there for us, and those who make life a little sweeter. So today, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the bonza bottlers in our lives!What is Bonza Bottler Day?Bonza Bot , ...
National Frozen Food Day
All Day
International Womens Day
All Day
Did you know that there is International Womens Day? It falls on March 8th every year and is a day to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. This year, let’s make sure to mark the occasion by doing something special for ourselves.Whether that means taking yourself out for brunch, buying yourse , ...
International Wig Day
All Day
Global Recycling Day
All Day
Global Recycling Day is an international awareness day that aims to encourage people around the world to recycle more. It falls on March 18th every year and is celebrated in over 160 countries.The recycling processThe recycling process helps to reduce pollution, conserve resources and save energy. Recycling on , ...
World Storytelling Day
All Day
Don’t we all love stories? We have been growing up listening to stories, whether they were read from a book by our parents or stories we heard, the tells that can be generations old.World Storytelling Day celebrated on the 20th of March, is a day when we all come together to celebrate the power of stories. S , ...
International Day of Forests
All Day
March 21st is International Day of Forests, a day to celebrate and appreciate the vital role that forests play in our lives. forests provide us with essential resources like wood and paper, but they also offer many other benefits, from purifying the air we breathe to providing a home for wildlife. Forests are amazing p , ...
World Wood Day
All Day
World Wood Day is an international day that celebrates the beauty and importance of forests and trees. It is observed and celebrated on March 21st each year.The History of World Wood DayWorld Wood Day was created in 2007 by the United Nations General Assembly. The day was established to raise awareness of the , ...
World Maths Day
All Day
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