About Amoware

Amoware is the story of JJ and friends searching our planet for the ultimate gift that you like to give but not necessarily want to have yourself, well some of JJs friends do but that for another time.

Receiving a gift is great and especially when there are some real thoughts behind it but giving a gift comes from the heart. It means something, it is a symbol of love.

Shopping the internet, browsing the world in search what you like but that is exactly the problem, what you like does not mean that the receiver likes it.

JJ has amazing friends and like a spider in the web JJ collects all these stories and writes about it. It gives you a great background in our amazing world but more importantly, it gives you actionable tasks that are fun, great, scary and in some you might just say straight NO.

And do not underestimate the number of days that we celebrate on this planet. Every single day is a day to enjoy and some of them are just celebrated a little more than others.

Birthdays are the most celebrated days by everyone but there are so many more days to think off.
Of course, everyone knows the 1st of January where we celebrate New Year but that “we” is not everyone. There are cultures that celebrate New Year on a different day. Lucky them, they celebrate New Year two times in the same year.

With 365 days a year every day there is a national day somewhere celebrated and we want to know about it so we can celebrate too or help you define a great gift for this particular day that means something more to you and your buddy.

Whether it is a global, countries or maybe just a national day in the city where you live or where you on holiday. Celebration is great, it is gives everyone a smile and a feeling of joy.

Looking at the different cultures and religions in our world then also here there are many days to celebrate. Just like I wrote before about New Year, just look at the Chinese and the Thai. They celebrate their New Year on a different date than January the 1st.

Still, it will be very difficult to find the ultimate gift for such a national day without buying the same over and over and are stuck in boredom because the gift is always the same.

I remember the story of my father receiving some money from his brother in law but this brother in law celebrated his birthday 30 days later so my father gave the same money back. In the end they bought bottles of wine so they could drink it together.

At Amoware we search for the days that we celebrate an event which can be a religious event but does not need to be and look for that perfect gift created by an artisan to give to the one we love.

Artisans make really beautiful craft work from paintings to pottery and everything else that people can create by hand and using their imagination.

It might even be that you become an artisan, creating something unique and at the same time learn a skill you never thought of.

The love artisans have for their work is beyond any doubt, hard work, complete dedication and a final product they can be proud of.

The artisans can be contacted for an art craft that is personal and has a deep meaning not only for you but especially for the receiver.

The receiver can be your spouse, your father, mother, other members of the family alive and you also can think of a remembrance.

Whatever the reason is you know who you love and what you would like to have created by an artisan as a symbol of love straight from your heart.