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Pakistani Wood Carvings Artisans

Pakistani Wood Carvings Artisans carve numerous shapes, sculptures, scenery, and other designs on different types of woods for aesthetic appeal. The art is famous throughout the world for its distinctive artistic features and lower cost. Many Pakistani artisans are evolving the tradition of this ancient craft, as its origin is from many thousand years old.

People mostly use wood carvings for their decoration of homes, museums, and other essential places. Subsequently, the artisans use a number of tools for the engravement of designs on wood, which they operate according to their individualistic talent for making unique furniture, sculptures, decorations, and other interior decorations.

Pakistani Wood Carvings Sleep Well
Pakistani Wood Carvings Sleep Well

However, these handcrafted pieces are acknowledged for the love and care the artisans has invested in the formation of these products. They work day and night to achieve the highest quality of these wood cuttings, as this field of work consumes a more considerable amount of manpower for wood cutting and design engraving.

Pakistani Wood Carvings Artisans

Nevertheless, Pakistan has a variety of craftsmen who are highly skilled and learned in the field of wood carvings. These artisans vary in individualistic features from region to region and are preserving this ancient art of their ancestors. The most popular Pakistani wood carvings artisans are found in Sawat and Chiniot of Pakistan, however, there are also other regions of Gujrat, D.I. Khan, Peshawar, Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Jacobabad, and Hala districts are also having expert craftsmen.

Pakistan has a vast range of cultures and traditions throughout the state, which are a rich history of artisan crafts and talents. People from all over the world acknowledge the skills and handcrafts of carved furniture, wood cuttings, and other interior wood decoration.

Most of the people from rural areas are learned and expert craftsman of wood, whose art is as unique and artist as any professional artist of wood who charges very expensive for his work. However, Pakistani artists are not earning properly due to a lack of proper guidance from the government. In comparison, their art is acknowledged throughout the world because their work is unique and eye-catching.

Woodcarving Furniture
Woodcarving Furniture

On the other hand, the skills of these craftsmen and carpenters are prevalent, which helps them construct daily life used wooden work and furniture. These artisans pour their heart and soul in love with which they create these wooden frames and interior furniture to maintain the quality of the product. Their art is as unique and valuable as any other hand engraving artisans. Consequently, their designs and patterns vary from region to region.

Each part of Pakistan has a unique culture and tradition of the woodwork they use. The entrepreneurs are earning very high income from these products as they sell these aesthetic designs and products throughout the cities where people provide a more elevated and valuable price for these distinctive art pieces.

Subsequently, these pieces are used for decoration, while their sole purpose is as furniture for necessities of life. That is why the scope of this art in Pakistan and throughout the world is very high. Furthermore, there are five basic styles of wood carving in Pakistan, which are as follows;

  • Lattice carving: This style is done on screens with delicate wood cutwork.
  • Undercut: This style involves woodwork that is raised and projected.
  • Deep carving: This style of woodwork involves sculptures of engraved wood.
  • Engrave Carving: This style of woodwork involves central engraved or carved motifs.
  • Plain Carving: This is the simplest form of wood carving, which could be done according to the individual features of any artisan.

Scope of Wood Carvings

The demand for artisan woodwork throughout Pakistan is very high, as there is a variety of highly skilled craftsmen located in the different regions of Pakistan who are acknowledged based on their art and craftsmanship. For them, the art of woodwork is not a profession but an obligation to their traditions and especially towards their master who passed their skill to them.

Perfect Carved Wood
Perfect Carved Wood

Sometimes these artisans in a group start their business in cities through which they earn a handsome amount for their living.

However, most of the time the company is started by entrepreneurs who invest their money in the resources and income of these craftsmen and set up brands through which they earn significantly higher prices on the labor of other workers.

Moreover, the scope of woods in Pakistan is very high, due to these resources, many craftsmen products are engraved and sold throughout the world quickly.

The international trade value of these wood cuttings and furniture is also good, as Pakistan is mostly famous for its craftsmanship and handicrafts worldwide.

The elegant work and artistic inlays of floral and geometric patterns of the artisan in Pakistan are the benchmark motifs of the workers. The art is practiced most popularly in the regions of Swat and Chiniot of Pakistan.

Furthermore, Pakistan is taking a number of steps to evolve its wood cutting and artifact industries, which will help these arts and crafts to flourish with time. As Pakistan is rich in talented artisans and cultural methods, the talent of these artisans is predominantly shown in their carvings and crafts.

In addition to furniture and wood sculptures, there are also wooden ceilings, frames of interior decoration which have great demand among the people and businesses.

Hence, there is a greater scope and trade value of wooden artifacts and craftsmanship in Pakistan, which also helps the economy of Pakistan to develop.

Materials used for Wood Carving in Pakistan

In the art of wood carving, the selection of the type of wood is the basic technique on which all the processes depend. Subsequently, the material used is decided by overlooking the design and pattern on which artisans work. Some woods are very intricate and require hard labor which the artisan would use for specific products that should be long-lasting. While some woods are very soft and easy to use, but they are also having some defects as they could not last long. There are a variety of woods used for the wood carving crafts, some of which are as follows;


This is the most popular choice of softwood used by beginner artisans, as it is carved easily due to its soft and malleable nature. On the other hand, this type could be easily found and is inexpensive than different wood types. This white wood could easily be used for intricate and free patterns. Subsequently, the wood is used locally for low-cost products, woodworks, guitars, bass, and other instrumental structures.


This is another type of white wood used for carving artisan patterns easily. Subsequently, it considered better than basswood and is still inexpensive.


This is another quickly carving wood used by the artisans for furniture making and other aesthetic decorative wood products. It is browner in color than the above two wood types and is related to walnut wood but is more malleable and more comfortable to carve. This would have an ability to be polished easily; however, sometimes have wormholes in it.

Black Walnut

This type of wood is intricate to carve and requires sharp tools for the engravement. However, its aesthetic color scheme and better quality made it a popular choice for the people to make furniture, gunstocks, and wood sculptures with it. The quality of this wood and malleability is higher than basswood, and butternut.


This is the most popular choice of hardwood, as its durability and color scheme both are perfect. Subsequently, this wood is the best choice for furniture of stable features and high durability. However, oak is the most challenging type of wood that could make difficulty for the artisan while carving it. For instance, white oak is used to create barrels for containing wine as the wood is very hard.


This is the wood taken from fruit trees of apple, cherries, pear, and other grained fruits. These woods are of attractive color scheme and are used for the manufacture of bowls, spoons, and other carved crockery products.

White Pine

This is another soft white wood tree that is used for carving furniture and other malleable products. Usually, it is used for making furniture, because its material helps in maintaining the shape of the carved artifact.


This type of wood is most commonly used for whittling, as it is malleable, inexpensive, and readily available. However, the wood should be kept dry for carving and is used for crafting, and engraving patterns on dollhouses, ornaments, wooden frames, and other pieces.

Pakistan Wood Carving
Pakistan Wood Carving

Regions of Pakistan for Wood Carving

Pakistan is a cultural craftsmen skilled country, where there are different wood carvers present in different regions and provinces. Following are different areas where many skilled artisans pursue wood carving as a profession and whose wood products are famous nationally and internationally;

Gujrat (Punjab province)

If people are looking for rosewood (Sheesham) carved furniture then they should research Gujrati furniture, which is carved on hardwood and is an intricate process that consumes time and energy both.

Chiniot (Punjab province)

Chiniot is very popular for its brass and bone inlay wood carvings, while the craftsmen of Chiniot are famous for their latticework of floral and geometrical patterns on wood which is used for engraving doors, balconies, and other interior carvings.

Sawat (KPK province)

The wood carved furniture of Sawat is famous among the whole country. However, the specialty of the furniture is heavily carved legs of chairs, stools, and other products.

D I Khan (D G Khan)

This region is famous for small wooden decorations, jewelry boxes, hanging adornment, and other household decorative pieces.

Peshawar (KPK province)

The woodwork of latticework, engraved decorative indoor and outdoor products, interior ceilings, wooden doors, balconies, and other carved wooden work is done throughout this region.

Lahore, Gujranwala (Punjab province)

The craftsmen of Lahore and Gujranwala are highly resourceful and know the techniques used in ancient times of the Mughal empire and also the western Victorian style of wood carving.

Rawalpindi, (Punjab province)

This city of Punjab is also famous for its large wooden door carved by skilled artisans, also the techniques of modern and ancient designs for furniture is practiced here.

Kashmir Woodcarving
Kashmir Woodcarving

Kashmir, Hyderabad, Hala, Jacobabad districts (Sindh province)

These regions are famous for home decoration items like lamps, boxes, carved hard beds (Char Pai), traditional furniture of sofa set, bed sets, and other products.

Summary Woodcarvings from Pakistan

Kashmir Woodcarving
Kashmir Woodcarving

The art of artisan woodwork in Pakistan is very ancient and divine and is advancing with time.

Even today, when the world has developed in its technology, the importance and love of this artistic craftsmanship are still alive in the hearts of the people of Pakistan.

The artisans invest all their passion, time, and energy in providing the unique and best designs of wood carving so that their ancestor’s craft would be valued in the world.

They use a variety of tools for the careful engravement of the adornments. Hence, the work of these compassionate workers of Pakistan is acknowledged throughout the world with great love and affection. People worldwide and in the country value their work and pay higher prices for their dedication, as woodwork is not only an accessory for them but also a necessity.

Pakistan’s most famous woodworks and craftsmen could be easily found in different regions of Chiniot, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sindh, Jacobabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Sawat, and other regions.

Although Pakistan has a prosperous cultural crafts civilization, there is still scope for the betterment of the field as artisans are being exploited here by many entrepreneurs and due to fewer resources.

However, many artisans are working on their own and are getting higher and higher status.

Moreover, Pakistani artisan wood crafts vary from region to region based on their designs and materials.

And to preserve this culture of wood carving, people are starting online sites for selling these valuable products.

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