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Pakistani Carpets and Rugs

Just like Pakistani crafts buying Pakistani Carpets and Rugs is easy, there are so many shops in Pakistan selling beautiful carpets and stylish rugs, however, there is much more than just a rug or a carpet that meets the eye.

The quality of Pakistani carpets and rugs matters and understanding the process of making them will help you to see the quality of these great products.

This is especially handy when you are searching for a new carpet or rug that is handmade which will cost you more but buying a handmade Pakistani Carpet or Rug makes it not unique but gives that additional value whether you buy the carpet or rug for yourself or give it away as a token of love.

Quality Pakistan Wool and Cotton Carpet

The Art of Carpet Pakistan

The essence of the heritage of Pakistan can be seen in the arts and crafts been produced here. The carpet and rugs production are the biggest assets of Pakistan. As far as the manufacturing of carpets is concerned, the industrial area is consumed mostly by the knitting industry where rugs can be processed in the cottage industry.

Many people perform these activities from home, giving men and women artisans a load of work that includes people with disabilities.

Old Weaving and Technology

The process in “old” days to weave cloth, carpet, or a rug was very time-consuming next to that the salaries of the workers were incredibly low. It might have been approved a little, but in the areas where carpets and rugs are still hand-made workers still get small money compared to the amount of work.

Only in the larger cities, heavy machinery is used to create these carpets and rugs but the remote areas in Pakistan are lacking the infrastructure and therefore artisans of Pakistan create carpets and rugs by hand.

The result is that the handcrafted products from these remote areas are just more expensive but the value is also more therefore for the buyer it might be a good thing to think about buying carpets and rugs from these remote areas instead of manufactured in a factory.

Fabric for the Making of Carpets

The fabric for the making of carpets and rugs is usually imported from Australia and sometimes Germany. This wool always needs some refinement to get it to the quality that is needed including the pulling together of a single thread to make it double layered creating durable Pakistani carpets.

The usage of wool is the traditional way and gives high quality, although nowadays nylon and propylene are added to get a lighter carpet next to that they will be cheaper but of “lesser” quality.

Pakistan Lahore Hand-knotted Rug Wool on Cotton

The Carpet Industry in Pakistan

The carpet industry is spread throughout Pakistan from remote areas to developed cities in massive firms. These industries perform a backbone for the low population in Pakistan as they export to the whole world. The carpet industry is a significant asset of Pakistan. Due to the cultural aesthetics and the values attributed to the carpet industry of Pakistan is not given to any of the industries elsewhere.

The Specialty of India and Pakistan

Before Pakistan and India got separated, India was known to be the hub of these handicrafts and handwoven items, it was known to be the village of such activities long ago. The largest carpet making firm is located In Mirzapur, India. All kinds of carpets and rugs were made there with the best quality. These products accentuate the cultural values and promote the norms as well.

Karachi, Pakistan, is the industrial area known to be the scaffold of Pakistan. Pakistan’s economic strength depends on Karachi, as it is industrial, and its area is significant compared to other cities. The prosperity of the country and the poor people are depending on it. The population of Pakistan is mostly labor, and the people living in Karachi are mostly those who work in factories and industries where garments and carpet rugs are manufactured.

Buying Pakistani Carpets

Faislabad and Karachi are known to be the hub of carpet production. You can buy carpets from there at cheaper rates. On a large scale, the industries are producing a variety of carpets with different and versatile designs.

One of the primary reasons is that Faislabad is on the top list when talking about the production of any kind of fabric. The material used in the manufacturing of carpet can be consumed by the same industry, so there is no expense on importing the base fabric.

The art of crafting handmade carpets
The art of crafting handmade carpets

Carpet World is the industry located in Faisalabad, and it is among the best selling brand. The same is the case when we talk about Karachi. The carpets and rugs are cheap there as well because the industries there are using their own fabrics to further enhance their business in the carpet-making industry. Peena carpet industries and Pak carpet industries are the two large firms working in Karachi.

They export the best quality and durable carpets around the world. Contrary to Faislabad and Karachi, you will find the rates of these items much more expensive in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Islamabad is not an industrial area; instead, it relies on importing goods from abroad.

Whereas the carpets and rugs from Karachi get loaded on large vehicles and travel through 20 hours-long journeys to Islamabad. The profit from the sellers and the expense of the fuel get merged to the price of the carpet, and now the customer will find the same carpet in the price doubled, or sometimes 3 times the original price.

Why Buy Carpets from Pakistan?

It is the general perception that whenever we want something, we always look for the best. So, Pakistan is the hub for such activities. The culture of carpet making started ages ago when the Mohenjo-daro got destructed. Carpet making is the heritage of Pakistan and is in the blood of the Pakistani artisans. Buying carpets from Pakistan would be an excellent choice for anyone around the world.

The Colour Scheme of Carpets

Usually, the carpets are made in different eye-catching colors. The process of color schemes is often customized as well, but this process can make the carpets expensive. Generally, people prefer the have colors that are available in the market. There are traditional colors that suit the carpets and are graceful.

There are cultural attachments as well for these culturally attached belongings. There is a specific pattern for the carpets having a round-shaped flower on it, and then the flower further generates to make a whole sound pattern.

Rugs as a Decoration

The rugs are small pieces that cover the whole room and make a decoration for a specified pace. Therefore, rugs have different designs and patterns; their size can be varied depending upon the customer’s needs. A rug can be of a flowery pattern throughout. It can be of a single plain color and can have different or multiple colors. The thing that matters is to have a design idea about what you want from the artisan.

Importance of Carpet

The carpets seem to be a need of today. When it comes to clean the room, it is more complicated to make it clean then just having a bare floor. The carpet makes it easy to clean the room just by hovering it. Nowadays the use of carpet has become common in offices, at homes and even in restaurants.

Carpets at Home

When you buy a carpet that will be used in your home then there is a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can choose the color that best suits your room accordingly, it may match your wall color; it may contrast your bedsheet or anything that is according to your or your room needs. There are numerous colors and design patterns, so you can select what you want for your room.

Carpets at Offices

The carpet provides your office with a complete look. The wooden floors are often considered the cause of the disturbance, so the government firms usually seem to be under the carpets. There are specific colours that are preferred for the offices, and they are different from homes. You can design your office by having a luxurious sitting environment and a comfortable, cosy colour carpet.

Carpets for Restaurants

The carpets at the restaurant are different from the carpets at homes or offices. They have patterns on them according to the theme of the restaurant. There is a complete variety of carpets and rugs for different localities. It would be different for your drawing-room, and for your sitting room, it needs to be different. The choice is all yours.

The Scope of Carpet Manufacturing

Since the day carpets are under people’s use, their demand always goes up, and it never gets de-ranked. Because it is the need of every home and every office. People do prefer to have carpeted rooms for the winter season to get a cosy environment.

Export of Carpets

Pakistani carpets are exported to the rest of the world due to their aesthetic value. People abroad love to order carpets from Pakistan directly instead of buying them locally. The carpets they get locally are of equal quality but are much more expensive due to the local trader’s earnings on carpets.

Remote Areas in Pakistan

The remote areas of Pakistan like Balochistan and the villages of Sindh as well are the places where local artisans manufacture carpets by hand. These carpets can be used as decoration pieces, like placing them on walls. This will give Pakistani who live abroad a cultural attachment to their homeland.

Ancient Designs and Patterns

The art of carpet making is old and therefore you do see many ancient designs and patterns

Scandinavian Rugs
Scandinavian Rugs

Persian Iran

This design of the carpet is ancient, and its origin is from the Safavid dynasty. These designs are considerably different from the others belonging to different parts of the world.

All the countries have some realistic and cultural values attached to their ornaments and products. So Persian carpets have the essence of their own.

Scandinavian Rugs

The rugs of Scandinavia are popular in the world. They make the rugs through modern technology.

These are modern rugs with modern designs and patterns, so they are the most popular and people from all around the world love to have them.

Their price limit varies from country to country. Generally, the ornaments having cultural values attached to them sell expensive.

Carpets from India

The carpets of India have their values attached to the Mughal dynasty. The carpets from India are famous among the eastern countries but are exported to the world.

Pakistan is also exporting carpets and rugs to different parts of the world, and it is the best economical way for the people living in remote areas.

Carpets from Turkey

The Turkmen tribal rugs are the speciality of Turkey.

These rugs can easily be distinguished from the others as they are handmade, and the hard work can be seen in the clarity of the small details of it. These rugs are used to cover the floors, and they sell very expensively across the world.

The purpose of these small rugs can be different. They can be hung on the wall and can be used for the floor and decoration purposes.

A Symbol of Cultural Heritage

To Pakistan, carpets are Baluchistan’s heritage, and the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, these two ranges of attachments have made the carpets the cultural sign of Pakistan. When you are culturally attached to something, it feels like home to take it anywhere.

Pakistani traditional embroidery work
Pakistani traditional embroidery work

So it is all the more reason people live abroad; they yearn to feel the belonging to their homeland, so it is their cultural affiliation to the carpets they bring with them. There are different works on the carpets as well and have variant designs on them accordingly.

The carpets used for the decoration are either embroidered or adorned with mirror work- this is the traditional Sindh design in Pakistan. Besides carpets, rugs also have their forms and different designs. The rugs are used to cover short-area so they can be of multiple colors.

The Material used in Carpet Making

The materials used in the manufacturing of the carpet is variant. Moreover, it depends on the artisan, what kind of carpet he is going to make. The carpets for decoration do not need to bond with the other rigid material known as Pile. At the same time, the other needs to be attached with the sole to have a firm back.

Wool Nylon Polypropylene Polyester

Wool is used in the making of carpets, and the carpets with wool sell are expensive. So there are many other fabrics used to make carpets like nylon and propylene. These carpets are not too expensive. Using different fabrics with different qualities is the solution for the availability of carpets in every category.

The different industries are working in Pakistan, which does not use wool as a raw product but is still at the top of the market. The reason is, these firms are targeting the pain points of the people. People need quality and useful products at the same time.

Yarns with Multiple Colors

Different color yarns are used in making carpets. These carpets are also made on a customized basis. So the choice of color is not restricted.

The carpets can also be found ready-made, and these are available in bundles in the market at every rate. So it depends on what your choice is.

International Trade Value

The carpets and rugs from Pakistan are exported around the world. The demand is increasing every single day. So, it is something good to know—the traditional values transferring to other cultures as well.

The hybridization in cultures and traditions has exchanged a lot among the eastern and western styles of life. The carpets that are exported are of high quality, and with high quality, the price goes up.

Weaving Centres

The carpet weaving centres are located throughout Pakistan. People are working in industries on big and small scales. Some people work from and although it is great to work from home, have your business at home, the hard work is not paid very well. There are many weaving centres located in Sindh; every home is the hub of professional weavers having skilled hands. Karachi is an industrial area.

Garment factories are everywhere, and the same is the case with carpet industries. The carpets of Afghanistan are also popular among the specific community of people. Other countries have also started to have carpet and rug industries like china.

China is prospering economically throughout the world. China has spread its market in Pakistan to have such aesthetics and apply them to their culture, resultantly having a great deal with economic affairs. There are also significant industries in china working for carpets and rugs now.

Summary Pakistani Carpets and Rugs

The art of carpet making and weaving it by hand is traditional; the trend started long and has its roots deep down in ancient times’ histories. The art of making a carpet has different steps, from washing the raw material or fabric to yarn dyeing to a final product.

The final product you get after weaving is either a carpet or a rug. Both have their aesthetic values attached to them. People use carpets at homes, offices, and restaurants.

The carpet-making industry of Pakistan is located in Faisalabad and Karachi as well. People are working on large scales as well as from homes in the form of cottage industries. The scope of carpet making is getting modern day by day.

People who like to design their homes and offices use carpet as one of the elements to adorn their floors. So, the room gets customized.

This is not like the people in Europe do not have the equipment to make carpets by themselves, but the aesthetic values they get by the rugs made by hands from Pakistan cannot be found elsewhere.

The carpets and rugs are used for different purposes. The decoration is one of the effective use of carpets and rugs.

The rugs are mostly used to beautify the rooms and sitting areas. The wooden floors are considered a disturbance. So people prefer to have carpets at their homes for winter, especially. The carpet makes it feel comfortable and warm.

People abroad like to have their homes carpeted, so the carpets from Pakistan are somehow cheaper for them as compared to those they found in their countries. So, the international value of Pakistani carpets and rugs is increasing at its high.

Pakistani Carpets and Rugs as a Gift

Carpets and rugs make for a great gift, especially on any National Day. They are not only beautiful but also have a lot of history and meaning behind them. Pakistani carpets and rugs are some of the most popular in the world. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes.

The most popular ones are the Bokhara, Peshawari, and Baluchi carpets. There are also many different types of knots that are used to create these carpets, each with its own unique design. Carpets and rugs from Pakistan are known for their high quality and craftsmanship.

They make for a perfect gift for anyone who loves world history or enjoys collecting beautiful things.

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