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Amazing World Kindness Day Gifts

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

5 Gift Ideas for World Kindness Day, celebrated on the 13th of December, a really global day to remove discrimination on the political, social, racial, and socioeconomic levels through acts of kindness. The is “act of kindness” can be expressed in many ways and one of them is art.

Gift Ideas for World Kindness Day

Art: The Way of Expression

Artisans from all around the world show the importance of the day by creating arts that are gifted as acts of kindness. Each of the following 5 paintings can inspire you in your search for gift ideas for World Kindness Day.

Would it not be great to promote the value of the day through the reflection of the acts of kindness in art?

A creative and thoughtful piece of art is probably a straightforward way of showing kindness. A beautiful painting with the artistic color of acts of kindness can brighten the day of your loved ones.

Importance of World Kindness Day

The importance of the day is very much obvious in the great religions of the world. Artist is the asset of an age. Artist is the person who can lead people to do good, creating good deeds in their artwork. Taking support of pen and paint artist tries to inject the virtue of kindness in the society.

Many artists describe the power of kindness as;

“Though all arts are ice, kindness freezes.”
“Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together”.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows”.

Kindness as an Art

To be kind to each other strengths relationship and sense of satisfaction in life. The act of kindness is an art that is exercised in various ways. A kind word, a generous heart, the feelings of affection, a helping hand, a helping hand, carrying a load of someone else, giving honest compliments, sending an email thanking someone, and telling someone about his/her importance for you are some acts of kindness.

Art; The only Way of Expression

It would be right to say; whatever you cannot express, you can convey the message of your heart through the works of art. It expresses the feelings of the heart in a better way than your tongue.

To convey your heart, below are art inspired creatively woven 5 Gift Ideas for World Kindness Day that you can choose to show the kindness, gratitude, and love in you for your chosen recipients to celebrate the international kindness day.

Our Gift Ideas for World Kindness Day

It is never easy to think about gifts, let alone World Kindness Day gifts, and to amaze someone with a unique idea. The following gift ideas for World Kindness Day will help you with your imagination and surprise someone. You also can head over to Saatchi Art searching for that piece of art that you have been looking for.

Drops of Kindness Painting

The people across the globe like “Drop of Kindness” painting, Saatchi Art, brand, takes the pride to offer this on the international day of tolerance to enhance the essence and virtue of kindness inside you.

Drops of Kindness - Nicolene Botha
Drops of Kindness – Nicolene Botha

Painting “Drops of Kindness”
Acrylic on Canvas.
Painter: Nicole e Botha
Size: 15.7 W, 19.7 H, 0.6 inches
In “Drops of Kindness” the two birds represent the fragility of life we are in. The way the male bird waits for the female to drink shows kindness. The painting is done with three primary and white colors, along with a painting knife.

All necessary and more expensive in this world of kindness

It is simple to understand the message conveyed by the artist as he has used beautiful color imagery to show kindness.

Lilia Usacheva
Lilia Usacheva

Quick Facts
Painting: All the necessary and more expensive in the world of kindness.
Painter: Lilia Usacheva
Painting Size: 19.7W, 15.7H, 0.1inches.
Painting: Oil on Canvas
This act of kindness art describes how beautifully with a kind heart; the child tries to save an animal from the rain with an umbrella.

Woman Symbol of Kindness

This painting is famous due to attractive, eye-catching imagery and direct message of kindness that it conveys.

Leila Rashid - Woman, Symbol of Kindness
Leila Rashid – Woman, Symbol of Kindness

Painting Description:
Painting: “Woman, Symbol of Kindness”
Painter: Leila Rashid
Size: 19 W, 19 H, 0.2 inches.
Painting: Acrylic, Stencil, Spray paint, fabric color on canvas.
To stress the importance of kindness, the artist has painted God created woman as the symbol of love and kindness.

Show of Kindness by Fairy Painting:

This colorful painting, with the image of a butterfly and a fairy, is attracting the attention of viewers, show the acts of kindness art.

Shirley Lamb - Show of Kindness by a fairy.
Shirley Lamb – Show of Kindness by a fairy.

Painting: “Show of Kindness by a fairy.”
Artist: Shirley Lamb
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Kind-hearted fairy tries to reach to the soft butterfly so gently, caring about its delicacy, with a heart full of kindness. The fairy’s advances towards butterflies show acts of kindness craft.

Kindness Paintings

The use of bright and soft colors please to the eyes and attract the viewer’s attention.

Dilrukshi Chandrika - Kindness

Painting: Kindness
Artist: Dilrukshi Chandrika, Sri Lanka
Painting Size: 36W, 24 H,1 inch
The painting shows the Expression of love and cares toward one another. A lady gently negotiates with her pet about the reality of passion for kindness. The message is simple through painting.

It is an undeniable fact that act of kindness is the real essence of life. It is the most powerful pillar on which a strong society can be built. The international day of kindness reminds us of those around us who need our kind feelings.

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