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Play a Role in a Medieval Fantasy

Acting a medieval role in a medieval fantasy can be more than just a memorable gift. Often you see on TV actors in a medieval role which is great fun to watch but it would be better to play your own role in a fantasy play in the nearest forest?

Take for example the image, the Sword in the Stone, you have all heard about it, seen movies, and setting up a party with a stone and a sword will everyone remind that you are in the middle of a legendary medieval fantasy.

There are plenty of games online available where you can play a medieval fantasy but that is just a game, that is in a virtual world and is not real.

medieval fantasy sword in the stone

There are a few options to make the dream come true for the one you love to become an actor in a role-play and when you join acting a role in a fantasy play you would have a fantastic time.

Local Handcrafted Historical Costumes

A fantasy world can become very real-world playing a part in a play that sets out part of the history of your own culture. Wearing historical clothing was created by an artisan who not only know what people were wearing in ancient times but also how to create these costumes.

I came across a great website which was about the history of ancient medieval hoses. Not that I need one but when I think about it this would be absolutely a great gift. Even if you just give it as a joke, it would be hilarious at a birthday party.

Sew the fantasy clothing by hand which will take time not just to create it but also to learn how to design and put it all together into a fantastic medieval dress that you wear during the play whether that play is created by you or a company.

There are workshops very close to where you live. It is just a matter of searching and getting in touch with the right people.

Placing yourself not just as the actor but feel how people lived during that time. Your fantasy might get a hold of you wishing you were living during that time especially when we have the Coronavirus outbreak. However, you might want to avoid the time of the black death, the plague which hit Europe back in 1347.

Medieval Fantasy Druids & Witches

Dress like a druid or a witch, please do not be one, or have one made for someone that fits not just their body but also their personality.

I remember the movie Lord of the Rings and most likely you have seen that one also where Gandalf said that there 5 Wizards all having a color in their name like Gandalf the Grey, Radagast the Brown, Saruman the White, and I forgot the other two although I remember the colors Blue and Green.

This was only in Lord of the Rings but there are so many examples not only in movies or series for TV but how many books have been written by authors where the book is played in a fantasy world.

Probably the best-known wizard is Merlin however the village druid Getafix in the Asterix and Obelix cartoons were magical.

Movies – Books

Just imagine that your friend is walking in a forest searching for berries to make homemade jams wearing a dress or costume straight out of A Knight’s Tale which is a great movie by the way or just think about any of the Robin Hood movies and you might think why not.

There are so many books written in a fantasy world, books that turned into great movies like Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit but also A Game of Thrones and really many more.

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LARP Event

Back in the days when you were at school, you might have already been playing in a Live-Action Role-Play (LARP) act dressed as the princess from medieval times or like me a barbarian carrying a club which was made out of paper, just in case.

I can honestly not remember the name of the play; I do remember I had to say one or two lines but at that time I must have been 8 years young.

A great option is to join a LARP Event, a Live-Action Role-Play where you become an actor in a play, a story that can be based on history but also based on a fantasy, a creation of a story writer.

This can be done on a large-scale joining thousands of others and being part of that together with your friend is a truly awesome way of being together and being with others.

Medieval Wedding

Creating a LARP can include writing the script for such an event although there are plenty of scripts available on the internet.

medieval wedding
medieval wedding

You will need to plan ahead, especially when you want to create all the clothing yourself by hand.

You can still play a fantasy world with family or friends and act during a party or an anniversary of your grandparents.

The biggest issue is that you cannot rehearse that much if you do not live close to each other but does it really matter if it is all for the fun of it?

Optional will be to use body paint but medieval most important is to have the perfect gift for the couple.

Add a medieval glassblower to the party, blowing a fantastic sculpture of the bride and groom and you will have a wedding people will talk about for a long time in the future.

Cultural Clothing

A fantasy world can be created using cultural closing that people might even still wear today. Maybe just for a picture or for tourists or at a fancy fair.

Volendam, the Netherlands

I remember a long time ago, when I was still living in my native country the Netherlands, I was with some friends in Volendam and we had to take a picture where we were wearing regional dress/costumes.

It was great fun and wearing a costume like that just showed what people were wearing back in the day. Here I only write about the Netherlands but you have that worldwide. Every culture has its own regional or local clothing that including when you even go further back in history medieval clothing.

Medieval Apparel Workshop

There are large companies that create historical handcrafted clothing. But at the same time, there are plenty of artisans creating medieval apparel and after following a workshop you will be able to create that too.

Almost every culture has a national day where people wear costumes that can be medieval but also fantasy as long as it expresses their culture.

Following a handcrafted clothing workshop would be a good idea especially when you like sowing otherwise you will need to buy or hire it.

Hiring medieval clothing can be great for just having them play as a gift but would it not be much nicer to create the clothing by hand and present this as a gift you really can be proud of.


Let me know your thoughts on acting in a Live-Action Role-Play, creating your own fantasy or medieval clothing as a present that is a gift to your best friend.

Gift for a National Day

It’s national best friend day, and you want to give your best friend a gift that they will never forget. Why not give them the gift of acting in a medieval fantasy? Not only will they get to dress up in medieval clothing, but they will also get to play their own role in the fantasy. They can be the king or queen, the jester or the knight, and they will have the time of their life. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your best friend and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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