Glassblowing Contemporary Art

Glassblowing Art

The art of glass especially when you look at glass created by glass blowing artists then you only can be amazed with the beauty of glassblowing art. We all can think of stunning images of glass sculptures in such a form that it is just beyond amazing. A gift blown out of glass must be a magnificent present to give especially when you have followed a workshop and created the design and have done the blowing and the shaping of glass yourself.

It is however easier to write it down then to do it, not just find the glassblowing studio for a workshop because there will be one in your area but searching for one is only just the first step in a long process till the final product.

There is also “fear” that your creation is not just as good as you want it to be and therefore not good enough as a present, well there is always a fall-back and that is the artist who has been blowing glass for years that can design and create your gift.

Glassblowing Gift

You will need to start thinking about a glassblowing gift well in advance no matter if you create it or a glassblowing artist which you even might become yourself especially if this glassblowing workshop can turn into a full scholarship.

There are other opportunities as well like for example a 20 to 40 minutes glass blowing class at the Corning Museum of Glass where they allow you to make your own glass and even children are allowed.

This glassblowing class should give you the experience telling you if you like to blow in a tube to shape glass or not and then it is an easy decision to contact an artist to create your design.

On the other hand, like many we are stubborn and rather like to learn it by doing it yourself an order a glassblowing kit and there are plenty available in the online and offline shops. But beware that you do not put yourself to risk and burn your house down.

Becoming a glassblowing artist is always possible, it might take years of dedication and a lot of broken glass but no worries because isn’t it true that broken glass brings luck.

Following a glassblowing workshop is a good way to create a sculpture to give to the one you love, it is personal, it is unique and you have learned a skill not many can say they have.

Glassblowing Artists

The art from glassblowing artisans is magnificent, the transformation from an idea to a final product can be so beautiful which sometimes is beyond imagination.

Searching for great examples you will find this great movie which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary short back in 1959 and can be found on Vimeo.

A piece of art designed by you, created by you using glassblowing techniques to make something special or in the case you do not have the skills have an artisan blow your design into glass.

Creating yourself would be absolutely terrific but do not underestimate the level of skills that are needed to become a really good glassblower.

It takes years of practice and is something you normally do not learn at school therefore following a glassblow workshop could be one of the steps to take.

The idea is to have a gift that you love but especially shows the emotion of loving someone which is “written” in the glass.

Glassblowing is Art

blue glass

Glassblowing is art, no matter what people say, the way glass is heated, re-heated and then shaped using different techniques and on top of that adding colours to make a product that you love.

This sounds as a great interesting idea to have a glass product designed by you, updated by the artisan or most likely completely designed by the artisan.

Give the artisan the freehand, they have the designer skills that many of us are just lacking.

Glassblowing History

Glassblowing was not “invented” in 1959, it dates back to the ancient Greeks although there are people say it goes as far back as ancient Syrian artisans somewhere in the 1st century BC along the coast of Syro-Palestinian.

A special remark is for Venetian Murano Glass which as you understand is from Venice. The reason that we call it now Murano Glass is that back in 1291 all Venetian Glassblowers had to move their furnaces to the Island Murano because of the fear of fire burning down the city with all the wooden buildings.

The history is great and is useful to understand how we got to the glassblowing as we have it today.

Glassblowing at Home

It is possible to start glassblowing at home but it would be better to follow a glassblowing class first before you set your house on fire.

Still, there are plenty of opportunities especially when you have enough space for your own workshop which might mitigate the just mentioned risk.

Learning the ropes of glass blowing from home just to make a gift and not to start a glass blowing career is probably too much.

Better would be to search online if there are glassblowers in your area who teach the skill of glassblower.

Glass Design

A design can be created by you as this is “just” on paper. You have your idea and draw that on a piece of paper which you can take with you to discuss your design with the glassblower artist.

They might make some changes but the end result would be fantastic and the perfect gift.

llensgraf glass

National Bubbly Day

You might not know it but the first Saturday in June is marked as the international bubbly day.

To celebrate this day with your best friend a bottle of delicious sparking wine would be very nice and then salute with glass blown by the glassblower artisan.

However, this might become too soon for you then another great day to use your own glass blown by a glassblower is the National Champagne Day which happen to be on the 30th of December in 2020.

This will give you enough time to create the design and have the champagne and glasses ready for a great party.

Engraved Personalised Shapes

So many different shapes to think about and here comes the designer in action. A good designer will design art a piece that is unique and has emotional value.

It is for sure not easy to think about a design that unique but at least you can give it a try and do not worry the artisan will be the perfect person to shape your design into something wonderful to give.

The design can be more than just a glass with your personal engraved text like “Love from ****” or anything you want. Or maybe no text at all but just the favourite colours of the receiver of the gift.

nanine doerle bottle glass art
nanine doerle bottle

Your Own Design is Priceless

yvonne mushroom art

Designing that set of glasses and have it ready for the day you want it to be ready for is something to be proud of.

Something you designed; you might even have followed the glassblowing classes by following workshops.

In any case the end result will be a great achievement.

Next Steps

When you really like the idea of following a glassblower workshop or have a piece of art in the form of your own designed glass then start by talking to glassblowers in your area.

Follow the lessons and have great fun. It might be even an interesting idea to go not just by yourself but with your friend.

I would love to hear and see what you have created therefore leave a message and I contact you.

If images of your design and the end result then I am more than happy to update this article and add your images to the article, crediting you because it is your design and you deserve it.

Leave your glassblowing story below and I will be in touch.

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