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The Power of Murano Glass

In the post Glassblowing Art as the perfect gift, I mentioned Murano Glass. A Murano glass gift idea would be really the best start to purchasing a unique piece of art created or better blown out of Murano glass.

Having a Champagne glass made from Murano glass is another Murano glass gift idea and would be great for National Bubble Bath day celebrated on the 8th of January, with all the bubbles you want while having a bath.

Or perhaps, if you are not that keen on bubbles in your bath, then think about National Bath Day, very similar but only bubbles in your Murano glass.

Murano sculpture
Murano sculpture

Of course, you can order Murano Glass and have it delivered but following a glassblowing workshop is just another Murano glass gift idea especially because Murano Glass only comes from Murano, near Venice in Italy, so in order to create a Murano glass sculpture you and your pal have to travel to Italy.

Murano Glass History

There is already so much written about the history of Murano and it keeps fascinating. Just imagine that you would have lived in ancient Venation or Murano times and although you can create a medieval fantasy, that is not the same as living in a period that was so much different than today.

When you go back in history then Venice was a major trade city between the east and the west and the interesting part is that Venice got many immigrants because they fled Constantinople which is now Istanbul during the siege and took all their knowledge on glass-making with them.

Point made that the art of glassmaking goes well back to 3,600 BCE in Mesopotamia and the immigrants took all their knowledge with them to Venice.

It is very interesting to read and important if you want to understand why Murano is famous as a glassblowers paradise but at Amoware we look more to the artisan that creates magnificent products using a skill that many of us just do not have and use that to have a gift made out of Murano Glass as the perfect way to make someone more than happy.

National Wine Day

A good way to celebrate a great day is on national wine day which is the 25th of May. The cheeky winemakers have also created the national drink wine day which is on the 18th of February.

The national wine day does not mention drinking but wine in a bottle needs to be poured into a glass to drink and what would be better than pouring wine in a Murano Wine Glass especially if that glass is designed by you and blown into a perfect wine glass by a Murano Glassblower artist?

Celebrate the national wine day or national wine drinking day with your best friend, the receiver of a great gift.

Murano Wine Glass

Numerous web shops are selling Murano or Venation Wine Glasses however the search for a Murano glass gift idea must end with a unique present.

murano wine glass
Murano wine glass

Especially when you look at the prices then it would be very interesting to fly to Italy, enjoy a vacation going to Venice and visit one of the glassblowers on Murano Island and have them design and make a special Murano wine glass.

Murano Champagne Glass

Worldwide we celebrate the national champagne day on the 31st of December and would it not be better to enjoy New Year’s Eve drinking champagne out of Murano glasses saying goodbye to the current year and saluting the new year.

Just have a look at these 24 karat gold set of 6 glasses then it would be just magnificent to celebrate New Year drinking champagne from a 24 karat gold Murano champagne glass.

murano wineglass
Image by Hannibal Height from Pixabay

National Drink Day

In case you were looking for another day than drinking wine or champagne then have a look at it shows a lot of beers. It might not be your first choice to drink beer from a luxury Murano Glass but you might think in having a whisky, brandy, rum, cognac, or any other drink where Murano glass would be the perfect pick over any other “ordinary” glass to enjoy a well-deserved drink on a special day.

Murano Sculpture

We are not all drinkers then a sculpture or a vase would be great and they look magnificent. There is no chance that you will be able to design and create a sculpture in only a few days when you do not have any experience in glassblowing.

Murano Glass Gift Idea - sculpture cat
Murano sculpture cat

The skill level needed to design and blow a Murano sculpture is only for the expert glassblowing artisan with exceptional Murano glassblowing skills. To see some examples, just have a look at this clear glass sculpture and you will be amazed by the beauty of these sculptures.

Murano Glassblowing Class

Have you ever thought about following a glassblowing class or workshop?

It is certainly possible in your area, just grab your phone and search for a glassblowing workshop near me and you will find many glassblowing artisans in your area.

I already wrote about this in my Glassblowing Art article but you will not find a Murano glassblowing class in your area, this is only possible in Murano just a boat ride out of Venice.

Murano Glass Gift Idea - bird
Murano bird

Murano Glass Gift Idea

Book yourself and your friend a trip to Murano, have a great vacation, follow a glassblowing workshop, and take that home as the ultimate Murano Glass gift.

It will be a vacation you never will forget and a drink out of the Murano glasses an enjoyable moment of a perfect day.

Gift for a National Day

If a birthday is too typical give Murano Glass on a special national day and link that to your love. I am also not thinking about Mother’s or Father’s day but perhaps there are other days that can be associated with the bond you have with your friend.

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