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Roses are Red for National Red Rose Day

Roses are beautiful flowers that come in many different colors. National Red Rose Day Gifts gives you an idea of what to give on this special day to celebrate the beauty of these flowers. If you’re looking for a fun way to show your love for someone, why not try one of these creative ideas?

The red rose is the symbol of love in modern times and to celebrate this symbol of love on National Red Rose Day is just fantastic. Enjoy a date out on the 12th of June in a rose garden or perhaps in your own garden full of roses.

The romance of red roses speaks for itself; we love to give a rose; we love national red rose day and this combination of giving a red rose on the national red rose day to the one we love is probably the best day in the year.

Creative National Red Rose Day Gifts

Glassblowing Art

In my article glassblowing art, I look at artisans designing and blowing a product that is so stunningly beautiful that you will fall in love with not just the creation but the craftmanship itself as well. Glassblower artists just are amazing, the shapes and creations they make are so stunning that you would like to be an artist yourself designing and blowing glass in shapes that symbolizes love from you to the world.

Roses in a Vase

Almost every rose given is placed in a vase with some water and hopefully, it lasts 2 weeks. A symbol of love that lasts 2 weeks shows that the gesture is more important than the rose itself. Unless you buy the Red Rose pretty often there will be weeks, if not months, that you do not express your love via a gift. It indeed should not become a habit of showing any uniqueness anymore and that is also something that we need to express. Still, a rose in a vase, especially when designed by an artisan is a great gift.

rose in a vase
roses in a vase

Rose in a Dome

On Amazon, you will find many roses in a dome and to be honest it is absolutely not unique. Maybe very beautiful but when bought from Amazon it shows a lack of imagination and just goes where the majority of the crowd goes.

Rose in a Dome
Rose in a Dome

Great for the “ordinary” rose in a dome but nothing special. But why pay massive prices when you can buy similar roses in a dome for a lot and I mean really a lot less.

Just jump over to for stunning roses in a dome showing prices with sometimes 80% discount which sounds great isn’t it? Just head over to Wish and check for yourself.

Endura Roses

I have to show Endura Roses because they are really unique by having the symbol of love as their main business. You can become a franchise partner if you are interested especially because they have unique arrangements in their portfolio.

DIY Preserve a Rose

The 2 weeks for a rose in a vase are really short but there are easy ways to preserve the rose “forever”. There are 2 ways to preserve a rose and that is via desiccant or air drying.

Air Drying

Tie the stems together and hang them upside down in a dark dry corner of your house. After about 2 weeks the roses are bone dry and you can place them in, for example, a terracotta pot and keep them “forever”.

Desiccant Drying

A little more work than drying roses using air. In this case, you will need silica gel crystals and an airtight container. Place the rose in the container and cover the rose with the silica gel crystals. Some people use a microwave but you also can place the container in a dry place for about 10 days after which the rose will be dry and can be placed in a dome. You will need to order a dome online and a piece of wood in which you drill a hole to place the stem.

Cut the stem with a pair of scissors so the rose does not touch the glass of the dome but is not too short otherwise your dome is way too big for the rose. Drill a small hole in the wood that is big enough for the stem but not too big. The stem must just fit and with some glue, it will stay therefore a long time to come. There are many videos on YouTube showing how to do that. But if you are not really in DIY but just want to have a flower that “lasts” forever then think about a red rose flower in Murano glass.

How to Dry and Preserve Flowers

Red Rose Flower in Murano Glass

A stunning beautiful red rose flower in Murano glass that will surprise every receiver of this gift. Handcrafted by Murano glassblowers to absolute perfection. The desert rose is another example of stunning beautiful Murano glassblowers craftsmanship which brings the symbol of love to any room expressing exactly what your heart says.

desert rose glass red pastel flower
desert rose glass red pastel flower
Murano Rose
Murano Rose

Share National Red Rose Day Gifts

Roses for National Red Rose Day

So many different red rose options to give on red rose day and I wonder which one you liked best or have another option I have not mentioned here. Just leave a comment and let me know what you are going to do on the 12th of June.

National Days

National Red Rose Day is a fantastic way to celebrate the symbol of love. What could be more romantic than a stroll through a rose garden full of beautiful red roses? Or perhaps you could surprise your loved one with a dozen red roses, the perfect gift for this special day.

If you’re not lucky enough to have your own rose garden, don’t worry, there are plenty of public gardens across the country that will be open to visitors on National Red Rose Day.

But if National Red Rose Day is not your day to give then perhaps look at other National Days that would be great fun to show your love, your appreciation, or just your kindness to others.

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