National Days in January

If you’re like me, then you love any excuse to celebrate and have a good time.

There’s something about January that just feels festive. Maybe it’s the chilly weather, well when you live in the northern hemisphere that is, that makes us all want to huddle around a warm fire, or maybe it’s the excitement of a new year that has us all feeling optimistic.

Yes, January is one of my favorite months – there are so many National Days to get excited about! From National Popcorn Day to National Puzzle Day, there’s no shortage of fun things to do.

So this January, make sure to mark these special days on your calendar and enjoy the festivities.

Whether you’re shopping for gifts, throwing a party, or just taking some time to relax and have some fun, these celebrations are definitely worth checking out.

In any case, there are plenty of fun national days in January to help get you into the spirit!

January is full of fun and weird national and international days. If you’re looking for a unique gift, or want to know what to do on a specific day, look no further!

National Days in January

January 1

Apple Gifting Day

Apple Gifting Day is a day when you give the gift of an apple. It is a special day to celebrate with your family and friends. Apples are a delicious and healthy snack, and they make a great gift for any occasion. On Apple Gifting Day, be sure to enjoy some delicious apples with your loved ones!

Commitment Day

In America, we have a thing called Commitment Day, where we celebrate all of our commitments – to our families, to our loved ones, and to ourselves. It’s a time to reflect on all the things we’ve pledged to do in the coming year and resolve to follow through with them. And what could be more fitting than gifting someone you love a token of your commitment? Here are some ideas for gifts that show your dedication and support.

A day to celebrate the amazing work of copyright lawyers across the country. Copyright law is so important, and it’s really something to be proud of. I’m sure all the hard work that goes into protecting people’s intellectual property pays off every day! So happy Copyright Law Day, everyone! Let’s enjoy today by shopping for some new copyrighted works to add to our collections!

Ellis Island Day

Looking for something fun to do on a sunny day in NYC? Ellis Island is the perfect place to go! You can explore the museum, learn about the history of the island, and take a ferry ride around Lower Manhattan. Plus, it’s free to visit! So pack your sunscreen and head over to Ellis Island today. You won’t regret it.

Euro Day

Euro Day is an unofficial holiday that takes place every year on the 1st of January. It’s a day when people from all over Europe come together to celebrate their culture and heritage. Whether you’re Irish, Italian, or Spanish, Euro Day is a chance to show off your country’s best traditions and food! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Euro Day celebration, keep reading. We’ve got a few ideas for you.

Global Family Day

This is a day to celebrate all of the awesome families out there. Whether you are related by blood or by choice, family is everything. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is special in its own way. So on Global Family Day, take some time to appreciate your loved ones. Spend quality time together and have some fun! There are so many great ways to enjoy this special day – so get creative and happy celebrating Global Family Day!

National Bloody Mary Day

January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day, a time to raise a glass of spicy tomato goodness in honor of all the good things that happened in the past year and all the great things that will happen in the coming one. Whether you’re relaxing at home or out at your favorite bar, make sure to enjoy this drinkable holiday! Cheers!

National First-Foot Day

Happy National First-Foot Day! If you’re not familiar with this holiday, it’s a Scottish tradition that celebrates the arrival of the first person to enter your home in the new year. It’s a festive occasion, and many families celebrate by exchanging gifts or enjoying a special meal together. If you’re looking for some gift ideas for your loved ones this National First-Foot Day, look no further! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite items that would make perfect presents.

National Hangover Day

National Hangover day is the best day of the year! It’s a time to forget all your troubles and just enjoy yourself. Whether you’re celebrating by staying in your pyjamas all day or going out and partying with your friends, make sure to have some fun. And don’t forget to eat lots of food, because that always helps make hangovers better.

New Year’s Dishonor List Day

Are you feeling the post-holiday blues? You’re not alone. January is a tough month for many people. The decorations are put away, the parties are over, and we’re stuck with the reality of another year ahead. But don’t worry – we’ve got just the thing to help cheer you up. It’s time for New Year’s Dishonor List Day! This is the day when we get to share all of the things that we did wrong over the past year. Ready to hear all about my failures? Well, here goes…

New Year’s Day

Are you looking for some new and exciting gift ideas for the New Year? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the best gifts that you can give to your friends and family. So whether you are looking for something fun and festive or something more practical, we have got you covered. So read on to discover some amazing gift ideas that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Happy New Year!

Polar Bear Plunge Day

Are you looking for a festive way to celebrate the holidays? Why not take part in polar bear plunge day! This fun tradition is a great way to get into the spirit of the season and enjoy some quality time with family and friends. So gather up your loved ones and get ready to take a dip in the coldest water you can find!

Public Domain Day

Believe it or not, there’s a special day set aside each year to celebrate free content. January 1 is Public Domain Day, an international event that marks the expiration of copyrights on works created by individuals who have died more than 50 years ago. This means that anyone can use these works without asking for permission – so long as they’re not selling them for a profit. So what does this mean for you? Plenty of opportunities to find unique gifts and holiday decorations! Head to your local library or online archives to explore some of history’s most fascinating public domain content. Who knows – you might just find the perfect thing for your loved ones!

Rose Bowl Game 

The Rose Bowl Game is a college football bowl game played annually since 1902, with the exception of 1904 and 1918. It was traditionally played on New Year’s Day until January 1, 2002. Since then, it has been scheduled for the afternoon of January 1 excluding 2006, when it was played at night for the first time. The Rose Bowl Game is one of the most prestigious American football contests, emblematic of the classic matchup between east and west coast universities. The Pasadena-based contest pits the champion from the Pacific-12 Conference against the Big Ten Conference champion in an annual battle for gridiron supremacy. Often drawing crowds in excess of 100,000 spectators, this event is one that no serious fan should miss!

Solemnity of Mary

It’s that time of year again! The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and families are getting together to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than by honoring the mother of Jesus Christ? This year, give your loved ones a special gift that celebrates the Solemnity of Mary. Check out these ideas for gifts that will show your family how much you love them.

Triumph of the Revolution

January 1st is a day that many families celebrate in the United States. It’s often considered a “holiday” of sorts, even though it’s not an official federal holiday. Most people enjoy the day because it signifies the start of a new year—a time for optimism and new beginnings. But do you know what January 1st is really celebrated for? In many other countries, it’s known as Liberation Day. And this year, it marks an especially momentous occasion: the 100th anniversary of Cuba’s socialist revolution! So if you’re looking for an interesting international celebration to mark on your calendar, look no further than January 1st. Here in Cuba, people will be gathering in parks and squares across the island to commemorate this historic event.

Universal Hour of Peace

Today, countries invest in developing sophisticated and lethal weapons that can obliterate entire cities. But there’s a way to stop this – it just takes one simple hour-long ritual where everyone across the globe bows their heads together at exactly 12 pm on January 1st!

World Day of Peace

In some parts of the world, peace is a reality. In others, it seems like a far-off dream. Today is World Day of Peace, a day meant to inspire people all over the globe to do their part in making peace a reality. Whether that means volunteering at a homeless shelter or simply smiling at strangers, every act of kindness counts. So today, let’s all pledge to make peace one of our top priorities. It may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Happy World Day of Peace!

Z Day

The letter Z is more than just an unimportant obstruction in the alphabet. Today, on January 1st of each year since 300 Bunning BC ( BEFORE CLEVER!), it’s been replaced by another letters name starting with ‘z’. What does this mean? Well according to mythological legend…

The original story says that Zeus was angry at Prometheus for stealing his fire and turned him into a bird so strong he could not be captured again – but then Apollo stepped up claiming divine honors due any god who saved humanity from ruination during times when weapons were useless against them?! This led some people believe there really isn’t much difference between being born under either circumstance: locked away.

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January 10

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 

Today is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, so it’s the perfect time to start saving money on your energy bills. There are lots of simple ways to reduce your energy usage, and in turn, lower your monthly expenses. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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