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5 Great Gift Ideas for International Day of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most important things in life. It’s what helps us through good times and bad, and it’s what keeps us going when we need a shoulder to cry on. That’s why July 30th is celebrated as International Day of Friendship – to remind us all how important our friends are!

If you’re looking for some great gift ideas for your friend, look no further! Here are five ideas that will show your friend just how much you care.

A recent study found that people were 15 percent more likely to be happy themselves when they spent time with a happy friend. True friends are people you can rely on when you need them. They treat you with respect. Being around them makes you feel good, and they have your best interest at heart. This article is all about celebrating friendships and the friends in our lives.

5 Great Gift Ideas for International Day of Friendship

Our story about the International Day of Friendship

It felt so good to be able to shake off the responsibilities, to be Charlotte, the girl, the woman, the friend; and not Charlotte, the mom, the wife, the daughter, or the employee.

Being an adult was tough. You had so many responsibilities: your workplace, your parents, your spouse, and your children. And when you had young children, one of them with special needs, you sometimes felt overwhelmed, and you’d often wonder if you could just shrug off your responsibilities, be answerable to no other person but yourself.

Here, this night, at this pub, Charlotte had just that opportunity.

She sat at the bar, nursing her mug of beer. There was a plate of peanuts and another of crisps on the table in front of her, and she took a little bit of both. The peanut was salty, the crisps sweet and sour, and she liked the combination of both in her mouth.

“Being your weird self, I see!” Ashley said as she came in. Ashley was, as usual breathless, like she had been running a mile. Her hair was windblown, her face flushed from the evening wind. She smelled like baby wipes.

This brought a smile to Charlotte’s lips. Even when Ashley was being her independent self, the smell of home still clung to her. This was one of the reasons they had clicked so well as friends when they met three years ago.

Both of them were family-oriented, and both had autistic sons who demanded a massive chunk of their time and hearts. Then, they had gotten pregnant within months of each other. Ashley’s baby girl was now a year old and Charlotte’s second son was ten months old.

Their friendship was relatively new, compared to several other friendships in Charlotte’s life, but their friendship was deep, and their souls gelled and melded in ways she couldn’t explain.

“Yes,” Charlotte smiled and pulled out a bar stool for Ashley, “Being my weird self, eating crisps and peanuts, and knowing you are about to do the same just makes me happy.”

It was only in the last year that both women had started taking time away from all their responsibilities at least once a month to be by themselves, cultivate their friendship, relax and have a good time. They didn’t always come to the pub.

Sometimes, they sat on the sofa and watched sappy love movies. Sometimes, they went to the pool. And sometimes, they just sat and talked. After the second month, they wondered why they had not done this in forever because it gave them the space to be themselves. It allowed them to get in touch with the carefree young girls they had once been. It rejuvenated them for all that was ahead of them.

Since they started the tradition, Charlotte had taught Ashley to love peanuts and crisps and cold foaming beer. The pub attendant slid a mug of beer towards Ashley now.

There was a football match on, and even though the pub was only half full, it was loud and boisterous because of the football match. Most Britons were football fanatics, and it had acquired almost a religion-like status in the country.

Charlotte didn’t like football much, but Ashley was absolutely nuts about it. For the next couple of minutes, Ashley’s attention was riveted on the TV screen, until Charlotte nudged her.

“Is that not an old match? You’re watching it like you don’t know the outcome already.”

“Doesn’t make it any less exciting, does it?” Ashley shot back.

“Yes, it does. I don’t even understand what the appeal is in the first place.”

Ashley shot out her tongue at Charlotte and returned to her football match. Charlotte brought out her phone and caught up on some social media responses she had been meaning to for a while. She actually enjoyed Ashley’s enthusiasm because anything that made her friend happy made her happy as well.

She would do anything for Ashley; she had come to realize. She loved her in an unexplainable way. Not like family, because she had not been able to choose her family, but she had certainly chosen Ashley.

Ashley provided support during the bad times, and she helped celebrate the good times. She was an ear who listened, who didn’t offer judgment, who accepted and embraced her, warts and all. Ashley made her feel useful and helped her increase her sense of belonging and purpose. Ashley made her happy, period.

“Going all sappy again, are you?” Ashley turned away from the TV screen and addressed Charlotte.

One great thing about Ashley was that she was very intuitive. Sometimes, she just seemed to know what Charlotte was feeling, even without her verbalizing it.

“Says who?”

“Say I.” Ashley responded and placed her palm in Charlotte’s, “You know I know love you, right?”

“Yes, I know that. Now, finish watching that nonsense you are watching, and let’s go get something to eat before we call it a night.”

“Best friends, right?”

“Best friends, yes.”

As Ashley went back to watching the football game and Charlotte to her phone, all felt right and perfect with the world. Friends like Ashley made the world a better place, made you know your place in the world, and gave you the strength to fill it with the fullness of your light.

That was what friends did.

Celebrating International Day of Friendship

The United Nations General Assembly designated July 30 as the International Day of Friendship. The idea is for us to take a step back and to be truly grateful for all the friends in our lives.

In its promotion of unity, happiness, and peace, the U.N., encourages community groups, governments, and other organizations to organize events and activities that celebrate the friendships that we keep.

Most of these activities focus on finding comfort in friendships that feel like home. Some also focus on bridging understanding and consensus, and reconciliation.

The first International Day of Friendship was celebrated in 2011 and it continues annually on the 30th of July.


We live in a really tough world, and it is very easy to forget that it is still good in our world. We have all had our fair share of cultural discord, discrimination, mistreatment, lack of trust, and miscommunications.

But we have also had our fair share of harmony, understanding, good treatment, trust, and great communication. So, why not turn the focus every now and then on the good that is in the world?

International Day of Friendship reminds us to do just that. It reminds us that we can find common ground irrespective of our physical appearances, genders, political affiliations, or difference of opinions.

How you can celebrate the International Day of Friendship

You can celebrate the friends in your life in simple but meaningful ways. Grab a coffee together. Go together to a concert. Take a shopping trip. Watch a soccer game together. Cook dinner together and eat it on the patio.

Whatever you do, do it together.

And for this year’s international day of friendship, you might want to consider getting them a gift that celebrates your unique friendship.

5 Great Gift Ideas for International Day of Friendship

Color-changing Irish Claddagh Ring with Cubic Zirconia Heart

Claddagh rings first made their appearance in the 17th century, and their meaning has remained the same since then. Claddagh rings are not just a piece of Celtic jewelry. There is a great significance to wearing one of these rings.

The Claddagh ring represents love, loyalty, and friendship. History has it that a young Irishman who was kidnapped by Mediterranean pirates and sold into slavery in the 17th century trained as a goldsmith during his enslavement. After he was released, he returned to Ireland with the first Claddagh ring, which he gave to his fiancé, who had waited 14 faithful years for his return. This is why the Claddagh ring is synonymous with loyalty.

This particular color-changing Irish Claddagh Ring with Cubic Zirconia Heart is a stunning, solid sterling silver ring. It is plated in 24K gold with a cubic zirconia heart at the center and will be a great reminder to your friend just how much you cherish them.

Why we love it: This Claddagh ring features joined hands (for friendship), a heart (for love), and a crown (for loyalty). It is a beautiful work of art with great symbolism.

Caroline’s Jewelry with a Past

This is a stunning yellow gold bar brooch with a Georgian-era topaz centerpiece. It has a round, faceted, and foiled pink imperial topaz, with 11 natural pearls surrounding the topaz. This is an antique piece of jewelry from the Victorian era, but it has been lovingly restored to its original shine.

Topaz is a symbol of friendship, representing fidelity, which is one of the things that a strong friendship requires. In Georgian jewelry, the use of topaz also represents sentimentality and romanticism.

Classic Georgian Foiled Topaz Bar Brooch


Length: 2-1/4″

Colour: Gold, Pink, and White

Material: 14k Yellow Gold

Type: Antique

Style: Georgian

Why we love it: Who doesn’t love beautiful jewelry? And who doesn’t love jewelry with a great back story?

A Reproduction of Claude Monet’s Chrysanthemums 1882

Claude Monet is accepted universally as the father of the Impressionist Movement. A French man in the 19th century, Monet’s oil paintings have characteristic short visible brushstrokes. As a prolific artist, it is said that he produced close to 2500 paintings in his lifetime.

One of his more famous paintings is titled Chrysanthemums 1882 and depicts his love for gardening. As an avid gardener himself, Monet garnered commercial and critical success with his floral still lifes. Chrysanthemums 1882 was first exhibited at the Galerie Durand-Ruel in Paris in 1883.

Monet's oil painting Chrysanthemums 1882

This beautiful oil painting reproduction features a bouquet of Chrysanthemums, and it is breath-taking in its simplicity. As Chrysanthemums are a symbol of friendship, this is a most ideal gift for an art-loving friend.

Why we love it: We love art, and every opportunity to gift someone a piece of art, in our opinion, is always welcome.

African Amethyst Square Twine Ring

This is a simple twine ring with an African amethyst gemstone set in the middle as the highlight. This special gift is in a vintage-style sterling silver setting.

We are immediately drawn to this gift because African amethyst is a deep purple gemstone that has long been a symbol both of friendship and truth. Amethyst also represents serenity, understanding, trust, and grace.

African amethyst gemstone

Why we love it: This is an exquisitely cut piece of jewelry, perfect for any occasion, even more, perfect to celebrate the International Day of Friendship.

Yellow Rose Soft Sherpa Blanket

This Sherpa fleece blanket is perfect for cold nights and makes a most appropriate International Day of Friendship gift because of the large yellow rose that it features.

Unlike white, pink, or red roses, which represent romantic or love, yellow roses are all about friendship. Yellow roses denote straightforward, uncomplicated love.

The yellow rose soft Sherpa blanket is available in 3 different sizes, so you have a choice. The material is 100% polyester printed mink with an ultra-soft Sherpa backing.

Yellow Rose Soft Sherpa Blanket
Yellow Rose Soft Sherpa Blanket

To represent that friendship is special; this blanket is hand sewn at the edges and has a clean finish. What’s more, the vibrant color of the yellow rose will remind you and your friend of sunlight and warmth and good times.

Why we love it: We love that a Sherpa blanket is thicker than other fleece blankets with none of the heaviness of wool. This makes it perfect for winters and rainy days, yet so easy to maintain. We also love the symbolism of this particular gift.

Celebrate International Day of Friendship every Day

We encourage that you don’t wait until July 30 before reaching out to that special friend in your life. Give them a call today. Go visit them this weekend. Put them in your prayers. And when the International Day of Friendship comes around, remember to tell them just how special they are to you, with or without a gift.


How long has the International Day of Friendship been celebrated?

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed July 30 as the official International Day of Friendship in 2011.

Why was the International Day of Friendship created?

The day was created to encourage peace and friendship between individuals, countries, religions, and cultures.

How can I celebrate the International Day of Friendship?

There are many ways you can celebrate the day. You could reach out to old friends and reminisce about old times. You could make new friends by engaging in activities in your local community. You could also volunteer your time to help others. Another way to celebrate is by sending a gift to a friend, either near or far. Whatever you do, make sure it is something that will bring a smile to your face and to the faces of those around you.

What is the symbol of friendship?

The yellow rose is considered the official symbol of friendship.

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