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Vitamin C Day



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Apr 04 2025

National Vitamin C Day

It’s National Vitamin C Day, and that means it’s time to stock up on your favorite citrus fruits! Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for keeping our immune system functioning properly. It’s also important for collagen production, which helps keep our skin looking young and healthy.

Luckily, vitamin C is found in many delicious fruits and vegetables, so there’s no excuse not to get your daily dose! Here are some of our favorite vitamin C-packed recipes to help you celebrate National Vitamin C Day.

History of National Vitamin C Day

We all know vitamin C has several health benefits. It helps to boost the immune system, fight off colds and flu, and is even good for the skin. However, it was only recently that National Vitamin C Day came into existence. Back in 2019, SkinCeuticals, a skincare line company created National Vitamin C Day.

Drink this on national vitamin C day

The aim of this company was to generate awareness around vitamin C. It also celebrated a research breakthrough in skin care, where Clinical Skin Care found out how antioxidants are delivered effectively onto the surface layer – or epidermis- by using specific parameters that help protect against 8 signs of aging such as wrinkles and uneven texture. The findings proved beyond any doubt what we already knew; topical application with high concentrations can be very beneficial for your face!

Vitamin C is Healthy

Health experts have known for centuries that citrus fruits are an effective way to prevent scurvy, a debilitating disease that claimed the lives of millions from 1500-1800. In fact, vitamin C isn’t new as it was touted in the 1970s by double Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling who encouraged people to take super doses each day—12 – 24 oranges!

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that helps the body stay healthy and strong. It’s responsible for producing collagen, which keeps us looking young by providing structural support throughout our connective tissues like skin or bone cells! scientists recommend getting 90 mg every day if you’re a man over 19 years old but only 75 milligrams per female counterpart because there are some studies saying too much intake can be bad on joints with high pain tolerance levels

Celebrate National Vitamin C Day

April 4th is Vitamin C Day, and there are lots of ways to celebrate! You can start by eating foods that are rich in vitamin C, like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tomatoes, and broccoli. You can also drink orange juice or lemonade, or make a vitamin C smoothie. If you want to get creative, you can make homemade vitamin C-infused water or tea. And don’t forget to take your daily vitamin C supplement!

What to give my friend for National Vitamin C Day?

You might think of giving your friend a box of oranges but that’s quite a cliche. Instead, how about making them a healthy fruit smoothie using vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies? You could even add a little extra something like honey, chia seeds, or yogurt to make it even more delicious and nutritious. Or, you could bake them a citrus-themed cake or cupcakes using lemon, lime, or orange zest.

Just a list of products to give to your friend on national vitamin C Day:

  • A box of oranges
  • A bag of grapefruits
  • A bottle of orange juice
  • A bottle of lemonade
  • A vitamin C supplement
  • A jar of honey
  • A bag of chia seeds
  • A tub of yogurt
  • A cake or cupcake made with lemon, lime, or orange zest
  • A fruit smoothie made with vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables
  • A healthy salad made with grapefruit, oranges, and broccoli
  • A bowl of soup made with tomatoes and carrots
  • A plate of roasted sweet potatoes
  • A platter of raw veggies with a dipping sauce made from orange juice and yogurt
  • A mug of hot tea with lemon
  • A glass of sparkling water with a slice of lime
  • A cocktail made with grapefruit juice, vodka, and soda water
  • A mocktail made with orange juice, sparkling water, and a dash of grenadine syrup.

Obviously, there are many more products to think of, but this should give you a good start! And don’t forget, the best way to celebrate National Vitamin C Day is to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin C in your diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and take a supplement if needed. Your body will thank you!

FAQs about Vitamin C

What are the benefits of vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that has numerous health benefits. It helps to boost the immune system, increase collagen production, and protect against free radical damage. Vitamin C is also necessary for wound healing and can help to reduce the severity of colds and flu.

How much vitamin C do I need?

The recommended daily allowance for vitamin C is 75-90 mg for adults. However, some health experts recommend taking a higher dose of up to 2000 mg per day. Speak to your healthcare provider to determine the right dosage for you.

What are the best food sources of vitamin C?

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, kale, and spinach are all excellent sources of vitamin C. You can also find vitamin C in many supplements.

Can I take too much vitamin C?

Yes, it is possible to take too much vitamin C. Taking large doses of vitamin C can cause gastrointestinal upset, including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. High doses of vitamin C can also lead to kidney stones. It’s important to speak to your healthcare provider before taking any supplements, including vitamin C.

What are the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency?

Vitamin C deficiency can cause a condition called scurvy, which is characterized by fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, and easy bruising. If you think you might be deficient in vitamin C, speak to your healthcare provider.

How can I get more vitamin C in my diet?

The best way to get more vitamin C is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C. You can also take a supplement if needed.

What are the best vitamin C supplements?

There are many different vitamin C supplements on the market. Speak to your healthcare provider to determine which one is right for you.

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