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National Ice Cream Day

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Jul 16 2023


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National Ice Cream Day

We now observe National Ice Cream Day every third Sunday in July, which falls on July 17 this year (2022), thanks to President Reagan. Reagan wants to honor a treat that more than 90% of Americans take pleasure in. He proclaimed an ice cream day in 1984, which inadvertently exalted the American dairy industry. In fact, 23 gallons of this frozen treat are consumed annually in the United States, which is still the most in the world.

National Ice Cream Day


Without a question, the best dessert ever invented by man is ice cream. It is ideal at any time of year since it is rich and creamy, full of summer flavors despite being created with cold ingredients like winter. Ice cream can be consumed as a scoop by itself, or it can be used to fill whole cakes or sandwiches. The delightful taste of ice cream and all its variants are honored on National Ice Cream Day.

Ice cream dates back to the early first-time milk and ice met and fell in love, which was a very long time ago. It has been produced over the years in every possible flavor, from the mild and popular vanilla to the unique crab ice cream flavor. That is indeed accurate, ice cream is so marvelously adaptable that you can basically flavor it in any way you want.

Unusual ice cream varieties are also available nowadays, such as those manufactured instantaneously with liquid nitrogen or those served in individually frozen beads. On National Ice Cream Day, we should be thankful for all the delights the world has produced. You are standing in the frozen food aisle, unable to decide what to buy or thinking of creative ways to commemorate this wonderful day? Then stop your search. It is time to get inspired.

History Of National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day exists thanks to President Reagan. He decided to proclaim an official day for ice cream because he wanted to honor the dessert that more than 90% of Americans adore. It was in 1984. This led to the American dairy sector being celebrated, so it probably won’t come as a surprise to you to find that Americans consume the most ice cream per year of any country in the world.

The brain acts like a fervent devotee when it desires ice cream. Reagan enjoyed ice cream so well that he even instituted an Ice Cream Month. He described it as a delicious cuisine that was healthy and enjoyed by the majority of Americans. And ice cream is loved worldwide, not only in the United States. In the whole world, people eat desserts like these.

In addition, Reagan declared July to be National Ice Cream Month, calling it “a nutritious and healthful meal loved by almost ninety percent of the population in the United States.” Since then, the holiday has spurred desires all over the world and is customarily observed annually. 

The Importance Of National Ice Cream Day

It Makes Us Happy

Ice cream makes us joyful, albeit that may seem a bit apparent. Ask some of the neuroscientists at the English University of Sussex if you need further evidence. In one study, the researchers discovered that eating vanilla ice cream stimulates the orbitofrontal cortex in the brain. Simply put, when we eat ice cream, our brain’s gratification center activates. The report is excellent and the science is amazing.

We are constantly seeking excuses to indulge in sweets, and now that summer has arrived, what could be better than a frozen treat? We have the ideal excuse to indulge in as much ice cream as we want over this holiday. We should also remember that our hearts have many wishes.

We Are Compelled Out Of Our Comfort Zone By It

We still get the same taste of ice cream when we treat it like a rare treat. Since we are unsure of when we will get ice cream again, we stick with what we know. Nevertheless, we don’t have to be cautious when we have the chance to consume it every day. We would like to test flavors like taro and Thai tea, so cookies and cream come out.

It Serves As A Starting Point For Other Treats

Ice cream’s most appealing feature is how many wonderful desserts it can be topped with. Chocolate ice cream and brownies? Please, yes! How about some vanilla pie? Put it all on us. If it involves ice cream, it is acceptable to indulge in a lot of sweets this year.

ice cream banana strawberry

National Ice Cream Day Traditions

Organizing An Ice Cream Gathering

Adding an ice cream bar to the summer grill the next time makes more sense. People can host a potluck-style gathering by providing a variety of ice cream flavors and inviting their friends to bring their preferred toppings. Even if you aren’t the life of the party, your treat definitely will be, and that’s what matters.

People Test As Many Ice Cream Flavors As They Can

During this period people gather around to try different flavors of the ice cream. We encourage you to attempt at least 10, but you are free to choose your own number and assess your performance. With their friends and families, they come together to enjoy different flavors of the ice cream.

People Try To Produce Their Special Flavors

People find a recipe they can modify to create their own ice cream flavor to honor everyone’s favorite day. They can use a recipe for vanilla ice cream and add their own toppings, or they may wing it by throwing items into a pan. During this period, people who have ice cream makers see it as their chance to shine. If not, there are lots of recipes they may prepare without any tools.

Other Ice Cream Days

There are more national days where Ice Cream is the main ingredient.
National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day is celebrated annually on the 1st of July and with so many different ice cream recipes your flavor is absolutely somewhere to find. Just start searching and perhaps experiencing with your own ice cream maker.
National Coffee and Ice Cream day is celebrated on the 6th of September. Coffee and Ice cream is the perfect combination.


You may not hear the ice cream truck roll through your neighborhood every day with its catchy jingle.  However, there is another National Ice Cream Day in July. Even your favorite ice cream shop could be seasonally closed. Nevertheless, it is still a perfectly valid excuse to purchase a pint or three of the good stuff to enjoy with your loved ones.


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