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Jan 01 2025


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National Bloody Mary Day

Happy 1st of January, National Bloody Mary Day! It is the perfect day to celebrate if you’re a fan of this delicious and refreshing cocktail, especially after New Year’s Eve.

Do you still have a hangover? Well, they say that a Blood Mary helps.

Whether this is true or not, a bloody mary with vodka or gin, garnished with celery or olives, is a great way to test it out and remember there’s no wrong way to enjoy this beloved drink.

So raise a glass and cheers to National Bloody Mary Day! Salud!

What is a bloody mary mix and what ingredients are in it?

A classic Bloody Mary is a popular brunch cocktail that combines savory tomato juice with vodka and other spices for a delicious salty and spicy drink. The mix of ingredients that typically goes into a Bloody Mary varies from place to place and person to person, but some essential elements are necessary to create the classic flavor.

The most important part is the tomato juice, which gives the drink its famous crimson hue. Next comes Worcestershire sauce, which adds balance with notes of anchovy and garlic; Tabasco sauce adds some heat; horseradish and celery salt give it an extra kick; while a top-off of vodka can be used to loosen up the mix.

For those looking to add their twist to the classic Bloody Mary, lemon juice, lime juice, pickle brine, black pepper, chili powder, cumin and a pinch of sugar are all great extras that help give your own homemade Bloody Mary Mix even more depth of flavor.

Something about this magical combination makes it both tasty and thirst-quenching – perfect for any occasion!

So why not whip up your version this weekend and be ready for the 1st of January when we celebrate National Blood Mary Day?

A brief history of the bloody mary including when it was created and who created it

The bloody mary is a beverage that spans generations, with its story deeply rooted in history.

According to legend, the drink was first created in 1921 at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris by an American ex-patriot named Fernand Petiot.

The original creation combined equal parts of tomato juice and vodka, although it also included pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and lemon juice for flavor.

This version of the draft quickly gained popularity, so much so that Petiot moved back to New York where he began selling his secret recipe as the ‘Red Hammer’ at the St Regis Hotel’s King Cole Bar.

He later renamed the drink, Bloody Mary, before eventually giving his recipe to the public in 1934.

Since then, different variations on the classic have been created worldwide – including a spicy version with Tabasco sauce aptly named ‘Spicy Mary’.

This popular concoction is here to stay! With a fascinating backstory and complex flavor profile, it’s no wonder why bartenders and guests enjoy this timeless beverage today.

Whether you’re having one after a meal or before brunch on a Sunday morning – you know every sip will be packed with history! ​​​​​​

How to make a perfect bloody mary according to expert bartenders 

Crafting the perfect bloody mary is no easy feat. For many years, the bloody mary has been a popular brunch cocktail but the key to the perfect bloody mary lies in the details.

According to expert bartenders, vodka is generally the spirit of choice for a classic version. The preferred type of vodka can be changed depending on your preference; some suggest using a potato or rye vodka as anything extra-filtered can strip away flavor while leaving behind an alcohol burn.

When it comes to tomato juice, there’s no need to purchase anything too sophisticated. Just make sure that it is acidic and not too sweet or spicy.

A savvy way to give your drink some tangy complexity is by adding a splash of pickle juice or Worcestershire sauce before stirring it with salt, pepper, and hints of Tabasco and horseradish.

Finally, feel free to get creative with ingredients like celery salt and black pepper rimmed glasses, lemon wedges, and lime wheels as garnishes, and even suggested fruit-infused infused vodkas for something truly unique! If you follow these steps carefully, you’re sure to whip up a perfect bloody mary in no time!

The best bars in America to get a Bloody Mary according to travel bloggers

Travel bloggers have voted, and the best bars in America to get a tasty Bloody Mary have been revealed. What do these bars all have in common? Each serves up exceptional drinks with inventive twists sure to please discerning palates.

The popular bar Joe Squared in Baltimore, for example, tops their signature bloody marys with a deep-fried jalapeno and bacon.

Meanwhile, bartenders at Redux brunches craft unique flavors like Trifecta Tommy which combines three vodkas, celery liqueur, scorpion pepper puree, and tobacco bitters into one kickin’ cocktail.

In San Francisco, Lucky 13 delivers an eye-popping concoction topped off with a full slider–yes, burger and all!

For those searching for something more exotic and yet familiar at the same time, Tertulia in NYC adds an unexpected (but utterly delicious) touch of olive powder to their recipe

It’s easy to see why these bars are favorites amongst travel bloggers–in addition to experimenting with tastes, each of them also offers unforgettable hospitality that truly sets them apart from the rest!

So next time you’re planning a trip across America don’t miss the opportunity to stop by one of these fantastic watering holes and raise a glass or two in celebration of our country’s finest Blood Mary varieties!

Recipes for different variations of the Bloody Mary including a vegan option

The Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail with many variations, so why settle for just one? We know there are many recipes for all kinds of takes on the beloved beverage.

Spice up your brunch menu and make a traditional, spicy Bloody Mary that packs tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce along with hot sauce and horseradish.

But what about a lighter option?

You can make an Easy Breezy Southern Style Bloody Mary by adding vodka to orange juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

And if you’re looking for an interesting twist on the classic drink, try mixing vodka, roasted garlic-infused olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and fresh tomato or vegetable broth – you have yourself a scrumptious vegan Garilicious Bloody Mary!

Whatever variation you like best, there’s plenty of reason to enjoy this mouth-watering take on the traditional favorite.​

Fun facts about the Bloody Mary that you probably didn’t know

Of all the classic cocktails, the Bloody Mary is one of the most well-known and beloved drinks. What many people don’t know, however, is that there’s more to the savory drink than meets the eye! Here are some exciting facts about this iconic drink – you’re sure to be surprised.

For starters, it’s believed that the first ever ‘Bloody Mary’ was created almost a century ago in Paris, France in 1921.

The original recipe also included a dash of absinthe – an opaque green alcoholic drink made from wormwood – which added just a hint of herbal flavor to the already complex mix.

Another interesting fact about the Bloody Mary is that its popularity skyrocketed during Prohibition thanks in part to Tommy Dewar’s advertising efforts for his tomato juice brand.

Finally, spirits enthusiasts enjoy testing different variations of this classic beverage -including Cajun Bloody Marys with spicy notes and Skinny Bloody Marys with low-calorie alcohol substitutions.

It’s no wonder that this infinitely versatile concoction has endured as one of our timeless cocktails!

How to celebrate National Bloody Mary Day?

National Bloody Mary Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy the classic cocktail in all its glory. To celebrate, gather your favorite friends and family members for a special brunch – it’s the perfect time for catching up over delicious eats.

Then, craft a signature set of Bloody Marys based on everyone’s individual taste preferences. You can easily customize the beverage with a variety of garnishes, such as pickles, olives, celery stalks, and even bacon.

For added fun, turn this special occasion into an exciting competition by allowing everyone to come up with their own Bloody Mary creation! Then let each person have a taste test of all the different drinks and judge which one is the best.

What to give your beloved friend on National Bloody Mary Day?

Your beloved friend deserves something special on National Bloody Mary Day, so why not give them something that will make the occasion even more memorable?

For starters, you can pick up a set of custom-designed glasses with your friend’s name or initials printed on them. This way they will be able to enjoy their favorite beverage in style.

You can also give them a gift basket filled with all the essential ingredients to craft their favorite Bloody Mary. This could include an assortment of flavorful sauces and spices, along with mixers such as tomato juice, vodka, and Worcestershire sauce

Finally, you can surprise your pal with something extra special like a personalized Bloody Mary shaker or a Bloody Mary bar cart. These items are sure to make your friend’s celebration of National Bloody Mary Day one for the books!


The Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail that has been around for decades. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy on a Sunday morning or any time of day for that matter. If you’re looking for a delicious and boozy brunch drink, look no further than the Bloody Mary. Thanks for reading!

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