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An Effective Portable Electric Heater

The cold is looming, the beast is coming. An effective portable heater will keep the blizzard out and you warm and cozy. Isn’t it true that when it is cold it is difficult to work or anything you wanted to know unless you are chopping wood or doing any other exercise to get yourself warm?

Portable Heater Pro X

Whatever you do, being in a cold room is never comfortable and this portable heater solves that.
With a max of 32 degrees Celcius, you can turn your room into Bangkok without the massive noise but a temperature heated by a small and efficient heater that does not break your bank or electricity bill.

Is a Heater a Gift?

When you know that you or someone you love is in a room with no heating like a garage or little heating a portable heater is a solution to give. Your friend will be very happy because he/she has never thought about it. Call it the laziness of people to keep on going without change.

Would it not be amazing to give a portable heater. Just pick it up and bring it to any room that needs heating. Plug it in, and the room is warming up.

  • No need for blankets or wearing an extra sweater.
  • No need for gas, no need for smelly petrol.
  • The heating goes quick, much quicker than an oil radiator, much quicker than any other electrical heater and it is safe.

Heater for the Baby Room

Keep a consistent temperature in the baby’s room. Plug the heater in the wall socket, set the temperature, perhaps even set the time, and walk away. Therefore, it would be an excellent gift for baby’s sleep day which falls on the 1st of March but there are more national days to think off that can be chosen to give a heater to your friend.

Your kid will stay in a warm room.

Portable Heater Pro

Move the Heater

Moving from one room to another brings the problem that rooms can be very cold. You might not turn on the radiators in empty rooms. Perhaps a little to keep the cold out but it will not be warm enough to stay a long time. If the empty room is heated all the time then this is a waste of money. The money we can spend on something else.

This portable heater is doing exactly what is needed to quickly heat a room and keep it warm as long as you need it. If you do not need to be in that particular room anymore, just unplug the heater and bring it to the next room you need to be, it is portable and makes it therefore so easy.

Heating a Garage

Working in a garage in the middle of the winter is never a good thing. Your hands get cold, your feet get cold, and do not get warm enough to even get feelings in your fingers.

Working on your motorbike, your car is not a pleasant thing in winter.

This portable heater solves that, the garage will heat up quickly so you can fix the issues on your motorbike or car with the needed feelings in your hands.

Blistering Cold Winters

Although we do not get blistering cold winters anymore, it still can be cold enough to not do anything and that is not good for the mindset. We need to be busy, do something, even if it is just watching TV.

What about the Heating Bill?

This electric heater indeed consumes energy from the grid and you have to pay for that. That is the same as for a radiator but you will be amazed that the energy consumption is low and very effective. Where radiators take ages to heat a room, this portable heater does that much quicker and keeps it on the temperature that you want.

Your radiator does not do that, there is probably a thermostat in the house but is that measuring the temperature of the room you are in?

With only 350 watts of power, the energy consumption is little and keeps the utility bill low.

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Heating an Office

Often we read from buyers that they use the portable heater for their office. Just imagine that your friend goes to his office daily but it is cold. t takes ages to heat the office then this portable heater would be the solution.
Turn on the general heater and turn on the portable heater and start working.

Once the office is warm, switch off the small heater and take it home when your friend is leaving the office. His/her home can be the same. No heating or very low and this portable heater removes the cold in no time.

Hot air from the Heater Pro X
Hot air from the Heater Pro X

Benefits of the Heater Pro

  • Heating a room is easy and no match
  • This heater is very efficient with Energy
  • It does not use much electricity, therefore, saves money
  • It is small, portable and very compact
  • There is a remote control so you can sit in your chair and change the temperature if needed
  • This heater is intelligent with an on/off mode.

Beneficiaries of the Heater Pro

There are many circumstances to think off when this heater pro is an exceptional purchase. Many different reasons and your reason is among them.

Mothers Keep Your Child Warm

Mothers like to keep the baby’s room at a consistent temperature. A CCTV camera to check on your newborn is great but it does not show the temperature. Keeping the room warm is important.


I wrote before to heat an office in no time so the entrepreneur can start working right away. Let the telephone calls and leads come.

Heater Pro X with Remote Control
Heater Pro X with Remote Control


A warm garage is essential when you want or better need to work on your car or motorbike in the winter. You do need to keep the garage door close, you do not need to warm the outside, just the inside of the garage.

Bed and Breakfast

The rooms in a bed and breakfast are cold because you do not want to heat the room when nobody is inside. When you know someone comes, just heat the room before arrival and perhaps leave it there so the traveler can heat the room when needed.

The compact portable Heater Pro X
The compact portable Heater Pro X


In case you or your friend travel to cold climates like visiting artisans in the mountains of Pakistan, then this portable heater is a great asset to heat the hotel room just in case the hotel owners have not done that before arrival.

There are many reasons why the Heater Pro is beneficial and therefore do not hesitate to order one before the beast comes.


Many artisans work from their studios. You can be a body painter or work create handcrafted embroidery, working in a cold room is never nice and the portable heater is the solution.

Of course, when you are a glassblower, you do not need a heater but you might have a friend who is a camel bone carver and this friend might need one on the cold winter days.

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Is the Heater Pro worth the money?

Nobody likes the cold. Even in Alaska people like to warm themselves. When you consider working in cold temperatures and getting nothing done, or working in a warm environment that you can control.

This Heater Pro is by far the best portable heater and with a 50% discount affordable for you to give to the one you love or perhaps keep yourself. That is perhaps a tough decision because you need to think about another gift unless you buy two.

Heater Pro X on the wall
Heater Pro X on the wall

Buying the Heater Pro

Ordering this portable heater is straightforward, just follow the steps. There is no need to leave your home, the heater will be sent to the address you give during the purchase.

The 50% discount is limited, however, in case you want to buy more than one look at the bulk discount and you, your family, and your friends can all benefit from this amazing portable heater.

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