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International Cats Day



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Aug 08 2024

International Cat Day

If you’re a cat lover, then you know that International Cat Day is a very important holiday. This year, make sure to celebrate in style with some of these fun activities!

For centuries cats are known to be man’s pet. Since ancient Egypt cats have been kept as pets by various classes of people. In some countries, cats are objects of worship and are considered a deity. They are probably man’s oldest pet, historical the first record of cats can be found in the Egyptian civilization. In Egypt, they were considered gods.

The first known cat deity was Mafdet which was considered not just as a deity but as a protector against snakes, Scorpions, and evil. Cats are carnivorous mammals with four legs. They are extremely inquisitive and not as noisy as dogs or as dirty. All domesticated cats are descended from African wild cats. One very important task a cat can achieve in a household is to catch vermin.

Cats were used by the Greeks and the Romans as a form of pest control. In the earlier times, Cats were used to show class in the Eastern part of the world because only the rich could afford them. These felines were also used on ships by sailors for pest control.

So as we can see throughout history cats have been an important part of pest control. One surprising fact about this is that cats did not stay indoors with humans until the 1940s when kitty litters were invented. Cats that live indoors tend to live longer than those that live outdoor because of the harsh conditions of the weather and other elements.

In recent times cats have become a source of entertainment with the internet filled with numerous cat videos that are extremely hilarious. In many households, cats are considered as family. In this article, we will be discussing the history of cat day, some of the activities done on the day, and some special facts about cats. 

History of International Cat Day

August 8, 2002, was when International cat day was founded by an organization that works to rescue individual animals and safeguard habitats, the organization’s name is International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). This organization is active in over fifteen countries and is one of the largest animal welfare organizations around the globe.

According to the 2019-2020, National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pets Product Association (APPA) over sixty-seven per cent of households in the U.S have pets. The first time this survey was conducted the number was at fifty-six per cent in 1988, this shows there has been a marked increase in the number of households that have cats over the space of these years.

In the US are more cats as pets in these households than dogs and also globally cats are more adopted as pets than dogs. There are over a 600million cats in different households around the world. They have been known to give emotional support to people suffering from depression and anxiety. Interaction with cats has been proven by various studies to reduce stress and improve one’s mental health.

Research has proven that all domestic cats can be traced back to a common ancestor, the Near Eastern Wild Cat. This cat lived near people feeding on vermin that disturbed humans thereby domesticating itself. 

International Cat Day

Cats in human history

During the Black Death that hoped out the majority of the population of Europe, cats were rumoured to be the cause. This led to the mass killing of cats in 1348.

October 18 was the first time a cat was sent to space. The name of the cat was Félicette.

In 2004 French archaeologists discovered the oldest known cat grave In Cyprus. It was over 9,500 years old. This shows that felines have been a part of man’s history for a very long time and now most of us consider them as family.

Customs of International Cat Day 

On this day cats are given special treatment. Cats are normally treated as royalty because they deserve nothing less but this day is a special one for them. They are especially showered with cat toys and a lot of treats on this day.

Cats are very particular about details and like their things done a certain way and are not afraid to show it. So on this day they are allowed to do what they want, eat what they like, shred what they want, and allowing them to watch whatever they want on TV. Listed below are some of the customary activities for International Cat Day;

  • Spend quality time with your feline babies: humans are generally very busy creatures and have little or no time to spare, but in this day we must create quality time to spend with our cats, to play with them, bath them, check their health with the vet. 
  • Treat cats with kindness: even if you don’t have cats, this day is to remind us that they are living creatures like us and they deserve to be treated with a level of respect and kindness. 
  • Share with cats in need: several homeless cats roam the streets without a shelter or anything to eat. This day provides an opportunity to provide food for them and a form of comfort. 
  • Adopt a cat: if you don’t have a cat this day is a perfect time to adopt one. Having cats have several physiological and psychological benefits.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter: the animal shelter in your community most likely have several cats that do not have homes. International Cat Day is a day when you can go and show them, love. 
  • Have a fun photo shoot with your cat: you could decide on this day to spend money on you and your cat by having a photo shoot for just you guys. You could hire a professional photographer to get the job done properly.
  • Get your cat new gadgets: on this day you invest in your cat by getting them new toys, you can also spend to ensure their safety by getting them GPS trackers that can tell their location wherever they are. You could also get them collars with their names written on them and a tag with your bane and your number written on it in case they get lost. You could even make dresses for them to celebrate the day. 
  • Host a cat theme party: you could hold a cat theme party where you invite your cat friends and your friends who like cats. You could even be a cake for them and have everyone dress up in a cat costume. You could take lots of pictures of the party and share them with your social media family.
  • Cook especially for your cat: you could bake some special tuna cookies for your cat or any other of their favorite dish.


There is no denying that cats are one of our favorite companions. So International cat day is one very special day for a lot of households and we have seen various ways to make that day special for you and your feline friend. So this international cat day makes the best out of it for you and your cat.

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