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National Hug Your Boss Day



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United States


Sep 13 2024

National Hug Your Boss Day

National Hug Your Boss Day is an annual event celebrated on September 13th for those of us who value the role our bosses play in our professional lives. It was created by TipTopJob.com in 2008 as a way to show appreciation and recognition for all that they do—from long hours, difficult conversations, keeping everyone in check, motivating staff, providing guidance, and more! This year mark National Hug Your Boss Day right with meaningful recognition and acknowledgment of your boss’s hard work and dedication – let’s spread appreciation, not resentment!

The Purpose of National Hug Your Boss Day

National Hug Your Boss Day is to show appreciation for our bosses and how much they do for us. This day serves as an opportunity to create a more positive and healthy work environment. Hugging is a universal sign of support and love, and bosses play a crucial role in our work lives. Looking for a way to show appreciation for the amazing things your boss does for you?

Look no further than National Hug Your Boss Day!

While all good bosses provide guidance and professional support, great bosses go one step further by promoting work-life balance and creating a positive work environment. Celebrate your boss on this special day and show them just how much their leadership means to you. They deserve it!

The different ways to show appreciation for your boss

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to show your boss some love this Bosses’ Day! Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of meaningful ways to express your gratitude for the hard work they do. Penning a heartfelt note that acknowledges their positive impact on your life and career is a surefire way to make their day.

Another option is to treat them to lunch or coffee, or even surprise them with a small yet thoughtful gift like a plant or box of chocolates. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but rather the effort you put in to show your boss how much you appreciate them. Don’t wait – take a few minutes out of your day to show your boss some well-deserved appreciation.

The History of National Hug Your Boss Day

Join the fun of National Hug Your Boss Day on September 13th! This unique holiday, founded by Australian Michelle Greenwood, promotes better workplace relationships by encouraging employees to physically embrace their bosses. Though some companies may not approve, many around the world enthusiastically celebrate this beloved event. Take the opportunity to strengthen your bond with your boss and show your appreciation on this special day.

How to celebrate the day with coworkers

As working professionals, we often spend more time with our colleagues than our loved ones. Therefore, it’s vital to acknowledge special moments with them. Celebrating together not only creates a stronger sense of community but also boosts morale. The good news is, you have numerous options to mark these occasions. It could be as simple as a potluck lunch or an after-work happy hour. Want to go the extra mile? Plan team-building activities or organize outings to local attractions. Remember, investing time to celebrate with your team is an investment in the camaraderie that drives success!

How to properly hug your boss in a professional setting

In a professional setting, hugging your boss can be a tricky situation that requires caution. While a hug can express appreciation or gratitude, it can also be misinterpreted. To ensure that your actions are appropriate, it’s best to ask for your boss’s permission first. If they agree, keep the embrace brief and professional. Avoid squeezing too tightly or lingering. A light pat on the back is sufficient, along with a concise expression of your gratitude. By following these guidelines, you can show appreciation without overstepping boundaries.

Interview the CEO

National Hug Your Boss Day is a time to show appreciation for the men and women who lead our organizations. Many people shy away from hugs in the workplace, but on this day, it’s encouraged. In an effort to gain insight into how managers feel about this holiday, we caught up with Mary Stevens, CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital.

According to Mary, “National Hug Your Boss Day is an opportunity to connect with my team. It’s a chance for them to express gratitude, but it’s also a chance for me to give encouragement and let them know how much I value their hard work. It’s not every day that you get a hug from your boss, so I cherish this moment every year.” It’s clear that National Hug Your Boss Day is not only a time for physical affection but also a moment to strengthen work relationships.

National Hug Your Boss Day
National Hug Your Boss Day

Finally on National Hug Your Boss Day

National Hug Your Boss Day is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for your boss and show them how much their hard work and dedication have been appreciated. We can all agree that it’s important to respect the position of a boss, but it’s just as important to express love and gratitude for them, too.

Celebrating this day only takes a little effort, so why not take advantage of the chance?

Whether you celebrate with a simple hug or a larger gesture like buying lunch or getting them a small gift, showing that you care about your boss is sure to be remembered. By honoring this tradition each September 13th, we are partaking in something that has been around since TipTopJob.com first created the day in 2008, allowing employees everywhere to give their bosses some much-deserved appreciation.

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