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Jun 19 2025


All Day

International Box Day

A Celebration of Great Feline Fun

As a die-hard cat lover and aficionado of all things feline, I am thrilled to announce that one of the greatest days of the year, International Box Day, is celebrated on the 19th of June. It is a day that we celebrate our cats and the special little gifts that they are to us. On this wonderful holiday, activities to spoil our feline friends are numerous. You can present them with exciting box activities you’ve thought of, crazy projects you’ve imagined, and just about anything you can come up with as a special gift.

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How It All Began

International Box Day started with a very simple, but still very deep concept: the happiness and hilarity that a simple cardboard box brings to a cat should be celebrated. And so the holiday was born through the collective spirit of a number of cat-loving and cat-owning writers. Before long, word had gotten around, and pictures and videos of thousands of cats enjoying their boxes littered the internet, helping to galvanize the holiday into an official celebration. And so, International Box Day was born.

Initial Celebrations

The first celebrations for this holiday were modest. Cat owners came together one on one or posted on the internet to share their own successes and pictures. That has morphed into fully formed and widely celebrated events—larger events, charity drives, and widespread online participation.

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Milestones in Its Growth

The following are some of the contributing factors to the popular recognition of the holiday:

Social Media Influence: Mainly, with the spread of cat videos, especially on YouTube and Instagram, International Box Day has gained popularity. Thanks in part to influential pet bloggers and social media influencers.

Business Insists that Celebrity Attachments: Surely, with the likes of socialites and celebrities who do not shy away from showing their love for cats, supporting and adopting International Box Day has put it on the map. However, Animal Insists that:

Charity Involvement: The event is now being used by animal shelters and rescue organizations as an avenue for the promotion of adopting animals. Consequently, they organize fundraisers to push their motives.

International Box Day
International Box Day

The Joy of Boxes for Cats

Why Cats Love Boxes

People who have cats certainly understand the joy brought by a simple cardboard box in keeping their feline friends entertained for hours. But what creates such a great response in a cat about boxes? Here are a few insights:

Behavioral Insights: Experts say a box gives a cat its sense of security. Cats in the wild will always try to find hiding places from predators and sometimes stalk prey. A box gives a similar surrounding of closed space that makes a cat feel comfortable and secure.

Warmth: Cats are attracted to warm places, and a box offers a warm, insulated spot that holds the warmth, especially if a soft blanket is placed inside it.

Curiosity and Play: Boxes pique some natural curiosity that a cat may display. They can easily get in and out of them, hide in them, and sometimes even jump out of them.

Stress Reduction: The makers of behavior cat products quote research that has shown how hiding in boxes can reduce stress in cats. An unfamiliar or stressful environment will typically send a cat under the couch.

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Symbolic Meaning

For your feline friend, boxes are a symbol of comfort and security, providing them with a safe place from which to rest and survey their environment. Boxes also provide a means for playful exploration, hence keeping your cat physically active and mentally stimulated. So when you give your cat a box, you are giving it an enriched environment.

Celebrate International Box Day with Your Cat

Fun Activities for Celebrating International Box Day is all about getting the most from your cat’s love of boxes. Here are some fun and creative ways to include your cat in the fun:

Do-It-Yourself Box Projects

Making interactive box toys and structures can be an enjoyable project for both you and your cat. Here are a few ideas:

Box Forts: Use many boxes to build multi-level forts with tunnels connecting boxes, or with the walls cut away to make doorways. If your cat could talk, he’d be saying to himself right now, “Big cardboard box, limitless fun.”

National Hug Your Cat Day

Puzzle Boxes: Cut holes of various sizes in a box and place treats or toys inside. Your cat will enjoy the challenge of trying to retrieve the items.

Scratching Posts: Stack up a box with some challenging material and let your cat use it as a scratching post. This can help keep their claws healthy and save your furniture.

Interactive Play Ideas

Including boxes in interactive play sessions is an excellent way to help your cat have fun while engaging in healthy physical and mental exercise:

Hide and Seek: Hide toys or treats inside boxes and let your cat find them. This will bring out their hunting instincts and provide mental stimulation.

Chase Games: Dangle a string or laser pointer to guide your cat around and inside the box so your cat will chase and pounce.

Obstacle Courses: Use a series of boxes rearranged to create an obstacle course. Use treats or toys to let your cat move through the course, thereby promoting exercise and agility.

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Photo and Video Challenges

Document your celebrations with pictures and videos of your cat in box heaven. Share them with the hashtag #InternationalBoxDay on social media, and join the party online! There are challenges to enter and contests to win, and even virtual meet-ups with other cat owners to share your special cat’s box antics.

Community Wide Celebrations

If you want to spread the cheer throughout your community, these are some ideas you might consider throwing:

A local cat meet-up or charity event that would be open to all cats and their owners to come out and get in on some box-related fun

A cat box decorating station: set up a few stations where people can decorate boxes with safe colored materials

Box Agility Courses: Let the cats negotiate some navigation stations, which can be created with boxes and other materials to have fun and exercise

Adoption Drives: Partner with local shelters for a cause to promote cat adoption and educate the public on cat care in enriched environments.

Virtual Celebrations

Find virtual events and live streams, as well as photo contests, to celebrate online. Online forums or social media groups are great places to connect on a Friday night with other awesome cat people and show off your cat’s box:

Livestreams: Avail of the option to join into the live streams and some International Box Day celebrations with other pet owners in real time.

Photo Contests: Run some photo contests for the cutest cat or the best box fort.

Online Workshops: You can teach and learn with DIY box projects or cat enrichment activity workshops.

International Box Day
International Box Day

Gifts and Treats for Your Cat

The Importance of Spoiling Your Cat

One great way to spoil your cat a little bit is through giving them gifts. International Box Day gives you the opportunity to receive such a gift for your cat. This is good for enhancing play and fun while making both of you enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Perfect Box-Themed Gifts

DIY Cat Toys

Making playful and fun toys from boxes is very rewarding. Here are a few to consider:

Dangling Box Toys: Make strips from a box and hang them from a string or a pole. Place the strips so that they hang in front of your cat so that when they play or swat, they can reach and get to the strips.

Scratch Pads: Make a box and put corrugated cardboard or just some sisal rope inside it.

Hide-and-Seek Puzzles: Make a box, cut some holes in it, and put inside some tiny toys or treats. This will make the cat want to get whatever is inside.

Cat-Friendly Box Decorations

Personalize boxes to make them a unique play area or even a cozy nap spot. Use safe materials to decorate the boxes so that they are more appealing and comfortable for the cat:

Soft Liners: Make boxes comfortable by adding soft liners, such as blankets, to make them cozy.

Colorful Designs: Make the whole outside of a box attractive and colorful using non-toxic paints or markers.

Themed Boxes: Create themed boxes to celebrate time of year or holidays, such as a spooky Halloween box or festive Christmas box.

International Cat Day

Innovative Gift Ideas

Think outside the box (pun intended). Here are a few more gift ideas echoing the International Box Day sentiment:

Cat Subscription Boxes: A monthly assortment of toys, treats, and surprises sent to your cat. Subscription boxes come every month.

New Beds: Get your cat a pretty new bed or lounging area.

Climbing Trees and Scratching Posts: Why not give your cat something to be excited about and to move around on, such as a climbing tree or a scratch post?

Interactive Toys: Get some interactive toys like treat dispensers or battery-operated toys that go bonkers unpredictably to get that hunting instinct flowing.


Get in on the fun of International Box Day by celebrating the special relationship between cats and their boxes. This day is about the small joys that bring smiles to our kitties and unite cat owners from all over the world. So put in some effort for that and many more—get your boxes ready, and be creative, leaving the rest to your cat. Let’s share the happiness and make this International Box Day the best ever!

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