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May 22 2025


All Day

Coco Mom Day

In a world often lost to silent battles that one fights daily, International Coco Mom Day stands to recognize and celebrate the Black and Brown Mother. This day, marked on May 22, is so much more than a date on the calendar. This day is a movement, a call to arms for all who believe in equity, in love, and in the power of unstoppable women to color our lives with their resilience and wisdom.

The Essence of the Day

As among other things International Coco Mom Day was born from the need to light a flame under the disparities in maternal health. It is much more than an acknowledgment; it tears down these disparities by providing a stage for stories untold and voices not heard. It is a day that strives to uplift the voices of black and brown mothers, assuring that they receive the needed support, respect, and medical attention as per the notes due to them.

This is a very important step towards narrowing the gap of health care and social support that would help contribute toward a world in which every mother is helped to have what she needs in resources and care for her and her family’s life.

Voices of Resil

Take Tasha’s story—a mother who walked through her pregnancy with the kind of grace under pressure that would make even Spartans stand in awe. Systemic barriers questioning her strength, her knowledge, even her worth—Tasha stood firm. Her journey, beaten through more obstacles than most of us will ever live, reminds us why this day is just that: important. It is for Tasha and many more like her that we rally our voices, resources, and communities to say,

“We see you, we honor you, and we stand with you.”

A Tapestry of Celebrations

International Coco Mom Day is a day to celebrate, honor, and lift up Black and Brown mothers of all cultures across the globe. There are even boutiques and wellness retreats that specifically focus on providing spaces for mothers to rest, rejuvenate, and connect with others on the same journey. Some may even structure effervescent marketplaces featuring the entrepreneurial spirit of these women, where local goods and crafts are not so much sold as celebrated as extensions of their heritage and heart.

Another very important activity taking place on these days is the educational workshops. These include some fundamental issues like navigating the health systems, advocating for women and their family members, and understanding the rights of mothers. They give power to the mothers through knowledge and tools that enable them to make their own lives and, in turn, that of their children, better.

Solidarity in Action

But the spirit of International Coco Mom Day goes far from the celebration mood. It stands for action. That’s a day of giving commitments and developing initiatives to make a real impact and give opportunities. Organisations and individuals here pledge support through donations to maternal health programs, volunteer time at local community centers, or simply educate themselves along with others about the issues at play.

Important action involves pushing for policy change. Advocates use this day to lobby for laws and regulations that will preserve and uplift Black and Brown mothers, including access to quality healthcare, treatment with equity, and support systems that will allow them and their families to thrive.

International Coco Mom Day
International Coco Mom Day

The Gifts of Empowerment

Actually, when choosing a gift for the holiday in honor of Black and Brown mothers in your life, consider those that hum with power and thought. Think of books by Black and Brown authors, featuring women’s stories of strength and triumph, that really inspire them. These artisanal gifts in support of Black and Brown-owned businesses are not just a form of gift-giving but ensure that your purchases contribute toward community economic empowerment.

A Call to All on International Coco Mom Day

International Day for Coco Moms is not “another day for mothers,” but rather, this day is a recognition, celebration, and day of action for all. In fact, this is a day when we, as humanity, can look into how we can all become allies for even bigger justice. Every post on social media shares a story, every serving activity rendered by the community contributes to the cause, and hence every bit of their help matters to bring about a bigger wave of change.

So, on this day, as we celebrate, let us not forget that such efforts are not only supposed to be compressed into 24 hours. International Coco Mom Day should always serve as an annual reminder that our support, advocacy, and efforts should unfold each year. That’s a promise to stand shoulder to shoulder with black and brown mothers to make sure they feel seen, heard, and valued every day.

We have that power together to bend that arch, for each May 22 to become an annual reflection on our best selves; how far more we’ve come and are willing to go. Because within the heart of every Black and Brown mother is a drum major for progress and resilience and hope, not only for ourselves but also for generations to come.

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