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Best Gifts for Donut Lovers

What gifts to give on National Doughnut Week to my Friends

If you’re looking for the best gifts for donut lovers, look no further! We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for donuts lovers, those with a sweet tooth. From delicious treats to fun accessories, there’s something for everyone on this list. So go ahead and spoil your favorite donut lover with one of these amazing presents!

For the past 30 years, bakeries and bakers from all around the nation have donated a portion of their doughnut sales to the Children’s Trust during a certain week each year. 

Initiated by Dunn Bakery in 1991, National Doughnut Week annually raises funds for the UK’s top organization helping kids with brain injuries.


However, doughnuts have been around much longer than that. The ancient Greeks and Romans consumed small cakes that were fried and covered in honey, and different varieties of this doughy treat have been enjoyed throughout Europe for centuries. 

There are many different schools of thought on the doughnut’s true origin, which is widely contested.

Some claim that the doughnut was invented by the Dutch in the 1700s, albeit it was originally called an olykoek, or “oil cake” and certainly not as mouthwatering!

The alternative hypothesis is that on Shrove Tuesday, Hertfordshire locals produced and consumed an uncommon British specialty known as doughnuts in place of pancakes. 

They claim that immigrants from Hertfordshire and the nearby area who were the first to populate New England brought the doughnut to America.

However, why is it even called a doughnut? The “dough” part is clear to us, but what about the “nut”?

Nowadays, it is uncommon to find nuts in doughnuts. Nevertheless, back then, bakers would either mix nuts into the dough for flavor or would put nuts in the center of the dough so that the middle would be dense with nuts rather than a doughy, frequently overcooked, center.

It may have gotten the first part of its name, “dough,” from the undercooked midsection. It is interesting to note that different regions of the UK may have entirely different names for the sweet treat. For example, some Scots refer to a traditional glazed doughnut as a “dough ring,” while in Ireland, they refer to a ringed doughnut as a “gravy ring” (gravy is an archaic word for hot cooking oil).

Furthermore, jam-filled doughnuts, the traditional filling for a doughnut, are easy to get by while nut-filled doughnuts are more difficult to locate.

A traditional favorite, jam doughnuts or jelly donuts to our friends from over the pond are so delectable that they are produced in the majority of Western nations. The jam doughnut has so many names as a result that it is difficult to determine where it originated.

However, the most convincing theory is that the jam doughnut is a German invention known as a “Berliner.” A loyal Berliner who had been disqualified from serving in the Prussian army in 1756 was instead hired as a baker, where he invented the jam-filled doughnut, which the troops afterward named after him. 

We have started incorporating doughnuts into the interior design of our homes, with doughnut vases being the newest craze. Doughnut vases have emerged as a major interior trend, perfect for pampas grasses and other dried flowers, a current favorite with interior designers.

Influencers and fashion enthusiasts alike are turning to homeware to get their styling fix during the lockdown. National Doughnut Week can be observed in a variety of ways and this includes giving gifts to our friends. If you are finding it difficult to decide on which gifts to give your friends then don’t worry this article is for you!

Best Gifts for Donut Lovers : Donut Gift Basket
Best Gifts for Donut Lovers: Donut Gift Basket

Best Gifts for Donut Lovers

  • Money for the children’s trust
  • Send a card or deliver Doughnuts
  • Have a Doughnuts party with your friends
  • Send doughnuts as a gift to your friends
  • Get A Nutmeg Vase for your friends
  • Post on social media with your friends
  • Learn a brand-new doughnut recipe with your friends

Money For The Children’s Trust

During National Doughnut Week, people bake, buy, and sell delectable doughnuts to raise money for the Children’s Trust. Organizers of National Doughnut Week simply mail goodie bags to persons and businesses that want to participate, and all funds generated go to the Children’s Trust.

If you don’t live close to a participating bakery, but fancy a sweet treat, pop down to your local bakery anyway or place an order online. Farmdrop does some doughnuts which are to die for, and their crodoughs (half doughnut half croissant!) are out of this world. Also, just before you dig into your sweet treat, make sure you send a couple of pounds in the direction of The Children’s Trust.

Send A Card Or Deliver Doughnuts

When you think about Best Gifts for Donut Lovers then think about giving your friends boxes of doughnuts as a surprise and perhaps there is someone you know who doesn’t adore donuts. Sending them some cheery mail is still a great way to make their day. Simply put a note on one of these adorable donut cards after printing.

Have a Doughnuts party

You may hold a donut brunch for friends or neighbors in remembrance of the Salvation Army Ladies who provided doughnuts to soldiers during World War One. So even if you are not interested in having a large gathering, a little gathering will still be special.

Visit Your Preferred Doughnut Shop With Your Friends

Purchasing doughnuts from your favorite shop is only one of the numerous ways to celebrate National Doughnut Day. You and your friend can pamper yourselves on this day by indulging in your favorite flavors of doughnuts. The nicest part about purchasing doughnuts on this day with your friend is that some shops will give you some for free or offer them at a reduced price. This implies that on this day, you are free to purchase as many doughnuts as you choose.

Learn A Brand-New Doughnut Recipe With Your Friend

Doughnuts can be prepared in a variety of ways, thus on this day, you should visit your friend so you guys can discover a brand-new doughnut recipe. You can learn various recipes from someone you know who makes good doughnuts or you guys can read about it online. You can enlist the help of your friends as you learn how to create doughnuts to make the experience more enjoyable. Take images and films that will serve as a reminder of the event you had that day.

Send Doughnuts As A Gift To Your Friends

Since everyone enjoys doughnuts, you can send some as gifts to the people you care about on this day. These doughnuts can be purchased or baked, then packaged as gifts. You can send these doughnuts to people like doctors, soldiers, nurses, and teachers to show your appreciation for their contribution to the country in addition to sending them to your friends and family.

Post On Social Media With Your Friends

If you participated in a variety of celebration-related events, you can share the greatest ones by sharing them on social media with your friends. Using the hashtag #NationalDoughnutDay will alert others that they should start joining in the festivities as well.

Get A Nutmeg Vase For Your Friends

Why not reward your friends with a ceramic doughnut vase instead if they have given up sweets, are on a strict diet, or simply don’t like eating a doughnut? Although it is not as savory, it is certainly beautiful to look at!

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