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How to Appreciate My Teacher?

How to appreciate my teacher is often a question asked by pupils to themself. How can I buy something without thinking it is embarrassing or even worse like blackmailing?

Teachers are often taken for granted. They are the people who dedicate their lives to teaching, shaping young minds, and helping them grow into successful adults, but they often go unrewarded. So how can we show our appreciation to our teachers? Here are some ideas.   

How to Appreciate my Teacher?
How to Appreciate my Teacher?

Teachers devote a significant amount of time to developing their pupils’ minds and lives. That’s why, annually, people gather to honor teachers and the incredible work they do.

Lesson leaders put in the time and effort to provide our students with the best well-rounded education possible, whether they’re teaching virtually, in person, or a combination of both.

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Show your appreciation for your instructor by giving them one of these gestures of gratitude.

The Origin of Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs from May 2 to 8, is a national celebration honoring educators for their dedication and hard work, according to the National Center For Education statistics. 

According to Schoolyard, the idea for a National Teacher Day originates from former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who proposed it to Congress in 1953. The day was not formally commemorated till March 7, 1980, four years after the National Education Association agreed to make it a week-long celebration.

Following this past school year, which was made even more difficult by COVID-19, which required many instructors to work from home, you may be looking for a way to thank the educators in your life with more than just the traditional apple on the desk. Have you had a long day standing?

Appreciate your Teacher with these Boots

However, the theory is that she received letters from either a Wisconsin or Arkansas teacher (they aren’t sure which) pleading with her to support teachers’ causes. 

According to the Arkansas theory, Mattye Whytte Wooldridge began to speak with educational leaders to create a day to celebrate teachers. She eventually started writing Eleanor Roosevelt letters. Roosevelt thought that the cause merited her attention and presented it to Congress.

Even though Eleanor Roosevelt took her case to Congress and received their assistance, this would take a further 27 years for it to be declared a holiday. In 1980, the National Education Association (NEA), which was founded in 1857, teamed up with the Kansas State Board of Education and the Indiana State Board of Education to lobby Congress to have the day declared a national holiday.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

The First National Teacher Appreciation Day

Until 1984, United Nations Teacher Day was observed on March 7th. After that, it was moved to May. The National Parents – teacher Association was behind the initiative, and instead of just one national day, they designated the entire first week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week.

 The National Education Association followed suit the following year, observing National Teacher Appreciation Day on the second Tuesday of the week.

There are still several cases of oddities though. Massachusetts celebrates Teacher’s Day on the first Sunday of June; perhaps because teachers are out for summer and therefore get to relax on their special day.

What are good gifts for teachers?

The far more important thing to keep in mind while shopping for teachers’ gifts is that they are people. If you understand anything about your teacher, whether it’s their favorite color, band, the lotion she maintains at her desk, her interests when she’s not writing reports, or even just her favorite subject to teach. 

And If you’re acquainted with any of those facts, we’ve put together a list of economical alternatives based on feedback from working teachers.

Paper Planes

Do you remember you were flying paper planes as a kid? Why not do that together with your teacher on National Paper Airplane Day? It is then not celebrated on the same day but you might combine these days or better celebrate both days by flying paper planes with your teacher.

Here are some of our favorite picks:


Books are another thing that instructors have a lot of and that can be pretty hard to keep accessible and organized. Books are ubiquitous in a classroom, whether we’re talking about teaching tools or children’s books.

As they should be! However, kids are filthy, and the best way to keep things tidy in classrooms (and the teacher sane) is to provide them with a simple way to clean up after themselves. That’s exactly what these Neon Connect & Store Book Bins do!


The Neon Connect & Store Book Bins are large enough to hold a lot of books. The front labels may be customized to fit the needs of the teacher, whether it’s by a small group, reading level, or genre, so students know exactly where to find and store their reading materials. 

The dumpsters are also connected to each other, ensuring that nothing is thrown around. These book bins can easily slot into one another when not in use, offering teachers more storage space in their classrooms.


Teachers must maintain their organizational skills. It runs in their veins. Without appropriate structure, a classroom cannot work! The Lakeshore Learning All-Purpose Teacher’s Organizer is an excellent addition to a teacher’s organizing arsenal. It can be used in a variety of ways to meet the demands of a teacher.

Lakeshore Learning All-Purpose Teacher's Organizer

Five colored book bin organizers and accompanying file folders are included in the All-Purpose Teacher’s Organizer. These can be used for the parent organization, unit organization, small group organization, or assignment of days of the week.

The front of the bin’s adjustable labels makes it simple for the instructor to find what she’s looking for. When the teacher (or the student) is done with them, the coordinating colored file folders make it easy to recognize where they belong. Another amazing way Lakeshore Learning makes being organized simple!


Teachers are in need of materials to teach these abilities in an age when it is becoming more vital for us to help our students perceive and respond correctly to their own emotions or the emotions of their classmates. The Building Empathy Hardcover Library makes it simple for teachers to teach students how to detect different emotions and how to help one another overcome them.

Building Empathy Hardcover Library

The Building Empathy Hardcover Library includes six books that all mirror the emotions of a character. The stories will captivate children while also teaching them about societal factors that affect empathy. This is an excellent present for all instructors, including school counselors, at any grade level. 

These books make it simple to talk about the many emotions that the characters are experiencing and how one could react correctly to them.


Teachers may need to assist their students in keeping their places tidy at times. These Neon Classroom Supply Caddies contain all of the art supplies, pencils, glue sticks, and scissors in one convenient location so that the kids can help keep their classrooms tidy. 


The bright colors brighten any classroom, and the easy-to-carry handle makes it simple to transport supplies to different areas of the room.


A reading area, where children can not only read but also listen to books on tape, is a classroom mainstay. Teachers can give children the choice of listening to their narrative with this Lakeshore Learning CD & Cassette Player with BLUETOOTH.


 It even includes six headphone jacks, allowing multiple youngsters to listen at once, ideal for graded reading groups! Music is also an important aspect of learning. A player like this one allows music to be heard throughout the classroom, whether the students are learning material through song, simply getting their wiggles out, or simply listening to pleasant background music. 

Respect your parents

Like you appreciate your teacher, you also should respect your parents. In the end, they put you in the school you are in right now or facilitated this from home.

thank you card

Conclusion How to Appreciate My Teacher?

Our educational system’s backbone is comprised of teachers. They put in tremendous hours both within and beyond the classroom, with boundless energy, patience, and compassion.

Being a teacher in a school is a difficult profession, especially since many of them are underpaid and undervalued.

Teachers spend so much of their own money on classroom supplies that a gift of items they can actually utilize for their children would be greatly appreciated.

 These Lakeshore Learning presents will make your teacher feel as if you are actually listening to his or her needs, and thus sincerely appreciating what they do in the classroom every day.

As a result, make sure to thank the instructors in your life with a gift they’ll genuinely use and love. Any of those five teachers presents listed above would be appreciated, whether it’s a gift card to their favorite store or a thoughtful gift with a personal touch.

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