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National Detroit Style Pizza Day



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Jun 23 2024


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National Detroit Style Pizza Day

Every year on June 23rd, people across the United States observe National Detroit Style Pizza Day. A day dedicated to the unique and scrumptious square-shaped, thick-crust pizza originating from Detroit, Michigan. Detroit-style pizza is distinguished by its signature toppings layer, along many other qualities like superior flavors and textures.

The roots of the celebration date back to 2011, when Detroit’s Mayor and City Council declared June 23rd as Buddy’s Pizza Day, named after the original creator of this beloved style of pizza. In 2021, rebranding the celebration to National Detroit Style Pizza Day, Buddy’s Pizza is celebrating the 75th anniversary of this culinary delight, expanding the awareness and recognition beyond Metro Detroit.

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When Detroit-style pizza was invented by Gus Guerra in 1946, it was not an initiative to become popular in the pizza world; it was rather an effort to make use of industrial tools and spare parts. The dough used to make the crusts is high hydration and, in baking it in well-oiled pans, it develops a thick, crunchy crust on the outside while keeping the inside chewy and moist for that perfect contrast.

Detroit-style pizza has innovative layering; it consists of Wisconsin brick cheese spread right to the edge of the pan, followed by your favorite toppings like pepperoni or vegetables, and finally, a generous layer of tangy tomato sauce on the very top. Add to that the melted cheese over the meat toppings and the caramelized edges from the brick cheese, and you have a winner.

National Detroit Style Pizza Day is not just a salute to the pizza but to the thought and tradition that goes into making pizza Detroit style. Whether fans long-standing or just being introduced to the style, the 23rd day of June is the day to relish deep flavors and the delightful differences Detroit-style pizza brings to the table.

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Detroit-Style Pizza Traditions

The Motor City sounds a lot like the place that invented Detroit-style pizza—only this round is on cars, this time, believe it or not. It is square in shape and deeply rooted in the city’s history. The interesting square shape of the pizza can be attributed to the automotive factories that Detroit housed, where the workers reportedly baked their pizzas in rectangular pans that were originally supposed to hold nuts and bolts. That has carried into and to this day, Detroit-style pizzas are baked in similar rectangular pans, which gives them their signature square shape.

The next record on the traditional aspect of Detroit-style pizza is the crust: the dough part of it is thick and extra-crispy, reaching the ultimate perfection on the crispy outside and soft on the inside level. The signature high-hydration dough method, in fact, requires it, of course, in addition to baking in well-oiled steel pans. Smearing the bottom of the pan with oil, the pan-frying method gives the crust the style’s hallmark caramelized, almost fried, crispy bottom, but still keeps it light and airy on the inside.

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Unique ingredient layering is another characteristic of Detroit-style pizza. In a traditional pizza, cheese is the last thing that is put on the pie, but not in Detroit-style pizza. Instead, the cheese is directly laid on the crust, lined with your chosen toppings, and then ladled with sauce. This reverse layering function allows the cheese to melt directly into the crust, turning it into a crunchy and tempting cheese-filled edge.

So, when you slurp down a slice on National Detroit Style Pizza Day, you are chowing down on more than just a delicious treat; you are participating in a purely Detroit experience that has been around for over a century.

It Will Not Be Unnoticed That It Gained its Reputation and Will Attract Many Fans

Detroit-style pizza with its square shape and reverse layering of toppings has been grabbing a significant foothold on the national pizza market. It has acquired fame and supreme status not only in the boundaries of its Motor City motherland but also in the hearts of pizza lovers across the nation. The thing is, its sudden surge in popularity makes Detroit-style pizza so special.

One thing that sets Detroit-style pizza apart from other types of pizza is its inventive way of layering. The thick, caramelized crust obtained by baking in well-oiled, rectangular steel trays provides a flavorful crunch, which contrasts nicely with the soft, airy interior. Wisconsin brick cheese, directly melted onto the crust, and the tomato sauce ladled so it sits on top of everything, gives it a special taste profile that has people around the country hooked.

This pizza variant provides an exciting departure from the traditional thin-crust pies. Its rich, hearty flavors and textures have transformed many casual pizza eaters into Detroit-style pizza fans. “But it’s good in a garlic-butter type of way,” he says, “And it’s built in not just taste appeal, but in the tradition it possesses, the innovation it characterizes, and the community spirit it breeds.”

National Detroit Style Pizza Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy a pizza this incredible style, either in your favorite local pizzerias or by crafting your very own in your kitchen. Revered across the nation, the popularity of Detroit-style pizza has only continued to rise from its inception, as this pizza style has now solidified its place in the American pizza landscape. So, on this special day, let’s raise a slice to Detroit-style pizza, a culinary gem that’s as rich in taste as it is in history.

Detroit-Style Pizza Traditions

Among its other contributions, the Motor City—Detroit—gave us cars and Detroit-style pizza. The square shape is no mere gimmick; that—along with methods for the crust and tomato sauce—can be traced back to Detroit’s automotive factories: factory workers baked their pizza in rectangular pans—originally made to hold nuts and bolts—and wouldn’t you know, the tradition stuck. As it happens, Detroit-style pizzas are still often baked in typical rectangular pans, and this allows them to assume a unique square shape that is characteristic of Detroit-style pizza.

Also characteristic of Detroit-style pizzas is a thick, yet crispy crust. So, don’t go thinking thick; no, thick in this case means crisp on the outside and light and airy on the inside. That perfect crust comes by using a high-hydration dough method and baking in well-oiled steel pans. Those pans, when heated, give the crust its characteristic: a caramelized, almost fried crispy bottom while keeping the inside light and fluffy.

Another characteristic of the Detroit-style pizza is the topping that goes inside. Normally, in the sequence of conventional pizzas, it is always cheese on top of everything, but that’s not true here. The cheese is actually laid directly on the crust. Toppings go over the cheese, and sauce goes last. Hence the term “reverse layer.” The cheese doesn’t get that bubbly color that you might see on a normal pizza crust; rather, it melds with the edge of the pizza to give it a cheesy, crispy bite.

So when you bite into that slice on National Detroit Style Pizza Day, it’s not just all that deliciousness but it’s also being part of a one-of-a-kind Detroit tradition with a tradition that’s decades old.

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Popularity and Appeal Amongst Pizza Lovers

Detroit-style pizza has really taken the pizza-coast by storm in the past couple of years. That patent-protected square shape and reverse order of toppings, though, has finally done Detroit-style pizza out of making an entirely quiet name for itself on the national pizza circuit. In fact, its popularity has spread far beyond the borders of the Motor City and is now winning over pizza lovers throughout the nation. It’s a success story and a living testimony to this style of pizza’s appealing elements.

One of the hallmarks of the style that make it unique is its innovative direction in doing pizza. It’s an especially pleasing crunch against the pie’s soft, airy inside—the thick, caramelized crust. The Wisconsin brick cheese, melted directly onto the crust, the tomato sauce ladled on top of the other ingredients—all of these features create a unique taste profile that is taking pizza lovers by storm from coast to coast.

That’s why this pizza alternative is a satisfying contrast to the tried-and-true thin-crust pies of yore. Its bold flavor palate and rich textures have made Detroit

-style pizza a smash hit with many casual pizza eaters. But the appeal of the style goes far beyond the trite metonymy regarding taste. Those need look no further than the tradition it represents, the innovation it signifies, and the community spirit it fosters.

Diners get both an excuse and a justification on National Detroit Style Pizza Day to sample the style for themselves at local pizzerias, or better yet, to try preparing homemade versions. As the entire country celebrates this day, popularity for Detroit-style pizza only soars—enshrining it within the American pizza-scape. Let’s raise a slice in the air on this day to this culinary gem, richness of flavor as rich as the history itself.

National Detroit Style Pizza Day
National Detroit Style Pizza Day

Ways to Celebrate National Detroit Style Pizza Day

On National Detroit Style Pizza Day, celebrated every year on June 23, there are numerous ways to honor and savor this unique and innovative pizza style. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Ordering from Local Restaurants

One of the best ways to celebrate National Detroit Style Pizza Day is by supporting local pizzerias or restaurants that serve authentic Detroit-style pizza. Order a pie or two and relish the distinctive flavors that make this pizza style so popular. Whether you’re a fan of traditional toppings, or you prefer something a bit more adventurous, there’s a Detroit style pizza out there for you.

Hosting a Pizza Party

Another enjoyable way to mark this tasty occasion is by hosting a Detroit-style pizza party. Invite your friends and family to gather around, share some laughs, and enjoy a variety of pizzas. Not only will you get to taste different flavors, but you’ll also get to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Trying Homemade Recipes

If you love cooking, why not try your hand at making Detroit-style pizza at home? There are plenty of DIY recipes available online that can guide you through the process. From preparing the high-hydration dough, layering the Wisconsin brick cheese and other ingredients, to achieving that perfect crispy and chewy crust – making your own Detroit-style pizza can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Whether you’re an avid pizza enthusiast or just a casual fan, celebrating National Detroit Style Pizza Day provides a wonderful opportunity to indulge in delicious flavors and share your love for this unique pizza style with others. So mark your calendars for June 23, and get ready for a delectable Detroit-style pizza feast!

Unique Gift Ideas for National Detroit Style Pizza Day

When National Detroit Style Pizza Day rolls around, it’s the perfect time to surprise the pizza lovers in your life with a unique gift. Here are some innovative ideas that will make their day even more special.

Pizza-Making Kit

For those who love to get hands-on in the kitchen, a pizza-making kit is an ideal gift. A kit that includes all the essential tools and ingredients needed to create a mouthwatering Detroit-style pizza at home can provide a fun and interactive experience. From the high-hydration dough to the Wisconsin brick cheese and a rectangular steel tray, all elements for crafting the perfect pizza are at their fingertips.

Pizza Delivery Surprise

Imagine their delight when a hot, delicious Detroit-style pizza is delivered unexpectedly to their doorstep! This surprise pizza delivery is not just a tasty gift but also a thoughtful gesture that shows you know their love for this unique pizza style. Whether it’s from their favorite local pizzeria or a well-known Detroit-style pizza chain, this surprise will surely make their National Detroit Style Pizza Day unforgettable.

Personalized Pizza Gifts

For a more personal touch, consider pizza-themed gifts that can be customized to suit their personality. From pizza-themed apparel like t-shirts or hoodies featuring witty pizza puns to pizza-shaped accessories for their kitchen, these personalized gifts are a fun way to show your appreciation for their pizza passion. You could also opt for pizza-related gadgets like a specialized pizza cutter or pizza stone that can enhance their pizza-making experience at home.

Remember, National Detroit Style Pizza Day is not just a day to enjoy this delectable pizza, but it’s also about appreciating the tradition and artistry behind it. And what better way to show your appreciation than with a carefully chosen, pizza-inspired gift?

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National Detroit Style Pizza Day isn’t just a celebration but a reflection of food innovation and tradition. Celebrated on June 23, it’s a day where the taste of Detroit-style pizza is savored, and love towards a creative pizza style is spread. The homey approach probably lies in the fact that all’s essence would be the same whether you engage a local pizzeria to get the pizza, you throw a pizza party, or you give a shot at cooking Detroit-style pizza at home. So, let the crunchy, chewy crust, the reverse layering of toppings, and the square shape make the Detroit-style pizza a culinary invention worthy of celebration.

So, on this National Detroit Style Pizza Day, let the spirit of the celebration touch you and indulge in the delicious taste of Detroit-style pizza. After all, it’s not just about enjoying a slice of pizza but celebrating a piece of Detroit’s rich culinary history. Remember though, even though pizza might be the star of the day, it’s the collective shared experiences, the stories told around the table, and love for Detroit Style Pizza that makes this day truly special. So, on National Detroit Style Pizza Day, here’s to a uniquely styled pizza that creates community and showcases our collective love of a good, hearty pizza. Enjoy!

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