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  • Date: Aug 08 2024
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Aug 08 2024


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Dying to Know Day

Nobody likes to think about death, but Dying to Know Day encourages all adults in Australia to face the inevitable reality of their mortality and undertake tough conversations with their family and friends. This annual campaign provides an opportunity for Australians to plan ahead and make important decisions regarding their legacy at the end of life – allowing them peace of mind knowing that they are taking control of a very overwhelming prospect. Whether it’s making your funeral wishes known or writing down what you would like done with your assets, Dying To Know Day can provide meaningful insight into how we should approach planning during this challenging time.

What is Dying to Know Day?

Every August, Dying to Know Day gives Australians the chance to proactively plan what they would like their end-of-life wishes to be. This campaign is especially important because it gives individuals an opportunity to make their wishes known from a place of self-advocacy and empowerment.

Making your own personal planning in regard to end-of-life decisions is one of the most valuable things Australians can do for themselves and for those who will make these decisions on their behalf should something unexpected happen; it helps give peace of mind knowing that these matters are taken care of. It is worthwhile for all Australians to be aware of Dying to Know Day and initiate a discussion about how they want the end stages of their life to look.

How to start a conversation about death & dying

Having a conversation about death and dying can be hard, but Dying to Know Day encourages adult Australians to start the discussion now. Death is not something that’s easily discussed, so starting a conversation on this topic might feel uncomfortable at first.

To make the conversation more natural, you could choose an activity that helps to provide a relaxed atmosphere such as watching movies or having lunch together so you can focus your talk on lighter topics before eventually moving on to discussing death. Planning for the eventualities of life is important, and by simply reaching out and talking about it you can ensure you are prepared and comfortable with your personal end-of-life wishes.

What resources are available for people looking to plan their end-of-life wishes

Dying to Know Day provides an invaluable resource for Australians who are looking to plan their end-of-life wishes. This annual campaign offers a variety of resources, such as informative website content and general best-practice advice on key topics related to this important process.

From learning more about legal documentation options to connecting with trained and passionate volunteers who can answer questions and provide accompaniment to important meetings, Dying to Know Day is committed to helping individuals be strong self-advocates and make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to planning their end of life. Taking this proactive step could spare loved ones some of the emotional strain and difficulties that come with navigating such matters after a death has already occurred.

Ways to start preparing an advanced care plan

Preparing an advanced care plan needs careful consideration and should include thoughtful conversations with family, friends, and healthcare professionals. Dying to Know Day is a great time to start this journey, as it encourages all Australians to start talking openly about their wishes for end-of-life care.

Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to end-of-life planning, so it’s essential that each individual makes informed choices based on personal lifestyle, beliefs, and relationships.

There are various resources available today that can help those thinking about preparing an advanced care plan get a better understanding of the process and make informed decisions. So take the first step and join in Dying to Know Day to advocate for yourself and your end-of-life wishes.

Dying to Know Day

Tips on how to support family and friends in making their own decisions

Supporting family and friends as they come to terms with their own mortality and make decisions about their end-of-life wishes can be challenging. To help them, it’s important to listen without judgment or opinion and provide empathy where appropriate. It could also be beneficial to introduce them to resources related to Dying for Know Day in order to arm them with information so that they can make educated decisions.

Offer your support in whatever way you can, whether that be simply taking the time to talk through their fears, helping them create a plan, or just being there whenever they need someone to talk to – this is likely an unfamiliar process for many of us so it’s important we provide all the love and guidance we can muster.

Promoting open dialogue around death & dying in your community

Talking about death and dying can seem like a difficult topic, but it’s an important one for adults to be comfortable discussing. This is why Dying to Know Day is such an important initiative that was designed to empower all Australians when it comes to their end-of-life wishes.

The campaign encourages conversations in communities around the country and helps people start a dialogue about how we can reflect on our mortality and look for ways to make sure our end-of-life wishes are fulfilled. Through this open discussion, communities can become better educated on the importance of thinking ahead when it comes to making plans for the road ahead.

Dying to Know Day is an important day of observance that helps adults in Australia begin to think about their end-of-life wishes. Though it can be uncomfortable to speak openly and honestly about death, it’s a fundamental step in ensuring your end-of-life wishes will be fulfilled.

Take the necessary steps today by seeking out resources, having conversations, and constructing an advance care plan outlining your desires so that you can have some measure of control and peace knowing that you’ve done your best to prepare for the future.

Having tough conversations isn’t easy but it’s essential for all of us – ourselves, our families, our friends, and our caregivers and healthcare providers. We all have a responsibility to work together so we can make informed decisions in times of crisis. Encourage open dialogue in your community that respects everyone’s voice on dying so we can help each other die with dignity.

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