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Gift ideas for International Children Book Day

Did you know that there is a day specifically set aside to celebrate children’s books? International Children’s Book Day is observed annually on April 2nd, and it provides the perfect opportunity to get your little ones excited about reading.

Whether you’re shopping for a new book to add to your child’s library or looking for a unique gift idea, these top picks are sure to please. So read on and happy browsing!

Are you a book lover from your childhood? What was the first-ever storybook you read in your childhood? Did you visit the library regularly as a kid? If yes, then it’s really amazing!!

International Children Book Day

Book reading is a habit that must be developed from early childhood. It is the first and foremost duty of parents to make books the best companions of their children. Start inculcating this habit in them when they are toddlers. Before bedtime, make it a habit to read a page or two of their favorite storybooks.

International children’s book day is celebrated each year with great zeal and zest. Thousands of children participate in this memorable event annually. All the kindergartens, nurseries, and even the high schools organize this event.

The main purpose of international children’s book day is celebrated to encourage the habit of reading among the children.

World Book Day
World Book Day

This amazing event is sponsored every year by the international board on books for young people (IBBY), which is a type of non-profit organization. The international children’s book day ICBD is observed on April 2nd, which is the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, who was a great author.

International Board on Books for Young people (IBBY)

Each year, a different section of IBBY gets the opportunity of hosting this event. A different yet intellectual theme is decided for this day each year. There is an igniting and strong message for the children of the world on this day. And with the help of posters, the theme is introduced to the world.

International board on books for young people is in the field setting new standards for the learners and digging more ways to gratify their interests. They realize the need of the hour and accordingly set new themes for international children’s book day each year. This day leaves everlasting impressions on the young reader and promotes their learning behavior.

Aims of International Children Book Day (ICBD)

One of the leading aims of ICBD is to develop a positive attitude toward reading among the student. This powerful habit will help them observe better, grow better, and eventually learn better. A lot of young students are biased towards e-learning through laptops, kindles, and androids. The international children’s book day is a great move in this regard.

Another amazing purpose of this great day is to increase the creativity and skills among the children. Their mental working is accelerated and activities are refined. Learning with fun is a new strategy behind the celebration of international children’s book day. This strategy improves the quality of education and learning.

International Children’s book day has been observed so that the children around the world can enjoy a good book! It is often called a day of inspiration, a hope that can inspire others to read. Parents and teachers should understand the taste of their taste and give them the books accordingly.

World Book Day

Activities at International Children Book Day

The main activities performed at ICBS include reading, writing, drawing, and composing. Many new children’s books are launched on this marvelous day. The young readers, teachers, and influential authors of children’s literature are invited. On the whole, there is an encouraging environment on this day. All the guests especially the children enjoy this day a great deal.

Many IBBY Sections promote ICBD via social media. An increase in the number of learners visiting public libraries has been noticed. The books gathering a maximum number of young readers are awarded the best book awards on international children’s book day.

Advantages of children books

Books are the collection of words and each word carries an important story behind it.

And yes!

Every story has a meaningful lesson. The greater the exposure to books, the greater is the brainstorming capability of children. And eventually, a far greater intellect!

Design a beautiful and meaningful books collection for your children. Include the stories that tell them the lessons of sympathy, courage, joy, and tolerance. Ask them to read and understand the main theme of the book and then discuss the importance of that theme with your children.

child reading a book

A large collection of storybooks including influential characters automatically drive the children’s minds to mimic them. Give them the books of scientists, philosophers, and researchers. This will let them think the way those characters think!

Learning will help them explore and understand the world better. This is a life-long habit having a heavy number of perks. It is advised to parents to take their children to the nearby library regularly so that this excellent habit develops in them from the very first day.

Themes of international children book day

  • ICBD was hosted by the United States in 2021 and the theme was: “The music of word”
  • ICBD was hosted by Slovenia in 2020 and the theme was: “Hunger for words”
  • ICBD was hosted by Lithuania in 2019 and the theme was: “Books help us slowdown”

How to Celebrate International Children Book Day ICBD?

As this day is meant for children and is beneficial for them, their participation is a must!! A good many numbers class activities and home crafts can be performed to encourage books and reading among the families and children.

In classrooms, different posters for International Children’s book day can be printed out and read out loudly in the class. Next, the message of the year is discussed with the children. The teachers should lay stress upon books and reading.

Mother and Daughter Reading Together
Mother and Daughter Reading Together — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

What was your favorite story as a kid? Another activity often performed involves the reading of different children’s favorite stories. All the children are invited one by one to read out their favorite stories from the previous ICB days.

At home, mothers often involve the children in book reading activities to make them realize the importance of this day.

Gift Ideas for the International Children Book Day

There are plenty of gift ideas for this amazing day. Some of these ideas are discussed below:

Hand-made posters

It is an amazing idea to fulfill the basic aims of this day. You can order some cute posters having quotes or pictures of books or libraries on them. Children will enjoy this gift a lot!!

Hand-made Book Rack

It is an excellent way to promote the habit of reading and learning among children. Gift them a cute book rack and ask your children to gather different books and arrange them in the rack. In this way, they will be able to make an interesting collection for themselves.

This intellectual gift will make them good readers and a learner!

Boy read book in library

Mini book pendant necklace

This could be the best gift for children on international children’s Book day. Giving them such cute book ornaments will increase their interest in books and will transform them into an avid reader and regular librarian.

Book light

 A cute book light with the fictional characters of the kid’s choice can be gifted to the children on ICBD. This amazing gift will be a superb addition to their learning and reading habits. There are very few things more satisfying than the moment your children take a real interest in reading.

Personalized story book

Get your children a storybook of their choice. You can gift your kids these amazing customized storybooks and reading such storybooks will be great fun for them. They will boost up the self-esteem of kids and are heavily entertaining books for children.

Childre Book Light

Library Card Pillows

This gift will expand their learning and reading stamina. Every year on International children’s book day, gift your children such beautiful accessories. This will enhance the interest of their library visiting and will satisfy their thirst for new and exciting books.

Start this reading journey by gifting them first the pillows and later on cushions and other such things.

Reading and drawing kit

If you’ve got creative kiddo, this is a perfect match for his International children’s book day. The kit comes with a set of short storybooks, drawing books, and an array of stationery. A series of different puzzles also come with this kit. It will let the cute kids hone their creativity and skills.

Metal and wood bookends

A bookend is one of the reading-friendly artistic gifts that can be given to the children on international children’s book day. This will make learning a fun process.

Such gadgets enhance the interest of children in books and learning materials.

Book Marks

Several cute and hilarious bookmarks can be gifted to children on international children’s book day. These bookmarks will make them smile when they will open up their books and a way to tackle their interest in the books!

A Reading Nook

Decorate the reading nook with balloons, posters, fairy lights, and a collection of books at the side. This is a perfect place to read your favorite books. Develop the habit of sitting in the reading nook among the children regularly. This will help them a lot in the future.

boy site on a reading pillow

Let’s celebrate this day in the best manner we can do. Let’s promote this excellent habit of reading and exchanging books between the children. Let this day be a tradition!!

Share your ideas for celebrating international children’s book day. And also share the gifts you would like to give to children on the international children’s book day!!

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National Days

National days are a great way for children to learn about the country they live in. They can learn about its history, culture, and people. They can also celebrate the achievements of their country and its citizens.

National days are a time for children to feel proud of their country and to show their patriotism. There are many national days that are celebrated throughout the year, but some of the most popular ones include Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Children can participate in many different activities on these days, such as parades, concerts, and festivals.

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