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A cartoon body paint focusing on your baby bump

Eye-Catching Pregnant Belly Painting

Eye-catching Pregnant Belly Painting Ideas that show the world a happy mother to be. This painted baby bump of yours pictured and perhaps framed will be a truly awesome gift that will be remembered forever making you a proud mum.

Not only for your child even though it won’t understand until a few years later but still the feeling of motherhood and expressing your love to your unborn starts at the time you realise you are pregnant.

As soon as you know you are pregnant your inner soul starts glowing from pure joy, the expression that you feel is hard to describe but need to be captured somehow.

All your friends are happy for you and a long 9 months pregnancy road is laying in front of you and you just can’t wait.

You already know that your parents, parents in law, friends, and many others all will buy clothes or at least something for the baby but wait till they know if it is a boy or girl and they might only know that after the birth but you and your hubby keep it a secret or maybe you just do not want to know and just wait the nine month and see what comes out.

Main thing is that the baby is healthy isn’t it? 

Just think about painting your belly which you might never had and a rare opportunity pops up.

Baby Shopping

So far, I have not met any girl who does not like shopping and I expect you to be the same.

I might be wrong and you do not like shopping, guaranteed that you will start at least look around for all kind of items you might need for the unborn.

Items from clothes, to pram, to wallpaper in the baby room.

It might be a dilemma if you want to keep the gender of your baby unknown to others if you want to buy wallpaper and you come home with “blue” however a gender-neutral colour might be the solution here.

Still, when you think about all the shopping, there is nothing special there. It is all known “normal” stuff of which some are really necessary but nothing unique, nothing special, nothing out there that has a WOW factor.

Artisans, gifts of a different kind

I have been reading a lot about artisans lately and the love they have for the work they do.

This goes from guitar building to drawing, sculpting, painting and there are many more professions where you will find artisans.

I just mentioned painting but even within painting there are so many different specialisms that to find something unique I thought about body painting.

You might think why a body painting is a great way to show your love, and yes, there are many ways to express your love and many ways to picture it but not all mamas to be think about body painting and you just did, that already makes you one of a kind and that is a reason why painting your growing belly makes an unique gift.

Your belly painted, pictured, framed and placed where ever you think is best to show your love for your unborn.

A body painting is something unique but does not last forever, it is easy to wash away but at the same time there is a time frame in which you have to make that decision.

Is it really a decision to make something unique? Your body is unique, your belly is unique and the painting will be unique too.

Your friends might want to copy you with their own painting, their husband might want it too but has to wait a few years to gain a few pounds.

It is a good time when you are preggers to paint this illusion of that belly of yours and make it a great for yourself, to your unborn and anyone who loves the thought of uniqueness. 

Video: 12 Eye-Catching Painting Ideas

Body Paint Illusions Different Kind

To get some inspiration you might watch Skins Wars on Netflix where they put 10 artists together, let them compete in 10 rounds of body painting tasks, eliminate 1 artist after each round and at the end of the show there is 1 winner.

Great entertainment but my thoughts went further than just a great show and a lot of paint.

I wondered if body painting is part of our “ordinary” life and how this can go a step further like the body painting I just saw.

Body Painting in Daily Life

You probably now start thinking where you have seen body painting before and let me tell you that you have seen it a lot.

The point is that we do not even realise that body paining is part of our daily life.

Just think about the following:

Many women already use it when putting make-up on their face and although you might think that is not the same however the women are painting and so far.

But okay, let’s leave the make up to the side then you still have seen it.

Just think about that man in the street, well the majority are men, standing there, absolutely not moving at all for a few minutes until someone drops a coins in a mug and suddenly they change the pose of their body, maybe show a “thank you” and then again no movement like a frozen living statue and that for a few minutes until someone else drops a coin in that same mug.

Although this might not be really body painting as these men are covered very often in just one colour which can be grey, silver, gold or any other colour they like that includes all the clothes they are wearing and the naked parts of their body.

Then think further where you might have seen it and although not directly in physical contact there are plenty of movies where the bodies of both men and women are painted and that just because of the character they play in that movie.

Think about Mystique in X-Men whose body is painted blue. 

Question: Who was the first to play mystique in X-Men? 

Then another famous movie is James Bonds Goldfinger where the body was totally painted in gold and so there are many movies where body painters have done their job and in this light a body paint illusion of your belly will be absolutely great. 

Painting a Cartoon on Your Belly

Pretty sure that when you start thinking about it that you have seen body painting close to you like at a fancy fair where children often have painted small cartoons or other funny illustrations on their cheeks. Having a children’s party where the kids paint each other’s cheeks must be really fun to do.

And this brings us back to the topic of this article where we look at another way of body painting but then to pregnant women who just want something else then the “standard” baby gifts which often look nice but it is not unique, it is not special.

Painting a cartoon on your belly is unique but there is a time limit where only in the 2nd of half of your pregnancy your belly will be grown to proportions like the girls in the video and then it is really worthwhile to have that belly painted and photographed and perhaps even framed to hang it on the wall.

It would be an eye-catching gift to your unborn although pretty sure that others would love it too and might even be an inspiration for your friends to do have their bellies painted when the time is right for them.

Painting your belly is unique, there is only 1 of you, and is definitely worth exploring to see if you are up to the idea of having your pregnant body painted, well, let’s keep it to the belly, pictured and framed to be placed on the wall in the child’s bedroom.

Or maybe your own bedroom or even better in the living room because you will be proud and rightly so. 


There are plenty of places nearby for you to go to for a body paint illusion but you might even think of having the daddy of your child to paint your belly.

And as long as you use the right body paint material that you can easily wash off, it is harmless and you can start over and over again although there is a time limit of a few months but that should be enough to get experience and a great unique design painted on your growing belly.

Body Paint Artists

When you watch Skin Wars then these painters are really artists and that is what you would expect from a body painter who lives near you.

As mentioned, it is worthwhile exploring and that is easily done sitting on the sofa and using your phone to browse through the images body painter artists have created and think what you want on your belly.

Exploring website after website, image after image, to make up your mind, know what you want and have the artist use his/her imagination to design and paint.

Or make a booking and let it be a surprise what the artist makes and when you do not like it, have a shower and another go. 

Body Paint Illusion

We all know that an illusionist mirrors the illusion in front of your eyes and we all fall for the trick. This is the same with a body paint illusion where the body is so painted that it is incorporated with the image. There is no difference anymore between body and canvas.

Often, we see this on a female body, especially with the so-called Skin Wars however obviously a male body can be used as well and now just image that you want an eye-catching gift and you are not pregnant.

Think about a professional making a painting of your body, capture it on image and have this delivered as a gift. How amazing would that be?

Pretty sure that when you grab your mobile and search for “body painting specialist” or something like that you will get an amazing list of businesses specialising in body painting. 

Paint the Front of the Body

There is no need to do a full body painting as that just takes a lot of time but a painting of just the front can be just enough.

Especially, when you make a picture of it then you just need to make sure that there is no naked skin left but easier written then done.

The Image

There are so many images to paint that it is just a matter of choice or purpose, even images where you need multiple people in a pose but the body painter, artist in its own right, will help you to make sure that the body image you have in your mind can be done.

Just imagine that you want an image of an animal the receiver loves, why not paint that and have this pictured? 

Is Body Painting Dangerous?

Body painting is everywhere, many actors who were a costume that they need in a particular play or movie have some kind of body paint.

X-Men – I mentioned Skin Wars and knowing that the host Rebecca Romijn played Mystique in the X-Men trilogy movies without any issues then you might say that body painting is not dangerous.

Wizzard of Oz – The body sweats and covering the body with paint cannot be good and there are examples know like the actor Buddy Ebsen who played Thin Man in the Wizzard of Oz.

Reason that he even got hospitalised was that white clown makeup with aluminum dust was used to cover his body to get the “tin” look.

In the end the aluminum dust coated his lungs turning the skin blue and difficulties breezing.

Before painting the whole body just paint a small part of the body to see if there are any allergic reactions, never use other paint then body paint to keep it all save.

Proper body paint can be washed of directly therefore have a shower after the body is painted and the image that you were looking for is taken.

Body paint is not dangerous as long as you follow the guidelines set by the authorities or use a water-based paint which is the easiest to get rid of and save with kids born and unborn.

You can expect a professional artist to know the best paint to use for the circumstance. 

Kids Party – Face painting competition

painted kids face

If the decision to paint your belly is “not now” but later then you might rethink or change it from belly to face but not your face.

How about painting the face of then born child, let’s say 5 years young which would be great isn’t it?

A paint party with all your kids friends.

  • A face painting at your kid’s party will be so funny for all children because which kid does not like to paint?
  • And then paint each other that will be even more fun.
  • Have the body painted or just the face painted, it is harmless and great excitement.
  • You can do this within a competition to win a price at the end although isn’t it better to let the kids just have fun and ending the party with eating pizza which the kids will love. 

Best Body Paint to Use

There are many different body paints on the market but a safe bed for you is to use a water-based paint that can be both used for the face and body and is easily washed off.

Not only do you protect your child both born and unborn but some body paint can be less easy to wash off and that is something you do not want.

Best for now is to search online or just look where you can buy body paint so you or daddy can start painting. 

Paint, Shower, Paint, Shower, Paint

There are many ways to have your body painted
– find an artist
– buy paint and have your friend or lover do it
– buy paint and paint yourself although that might be tricky.

Whatever you choose painting your pregnant belly is unique and is a great way to express your love for your unborn child.

Let the time not be wasted start searching or just buy a body paint set which won’t cost that much.

It gives you a good indication if you like to have your belly painted and when you mess up then simply have a shower and start over again and again and…….. 

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