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Aug 22 2023


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Russia National Flag Day

Russia National Flag Day is a day the Russians are proud of. The Russian flag has been through many changes since its creation, but it still stands as a symbol of patriotism for all Russians. Let’s take a look at the history and meaning of Russia’s national flag.

President B. Yeltsin of Russia issued the following decree on August 20, 1994: “Establish the Day of the National Flag on August 22 and commemorate it yearly in recognition of the revival on August 22, 1991, of the historical Russian tricolor national flag, which had been adorned with pride by countless generations of Russians. When the first Russian battleship, “Orel,” was deployed in 1668, the colors white, blue, and red were initially used for the flag.

Russia National Flag Day

The white-blue-red colors were to be used on trading ships, according to an edict that Peter I issued on January 20, 1705. Tsar personally created the design and established the placement of the horizontal stripes. The tricolor had served as a commercial and corporate banner.

Along with it, numerous flags representing other branches of the military and the Emperor’s mark had been present. It has taken a long time for the tricolor to become the national symbol. The red flag was adopted as the national emblem of the RSFSR in 1918 and the USSR in 1922.

The tricolor was reinstated as Russia’s official symbol on August 22, 1991, at the RSFSR Supreme Court’s special session. The statute “Of the National Flag of the Russian Federation” was authorized by the President of the Russian Federation on December 11, 1993.

The president issued the proclamation designating August 22 as the Day of the Russian National Flag in August of that year. The federal law “Of the national flag of the Russian Federation,” which established the use of the tricolor, was approved in December 2000.

The national flag’s colors currently lack an official meaning, although it is widely held that the white color stands for perfection, chastity, purity, and peace; the blue color, loyalty, and constancy; and the red color, power, and bloodshed for the country.

Riders hold the Russian national flag in Moscow on Aug. 22, 2016, during celebrations of National Flag Day.
Riders hold the Russian national flag in Moscow on Aug. 22, 2016, during celebrations of National Flag Day.

History Of Russia National Flag Day

When Peter I came to power, the Russian flag was transformed into a symbol of his aspirations to make Russia a modern nation. He had aspirations of creating a strong Russian fleet. The king went to the Netherlands to study cutting-edge shipbuilding as a result.

He selected a flag for Russian trade ships in the 17th century that was similar to the red, white, and blue of the Dutch tricolor. White, blue, and red stripes were arranged on the Russian flag. When the Soviet Union was in power, the Russian flag looked drastically different. The new hue stood for ideals centered on the Red Banner or the insurrection of the people. The sickle, the gold hammer, and the red star made up the original state flag.

As the Soviet Union’s defenses started to fray, resentment mounted. The administration maintained tight control, but it failed to capture a unified vision for the populace. Mikhail Gorbachev became president in 1985. To save the Soviet Union’s economy, he put into action a comprehensive economic reform plan. The leaders of the communist parties, who had unrestricted control and authority, did not appreciate Gorbachev’s efforts.

The group kidnapped Gorbachev in 1991 and took over the government by force. They even went so far as to say that Gorbachev was “indisposed” and hence unsuitable to serve as president. It was a deadly error in judgment.

After the news, protests broke out across the Soviet Union, bringing the country closer together than ever. Even the armed troops sent in to put down the uprising opposed the killing of civilians. The Soviet Union had undoubtedly fallen apart as a result of the failed coup.

Returning to Moscow, Gorbachev announced his resignation the next year, handing the reins of a new Russia to Boris Yeltsin. By instituting Flag Day, Yeltsin brought the Russian tricolor back to its previous splendor.

The Russian SFSR chose a new flag during the Soviet Union’s collapse following the August Coup in 1991 that was reminiscent of the pre-revolutionary tricolor that had been banned in 1917. The new flag had a 1:2 ratio and the colors were white on top, blue in the middle, and red at the bottom.

The traditional Russian tricolor was entirely reinstated as the current flag following the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis, but the flag’s design remained unchanged until 1993. By decision dated August 22, 1991, the supreme soviet of the Russian SFSR decided that the ancient imperial tricolor flag will stand as the state’s flag following the events of the failed coup in Moscow.

Law No. 1827-1, which was passed on November 1, 1991, consequently altered the constitution. The Soviet flag was lowered from the Kremlin and then modified with the tricolor flag as the USSR broke apart on December 25, 1991.

The proportions of the flag used in the contemporary era were changed from 1:2 to 2:3 in 1993, and most recently by a statute passed in 2000. Boris Yeltsin, the president of the Russian Federation, issued Decree No. 2126, “On the State Flag of the Russian Federation,” on December 11 of that year.

The flag was described as a “rectangular panel of three equal horizontal stripes, the top being white, the middle being blue, and the bottom being red, with a width to length ratio of 2:3” in Article 1 of the decree. Launched in 1994, National Flag Day is a recognized holiday in Russia. On August 22, the day of the putschists’ defeat in 1991, it is observed, that employees go to work as usual.

How People Celebrate Russia National Flag Day

Joining The Celebration

Even though National Flag Day is not a holiday, Moscow nevertheless celebrates it. People take in the city’s shows, concerts, and other events. Usually, there will be over 250 performances, talks, exhibitions, and workshops in the city, spread across 17 parks, 149 libraries, and cultural institutions. These events are open to everyone and are free.

Putting On The Color Of The Flag

People celebrate National Flag Day sincerely. Today, people can fly one, two, or all three hues of the Russian flag. The location of the workshop will be Babushkinsky Park, where attendees will make Origami birds and flowers out of pieces of white, blue, and red paper. Folk-art groups will steal the show when they put on their holiday performances.

People Take Part In A Range Of Activities

On August 22, a workshop starts at Perovsky Park, where contestants will use the Origami method to create a variety of aircraft models. Visitors to the park will have the opportunity to put huge models together and paint them that same day. A seminar on the flags and pennants of the major Russian Armed Forces branches will also be available for attendees. Interested visitors to the Hermitage Garden also grow paper flowers in flowerbeds that have been decorated by skilled painters in the colors of the Russian flag.

Having A Movie Night With A Russian Theme

People can choose from a variety of movies based in Russia, including biopics and war flicks. Enjoy hours of intense viewing by themselves or with their friends.

Importance of National Flag Day In Russia 

The declaration of state sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) was adopted in June and is commemorated on this day. The First Congress of People’s Deputies adopted this Declaration, which signaled the start of the Russian Soviet state’s constitutional change.

It Represents The Soul Of The Country

We are aware that a nation’s flag embodies its spirit. But few flags bear the complexity and weight of history like the one flying over Russia.

It Is A Sign Of Unification

Russian National Flag Day is a hopeful holiday. A reminder of what is possible when people come together for a common goal.

It Represents National Pride

National flags have a certain allure. Even the most emotionless people can feel something when they see them fluttering in the breeze.

Russian National Flag Day Celebrated All Around the Country
Russian National Flag Day Celebrated All Around the Country

What To Give On Russia National Flag Day

You Can Take Your Friends Out For Lectures

There will be heraldry lectures in several parks, cultural centers, and libraries. On August 22, a lecture including specialists on the history of the two-headed eagle a widely recognized Russian state emblem will be held in Zaryadye Park.

They will study the German origins of this emblem and explain when these eagles were originally utilized to represent the authority of the Russian Grand Princes.

Additionally, talks on the history of Russian heraldry will be held at Bauman Garden. You can go out and enjoy the day with your friends while learning. Undoubtedly, it will be a day to remember!

Conclusion Russia National Flag Day

The flag is still very much alive in modern Russia and elsewhere. The flag is frequently flown at Communist demonstrations by attendees who want to convey their longing for the Soviet Union. The flag continues to play a significant role, whether it is with former Soviet citizens or new college students who have never even experienced it.

Mostly every Russian tsar changed the flag’s design, but Nicholas II authorized the current color pattern in 1896 following a special meeting at the Justice Ministry. The red flag served as the nation’s flag throughout the Soviet era. On August 22, 1991, the tricolor was rebuilt after it had collapsed.

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