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National Simplicity Day



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  • Date: Jul 12 2024
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United States


Jul 12 2024


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National Simplicity Day

Do you feel like life is too complex? Overwhelmed with commitments, deadlines, and responsibilities? Take a break on National Simplicity Day and get back to basics! July 12th marks the unofficial holiday of National Simplicity Day which was founded in honor of Henry David Thoreau’s work advocating for leading an intentional, simplified lifestyle.

On this day, Americans are encouraged to reflect on their values and refocus their attention on things that matter most – so let’s dive into how we can celebrate it and experience inner peace by slowing down and paying tribute to simpler times.

What is National Simplicity Day and why is it important

National Simplicity Day is an unofficial holiday every July 12 that celebrates the simple pleasures in life through a lens of purposeful minimalism. It honors transcendentalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau and his landmark book on the joys of a simpler existence, “Walden”.

By taking time to honor National Simplicity Day each year, we can reconnect with ourselves and give ourselves the space to explore what really matters in life—beyond material possessions and overstimulation. Through simple living, we can prioritize well-being and appreciate nature, creativity, relationships, and ideas in meaningful ways – this is what makes this important holiday so valuable.

How to celebrate National Simplicity Day and make it meaningful

Celebrating National Simplicity Day doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to make it meaningful. Simple activities like setting aside the day for self-reflection, nature walks, reading Thoreau’s works, learning about minimalist principles, and decluttering can help us keep in mind the importance of living simply and putting aside stressors of everyday life. These are all easy ways to take the day to appreciate life’s simple pleasures and it’s a great opportunity to stop and think about our lifestyle choices. As Thoreau said “simplify, simplify” – so National Simplicity day can be an ideal time to think through how we’re living our lives and focus on improving one thing at a time.

National Simplicity Day

Ways to practice living simply on a day-to-day basis

National Simplicity Day is an excellent reminder to recognize the importance of finding balance and joy in pursuing a simpler lifestyle. To help observe the day, there are many simple ways to work on simplifying your life. You can start by evaluating daily habits and routines, such as streamlining tasks or keeping a schedule. Practicing mindfulness can also be helpful when it comes to recognizing which activities are bringing energy vs draining it, allowing you to prioritize accordingly.

Additionally, cutting down on clutter and taking the time to focus on the present moment can further make a positive impact toward leading a simpler life. All these small changes together can lead to greater contentment related to being able to focus on oneself and enjoy life’s simple pleasures more mindfully.

The benefits of living a simpler life

Living a simpler life can have endless benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. On National Simplicity Day, it’s important to remember the inspiring words of Henry David Thoreau: simplify our lives so that we can live more fully and abundantly.

By simplifying our life, we remove excesses that may be holding us back from feeling our best. We remove tasks that take time away from the things that really matter – like friends, family, hobbies, or time spent outdoors – all of which can help reduce stress and fatigue whilst improving overall health and contentment. So this National Simplicity Day, start taking steps towards living a simpler life; you won’t regret it!

Resources for further exploration into the simplicity movement

Celebrating National Simplicity Day is a great opportunity to take an honest look at your life and see how you can live more simply! To explore the simplicity movement further, there are a number of helpful resources you can check out. Henry David Thoreau’s classic book “Walden” is an excellent starting point for sparking inspiration for living simply and connecting with nature.

A variety of podcasts also provide insight into simplifying life, such as “The Simple Show,” wherein hosts Tsh Oxenreider and Jonathan b explores tips on decluttering and co-living. Additionally, websites such as The Minimalists allow their readers to browse articles on downsizing, saving money, and environmentalism. All in all, there’s no lack of resources when it comes to learning more about the simplicity movement!

National Simplicity Day

How to create a simplified home environment

Simplicity isn’t just about clearing out closets, but rather creating a peaceful and stress-free environment. National Simplicity Day is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home. Start by focusing on one specific area of the room and dedicating an hour or two every day to getting rid of clothes, books, and objects that no longer need a place in your home.

Set realistic goals like purging through five items per week and organizing according to color or type. Try to arrange your furniture so that the pieces don’t conflict with each other, which makes the room feel more spacious and calming. Add neutral colors which can help create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to both productivity and relaxation. Taking cues from Henry David Thoreau’s belief in living simply can help make each surrounding you live in not only tranquil but also aesthetically pleasing!

Simplifying our lives can work to our benefit in multiple ways, leaving us more connected to ourselves and the world around us. Celebrating National Simplicity Day is a great way to delve into this philosophy of living simply. We can gain better clarity by honoring the values associated with simplicity, along with enjoying greater overall well-being when implementing it into our lives.

By taking actionable steps such as decluttering your home, creating peaceful and comfortable spaces to live in, and committing to regular self-care practices, you can begin to open yourself up to the beauty of a simpler life. There are many amazing resources available that further promote a lifestyle of intention, focus, and mindfulness – from books by Henry David Thoreau and other authors within the simplicity movement, to podcasts like “Living Simply” from The Minimalists and websites like Simple Living Guide – all working towards encouraging us on our path toward serenity and contentment. Why not celebrate National Simplicity Day this year and take some time out for yourself?


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