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National Doughnut Week



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National Doughnut Week

Every year, starting the 3rd Saturday of May, National Doughnut Week is held to raise money for The Children’s Trust. Young people and children who have had brain injuries can receive treatment programs from The Children’s Trust, a charity organization with offices in Tadworth. Every year, more than 40,000 kids in the UK experience brain damage that may be brought on by sickness or an accident.

Although the outlook is favorable for many, thousands of people still face long-term or persistent problems.

These kids and their families receive assistance from The Children’s Trust. You can assist The Children’s Trust in raising money to finance these kids and their families by participating in National Doughnut Week.

Every year during National Doughnut Week, schools and businesses sell doughnuts to raise money for The Children’s Trust, the foremost organization in the UK serving children with brain injuries. Anybody interested in participating only needs to complete an online form (found here), after which they will receive a goodie bag to aid in planning and publicizing their efforts. The only thing left to do is prepare (or purchase) a lot of doughnuts, sell them, and donate the money to The Children’s Trust. 

Everyone smiles as they eat that delectable deep-fried dessert for whatever reason. National Donut Week honors this delightful food, its heritage, and the women who accomplished something truly remarkable with these delectable treats during World War 1. Continue reading to find out more about this lovely tradition and this special and wonderful event.

National Doughnut Week

History Of National Doughnut Week

Christopher Freeman inaugurated National Doughnut Week 29 years ago. The director of the Dunns Bakery in the United Kingdom is Freeman. Given that the bakery was founded and bought by the Freeman family approximately 200 years ago, it is nothing less than a historical relic. To begin employment as a baker in Highgate, Robert Freeman initially traveled to Northamptonshire in 1820.

Christopher Freeman has carried on his family’s efforts by bringing the Dunns Bakery to new commercial heights two centuries later. In order to raise money for The Children’s Trust and other charities, Freeman declared National Doughnut Week. 

While the sweet treat has been around considerably longer than National Doughnut Week, which is only 29 years old, The Dutch are credited with creating doughnuts in the 19th century. The dough, also known as “olykoeks” or “oil cakes,” was deep-fried until it was golden brown. The fried dough was frequently left undercooked, so additional fillings like almonds, fruit preserves, or cream were added.

The importance of this day is also very strong in America, and it dates back to the First World War. When the American army risked their lives and limbs every day, there wasn’t much to celebrate, but National Donut Week has been created in part thanks to the efforts of a doctor serving in the military during World War I who wanted to make the wounded men he treated to feel better. He bought eight dozen doughnuts on his first day at the military base and gave one to each soldier he cared for.

Lieutenant General Samuel Geary was given one after receiving one from the young doctor, Morgan Pett, who was greatly amused and appreciative of the doctor’s work. Samuel then decided to start a fundraiser, allowing Morgan Pett to continue serving doughnuts to his patients. Following a reality mission, the Salvation Army determined that many of the needs of the soldiers could be met by developing social centers that would offer a variety of facilities, including the doughnut. The Salvation Army and this fundraiser thus began collaborating.

The Importance Of National Doughnut Week

This event honors delicious meals

Doughnuts are a type of cuisine that is enjoyed and adored by many people all around the world. We are transported back to our youth and other sentimental experiences with only one bite of its delicacy. You are always in for a special moment whether you have it for breakfast, dessert, or just as a special treat.

It honors various cultural traditions

There are many different tastes, sizes, and shapes of doughnuts. They are prepared differently in different cultures. Others soak the deep-fried dough in chocolate or sugar syrup before filling them with cream, custard, or jam.

It is an occasion to honor the unity

The goal of National Doughnut Week is to raise awareness of societal issues. The Children’s Trust and other charitable groups have reaped enormous benefits from the week’s emphasis on them.

National Doughnut Salvation Army

National Doughnut Week Traditions

It serves as a means of supporting bakers

People take advantage of the occasion by eating their favorite doughnuts. Doughnuts come in a variety of flavors as well! You can get out there and support your neighborhood bakeries, whether you prefer glazed or crème-filled, holes, or any other variety of freshly baked doughnuts.

Eating a Doughnut

People see this as the opportunity for them to indulge in a doughnut every day of the week. During National Doughnut Week, people indulge in the dessert to the fullest. Of course, they often avoid going overboard and getting sick in the process.

Making of Doughnut

People make their doughnuts to fully enjoy the sweet delicacy. This is because the toppings can be altered to their preferences. 

Promote charitable causes

To promote social causes like The Children’s Trust, National Doughnut Week was established in part to increase public awareness of them. People share the cause on social media and consider making a donation.

Gifts to your Friends

Ever thought about celebrating National Doughnut Week with your friends, then also think about a surprise, a donut gift for your friend.


This year’s National Doughnut Week, asks for a hefty dose of the sweet fried cake. The word “doughnut,” which can also be written as “donut,” is loved by people throughout the world and it comes in a variety of tastes and shapes.

The process of shaping the dough into a disk with a hole in the center, rolling it in crystal sugar, or glazing it with icing sugar, is one of the most common ways to make doughnuts.

Together with your friends and family, bake some doughnuts today and sell them to generate money for some of the charity organizations in your community. This truly is a heroic deed.

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