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National Dog Photographer Day



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United States


Jul 26 2024


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National Dog Photography Day

National Dog Photography Day is to honour of our furry friends. Whether your dog is a part of your family or just your BFF, this day is great to make the necessary images that will make you fall in love with them all over again.

Every year on July 26, dog lovers, pet owners, photographers, and everyone else who loves dogs are urged to upload as many pictures of their dogs as they want without feeling guilty. Did you know that the world’s largest number of dogs kept as pets are found in the United States?

Yes, with over 75.8 million pet dogs, the United States has the biggest pet dog population worldwide. Pet owners worldwide celebrate this pretty modern occasion by showcasing their cherished dogs!

National Dog Photographer Day

Do you enjoy photographing your dogs?

Since July 26th has been recognized as National Dog Photography Day, you can upload as many pictures of your furry buddy without feeling bad about it. As a day of recognition, Kerry Jordan, a pet photographer with Fur and Fables, founded it in 2018.

Jordan was surprised when the day gained popularity. She merely wanted to organize a day when pet owners could upload as many pictures as they pleased. It’s hardly surprising that pet owners from all across the world participated in the #nationaldogphotographyday trend.

What initially began as a little bit of fun and an opportunity to examine dog pictures went off dramatically, and throughout the first year, Jordan was interviewed by media all over the world.

History Of National Dog Photography Day

As a day of awareness, pet photographer Kerry Jordan of Fur and Fables established National Dog Photography Day in 2018. The holiday went viral and gained popularity very rapidly. The hashtag #nationaldogphotographyday went viral as pet owners from around the world joined in to post pictures of their furry friends. What initially started as a silly and fun holiday to look at pictures of cute dogs and puppies, took off in a big way.

Jordan began her profession as a wedding photographer and was even nominated for local honors. Her life was altered when she decided to pursue family photography because she wanted to spend more time with her family and have fewer obligations. This is where she first met Scout, a whippet who would become the subject of her first shot. Over time, she began receiving requests from individuals to take pictures of their dogs. She saw this as an opportunity to establish a market niche and expand along with it.

Therefore, National Dog Photography Day is a fun day that inspires people to share photos of their relationships with their dogs. We can all admit that all dogs are adorable little fluff balls, irrespective of whether they are particularly photogenic or not. What are you still holding out for? Use your pets as models while using your camera or Smartphone. Additionally, no one can refuse attractive dog and puppy pictures on their account!

How People Celebrate National Dog Photography Day

Every year on July 26, people merely post pictures of their dogs on social media using the hashtag #nationaldogphotographyday. Here are some quick recommendations from Kerry Jordan to help take better dog pictures if you are not always happy with them:

  • Sitting on the floor or getting down on their level will give you a much better perspective.
  • Make sure there are no background distractions; if your dog is staring at a signpost, get up and relocate it!
  • Educate your dog to sit and wait; it will be much simpler when your dog isn’t moving about.
  • Looking for a lovely head tilt? Make noises they haven’t noticed before, such as a high-pitched pa pa or brrrrr.
  • Try taking pictures of your dog in the shade on a bright sunny day so that you get soft, even light rather than jarring shadows.

Before taking any pictures make sure your dog is beautiful and all dead hair is removed.

 Other activities include;

Taking Photos 

People take pictures of their dogs as a way to honor National Dog Photography Day. After that, they post them for everyone to see on social media.

Setting Up Events

People can plan dog show events in their neighborhood. Most of the time, they invite their family, friends, and coworkers to the event.

Assisting Those In Need

Some pet owners might not have the luxury of having the best camera or Smartphone to snap amazing images of their dogs. Therefore, people assist others in taking beautiful photos for them.

Dogs are the most common pets adopted worldwide, with a market value of $223.54 billion in 2020, according to findings by Azoth Analytics. National Dog Photography Day is a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude to the lovely, devoted dogs in our lives in addition to urging people to adopt instead of buy. This entails more cuddles, possibly a special new bone, and, yes, giving your canine BFF stylish, design-driven dog gear. Dogs can also be fashionable!

Take an image of your dog

Importance Of National Dog Photography Day

This Day Is Very Much Needed

Holidays like National Dog Photography Day offer a much-needed dose of joy in today’s world where anger, negativity, and hubris are destroying many people’s lives. People Participate in the events to spread happiness.

It Promulgates Goodwill

National Dog Photography Day is a happy occasion with a positive message. Additionally, it promotes knowledge about the welfare and care of animals.

Dogs Are Unique

There is no doubt about it; a dog is a man’s best buddy. On National Dog Photography Day, people have the chance to spend time with their dogs.

Here are some ideas and tactics to help us take the finest photos of our pets because, as we all know, it may be challenging to acquire the ideal shot or stance of them.

How To Get The Ideal Angle:

A photograph is made or broken by its positioning. Usually, if you go down to your dog’s level, you will gain a better viewpoint. It might even entail sitting on the ground or hunching over, depending on the type of dog and the surroundings.

Gaining access to a cooperative model

Additionally, teaching your dog to wait and sit is very beneficial. This is useful in daily life, but it will also make a photo shoot go more smoothly when your dog isn’t continuously wandering around and is willing to cooperate.

How to persuade them to pose

Try making noises that your dog hasn’t heard before to peak their curiosity and induce that priceless head tilt if you want to get inventive and capture a cute smile from your dog for the photo.

Setting the scene

Making sure that your animal friend is the main subject of the photo is another important consideration. Therefore, before taking the picture, check what will be visible and ensure there are no background interruptions. If there is something in the way, feel free to move around so that the background does not compete with the subject.

How to choose the ideal lighting

Try photographing your dog in a uniformly shaded area if you are taking shots on a dazzling, sunny day so that you don’t get sharp shadows. This will ensure that there are no splotchy shade patterns from the environment, whether tree leaves, and that the photo is not overexposed.


How to calm them down

Make yourself and your dog as easy as you can. The environment of the photo shoot significantly affects how the dog feels and acts. Your dog may become anxious if you take bright flash photography or studio shots because these situations are odd and unexpected to them. The dog will probably appear more relaxed and at ease in the photos if you photograph them in a park or even in your backyard.

Last but not least, you must think about your dog’s personality and character while deciding what photos to take. The photos that best capture their characters tend to be the best-looking, most charming photos. But this doesn’t have to be at all difficult.

Capture your puppy in his or her natural environment. If your dog is much laid back and enjoys napping, take a picture of them while they are dozing off or resting. If your dog enjoys playing with toys, take a picture of them while they are engaged in that activity. Take a picture of your dog enjoying their favorite snack, for example, if they love to eat.

What to Give on National Dog Photography Day?

You Can Bake A Friendly Treat For Your Friend’s Dog

There are numerous recipes for dog meals, handmade biscuits, and doggie pastries online. Making something from scratch for your friend’s pet is enjoyable, and they will undoubtedly enjoy it. Additionally, if baking is not your thing, you may simply pick up your dog’s favorites on your way to their house.

Donate To The Animal Shelter In Your Area

Donating to help animals find their own homes is a thoughtful way to show your best buddy how much you care about them and their dogs. Or, if you can, apply to foster or adopt a dog for them.


National Nature Photography Day

When you are taking images of your dog in nature remember there is also a National Nature Photography Day celebrated on the 15th of June each year.

Conclusion National Dog Photography Day

It’s about time we gave our dogs some extra love on their national photographer holiday in appreciation for all they have done for us. You are indeed a canine hero whether you walk the dogs, take their pictures, care for them when they are ill, or entertain them while their owners are at work all day, so enjoy yourself with them on this forthcoming National Photographer Dog Day.


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