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Aug 12 2023


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International Youth Day

International Youth Day is all about being fearless. So what does that mean for you? Well, it could mean anything from taking on a new challenge to standing up for what you believe in, even if others don’t agree with you. No matter what it means to you, just know that there’s nothing you can’t do! So go out and change the world!

It is no news that many youths around the world are faced with a number of difficulties, many of which are due to limited access to essential resources that can pave way for a better future. 

International Youth Day

Without a doubt, this demographic group called youths play a vital role in the growth and development of any society. Therefore, they deserve a day where the challenges many of them are facing are carefully observed and tackled; a day where their voices are aired and all issues effectively addressed. 

The above thought amongst others must have spurred the initiative now celebrated all over the world i.e a  day dedicated to this wonderful demographic group which stands as the pride and forte of any society. This day is widely known as International Youth Day.

One of the top 6 international Youth Day Quotes

“That’s where the future lies, in the youth of today”

Willie Stargell

This helps to drive the point home as to why the youth around the world is vital to the growth and development of any society. Therefore, they need essential resources that would help them make a great impact on their society.

Another quote

“Keep true to the dreams of your youth”

Friedrich Schiller

Paying attention to the youth, therefore, becomes germane for the government.

Alas! Like a dream come true, August 12 was organized as the day to recognize the input of young people around the world, where the attention of governments and others are drawn to youth issues worldwide; where awareness of issues that may be facing the world’s youth are raised and their achievements celebrated.

So are you a youngster? Are you between the ages of 15 to 24 years? If yes, August 12th is a day where you can make contributions and showcase your many achievements without feeling bad about it.

History Of International Youth Day

The World Conference of Ministers for Youth made a recommendation which was endorsed by the UN General Assembly on December 17, 1999.

This was the day International Youth Day was formed.

On August 12, 2000, International Youth Day was first celebrated, and since then the day has been used to enlighten society, and get youths involved in politics.

The purpose of International Youth Day was to encourage and inspire leaders of countries to be aware of issues concerning youth, and to empower young people all around the world to engage in public life to the end that they are equipped and prepared to contribute to society’s development.

Over the years, during International Youth day, activities like concerts, workshops, cultural concerts, and meetings involving government officials both at the national and local levels and youth organizations take place around the world. A theme is selected by The Focal Point on Youth for the day with input from members of the UN Inter-Agency Network in youth development and from youth organizations.

International Youth Day

How People Celebrate International Youth Day

Globally, quite a number of online and offline events are held annually to commemorate International Youth Day. Some special hashtags for the day include #InternationalYouthDay, #YouthLife#, #YouthAlive, #YouthFreedom, and #CelebratingYouth, to mention but a few.

The theme of the previous year’s International Youth Day was “Transforming Food systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”. This year’s theme is “Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages. The objective of this year’s theme is to amplify the message that action needs to be put in place across all generations to achieve the SDGs and to ensure no one is left behind. The United Nations organizes various events to commemorate the day

Here are some ways people celebrate the event:

  • People Watch Films About Youth Issues

Many films and shows have been created which give insight into the struggles faced by youth today and increase empathy for the youth of today. Some of these films include “All the Bright Places” produced in 2022, “The perks of Being a Wallflower” produced in 2012, The Spectacular Now which was produced in 2013 and “American History” produced in 1998.

  • People get involved with an international Youth day event

Some of these events include sports events, concerts, parades, volunteer projects and achievement exhibitions. Some events may be held in person while other events like thematic discussions can be held virtually. People get involved in these events either by volunteering to help, donating money or giving support in whatever ways might be useful.

  • People Spread The Message

In order to celebrate International youth day, people effectively spread the message by using all necessary channels. Some of these channels include Facebook, Twitter, university newsletters, and local newspapers. 

  • People Write to Their Country’s Minister of Youth

Writing to the Minister of Youth is to inform him or her about the challenges and difficulties young people face in their daily lives and to suggest solutions. A list of Ministers of Youth can be found at www.un.org/youth.

Other ways people celebrate International Youth Day include:

  • Contacting popular local/national radio stations to make an educational radio show, requesting a slot to have a discussion with distinguished individuals and youth.
  • Organizing a (virtual) public meeting or debate to discuss the contributions to the global issues made by young people.
  • Launch adult/youth roundtable discussions to promote intergenerational understanding.
  • Organize a youth forum to share ideas and discuss cultural backgrounds to help youth accept others and popularize a non-violent culture.
  • Holding an exhibition: Obtain permission to use public space for an art exhibition that highlights the challenges of today’s youth or how youth contribute to development.

Importance of International Youth Day

  • Emphasis on the Rights of Youth

International Youth Day focuses on the rights of young people to full access to education, healthcare, employment, money services and full participation in public life. 

  • Recognition of The Contributions of Youth

International Youth Day is a day where the contributions of youngsters who are pushing for the betterment of society, both locally and globally.

  • Global Issues Are Tackled

The youth of the world are faced with different issues, challenges and barriers to essential resources. The gravity of the challenge however depends on which part of the world they are living, be it developed, developing or underdeveloped countries. 

The youth from the developing and underdeveloped countries to date clamour for basic amenities like health, education and employment. The International youth day provides a platform where these issues are widely discussed by these young people and suggestions are made for the coming days.

  • It Focuses on Building a Better World for Our Coming Generation.

International Youth Day lays out a set of priorities to focus on creating tangible improvements in children’s lives. The UN created fifteen priorities which include areas of focus like ensuring cases of HIV/AIDS are reduced to a minimum, eliminating childhood hunger, and providing more access to education.

What To Give On International Youth Day

  • Empowerment Through Education 

This can either be formal or informal. It can bring positive change to young people’s lives and lift them out of poverty.

  • Formal Education

Involves helping to tutor for entrance examinations, and assisting with university and seminary education.

  • Non-formal Education

These may include vocational training and apprenticeship, job search skills, and computer skills. 

In Conclusion, International Youth Day gives a platform to the voices of the youth. Youth are engaged and initiatives and actions are taken to increase opportunities for them. By better understanding the problems that are barriers to youth development, it is easier to implement policy change.

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