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International Womens Day



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  • Date: Mar 08 2074
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Mar 08 2074


All Day

International Womens Day

Did you know that there is International Womens Day? It falls on March 8th every year and is a day to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. This year, let’s make sure to mark the occasion by doing something special for ourselves.

Whether that means taking yourself out for brunch, buying yourself a new piece of jewellery, or simply taking some time to relax and enjoy your own company, be sure to do something that makes you feel good. After all, you deserve it!

It is no secret that for most of the world’s history most societies and cultures are drenched in the patriarchal system. In this system, the man is of major importance and the women are treated as second-class citizens their rights and voices are not regarded by many so here’s of the society and cultures.

About 3 centuries ago rape was treated as a crime against the husband of the man whose wife was raped rather than a crime against the man, showing how women were treated in society as property and not human beings. In recent times the struggle against the silencing of the voices of women and their rights as fellow human beings has produced many results.

Women have been robbed of their rights for many years around the globe. In recent years women of various races in different countries have protested and acted against the injustice done against their gender and they have been able to make substantial changes to the laws against the female gender.

Days have been assigned to celebrate the struggle of women for their rights and this article will be focusing on National Women’s Day in South Africa, its History, and how it can be celebrated. 

International Womens Day

History of Womens Day

Women’s Day was first celebrated in Chicago, Illinois, USA in the year 1908, and by 1911 International Women’s Day was celebrated. As far back as 1913, the women of South Africa marched and burned passbooks in protest against the discrimination laws in their country.

The South African women fought for their freedom during the Apartheid because these laws discriminated against women, mostly black women. On August 9, 1956, the South African women staged a protest in Pretoria South Africa where more than 20,000 women of different races marched against the unfairness of the Apartheid government in South Africa.

During March over 14,000 petitions were delivered and a 30 minutes silent protest. It was not until almost forty years later on August 9 1995 that it was declared International Womens Day as a remembrance of the 1956 March in Pretoria. The March of 1956 brought into the global light the unfair treatment of the apartheid government against women. Different countries have their days when they celebrate national women’s day. 

How to celebrate International Womens Day

These days provide an avenue to show women how much they are appreciated for being the backbone of society. August 9 in South Africa is a day to honour the women in the society for their numerous contributions. The following are ways we can celebrate this day; 

Support for women’s rights 

Even with the level of progress made against gender discrimination, it is not uncommon to find in certain places like the office environment where women are being sidelined completely on basis of their gender and not their performance.

Or women are treated badly in the organization. Supporting women’s right might include signing petitions, or joining in rallies and protest against such cruel treatment. Rallies for the rights of women are not inky for the female gender, the male gender is also to participate because gender discrimination is a shame to the society as a whole.

Advocating for women’s rights could include fighting against a certain form of discrimination in the workplace like gender pay discrepancies. It could also include advocating for female education. 

Educating young females about their rights and opportunities available to them 

Another way to celebrate national women’s day is to educate the young women folks about their rights. In some places the young girls have grown with an inferiority mentality, thinking that they are inferior to the male gender.

They must be reeducated to see that they have every right to life and education like their male counterparts. They must not see themselves as second-class citizens so they must be properly educated in this light and this day provides an opportunity for such education. 

International Womens Day March

Give to the cause 

Any movement requires financial support and the movement against gender discrimination is no different. From helping girls get equal education or empowering women all these require money and this day is as good as any day to support the movement financially.

There are several charities you can make donations to where the funds would be used to help women in need all over the world. Examples of women-focused charities are; 

  • Girls not Brides: this charity is focused on putting a stop to child marriages. It is a non-profit organization that fights for gender equality, increases awareness against child marriages, and supports laws that go against child marriages too. 
  • Kiva: This organic provides small loans for women all over the world. This has gone a long way in reducing poverty since the year 2005. 
  • Global fund for women: this charity was established by female activists in the year 1987. This charity provides funds for women’s empowerment all around the globe by supplying funds for the women’s movement at the grassroots level and fighting for the rights of women all around the world. 

Honor Women in the society 

National women’s day provides an opportunity to honor women of great substance and achievement. Women who despite the harsh conditions have made a name for themselves. National women’s day is not just to honor these women but every other woman, it is a day to show them love, care, and affection and let them see that they are not taken for granted but that their contribution to society is appreciated. 

Host an event in Honor of the International Women’s Day 

An event can be held that brings women together and celebrates them. This kind of event should be a community event so women from all around can join in and be appreciated. Talks and seminars could be held to educate the uninformed about the struggles women go through on daily basis in the various aspects of life because of their gender and how these struggles and burdens can be lessened or completely removed. 

Girl Power

National women’s day film screening. 

Films tend to have a strong impact on our emotions and behaviors. Movies with strong female leads should be shown for both young and old women to see that it is possible to be a woman and be strong in our society. These movies help develop a sense of ability within them. Movies that are appropriate for this celebration are; 

  • Hooligan sparrow (2016): this is a documentary about a human rights activist who spoke against the abuse of six school girls by their principal 
  • Hidden figures (2017): this is the story of three black women, Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson who worked behind the scene at NASA for one of the greatest achievements in history. 


International Women’s Day is one to be celebrated loudly because the achievements and struggles of the women are a loud one. These activities help create awareness and solutions to the problems facing the female population and show appreciation for their contributions to society. One must learn to appreciate women for their struggles and achievements despite the harsh environment. This International Women day we must all take the initiative to celebrate the women in our lives and our society

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