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Mar 10 2025


All Day

International Wig Day

Have you ever thought about painting your hair but never got the courage to do so? Then why not wear a wig for International Wig Day which is celebrated on the 10th of March each year?

You can combine this with fantastic clothing and make a masquerade during a special celebration.

If you thought that wearing a wig is only for the bold or in case you lost your hair to whatever treatment, then please remember that in certain professions wearing a wig is still common today.

But what about drag queens, they look fantastic, and pretty sure that the majority wear a wig, and that is not only for the 10th of March.

So, whatever the occasion may be, if you feel like painting your hair in a different color or just want to try out a new hairstyle, then put on a wig!

International Wig Day

Where does International Wig Day come from?

The British Hairdressers’ Association created this special day in 2011 to encourage people to experiment with their hair and have some fun but the more favorable story is that Danish Temashop created this day to make people aware of cancer and the loss of hair because of the chemotherapy treatment.

History of Wearing a Wig

We can go back in history to see that people have been wearing wigs since the early days of mankind.

The Egyptians used wigs to protect their shaved heads from the sun.

And in ancient Greece, both men and women wore wigs as a sign of wealth and status.

In the 18th century, wig-wearing became extremely popular in Europe, especially among men.

At that time, wigs were seen as a symbol of power, prestige, and wealth.

But even today there are professions where wearing a wig is part of the job. Wearing a peruke (a wig with curls) is still common among barristers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Drag Queen

Looking at what drag queens were then clearly a wig is part of their identity.

A drag queen is a person, usually, a man, who dresses in women’s clothes and often uses a wig and make-up to create the illusion of being a woman. They are performers who dress up as exaggerated versions of women and often take on female personas in their acts

They perform in nightclubs, on stage, and at events. And they are often very talented singers and dancers.

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a drag queen to enjoy wearing a wig. Anyone can experiment with their hair by wearing a wig on International Wig Day!

Medieval Fantasy

You might have read our story about medieval fantasy and wearing a wig might be an excellent choice as part of the medieval dress to play your part in this fantasy.

But then again, there are many other moments in life when you see people wearing a wig. Just think about movies, which is a fantasy, especially when you think about the dwarves in the Hobbit or our all-time favorite Gimly.

Nope, that is not Gimly but a great image we found on Pixabay.

International Wig Day

Colorful Wigs

Wigs come in all sizes and colors. You can find wigs that are long, short, curly, or straight. You can also find wigs in all colors of the rainbow. So, if you want to experiment with your hair color, wearing a wig is a great way to do it!

International Wig Day

What can I give my friend on International Wig Day?

If you have a friend who loves to experiment with their hair, why not give them a wig for International Wig Day? You can even buy wigs together and have some fun trying out different hairstyles!

Just have a look that the following 10 options to give your friend on International Wig Day:

  • A wig in their favorite color
  • A wig in a style they’ve always wanted to try
  • A wig made from real human hair
  • A synthetic wig that is easy to care for
  • A lace front wig for a natural look
  • A colored wig to change up their look
  • A wig with built-in highlights or lowlights
  • A wig with clip-in extensions for added length or volume
  • A wig with bangs to change their hairstyle
  • A headband, scarf, or hat to help keep the wig in place

Pretty sure this is enough for you and your friend to celebrate international wig day.

How to Celebrate International Wig Day?

If you want to celebrate International Wig Day, there are a few things you can do:

Wear a wig! Try out a new hairstyle or hair color.

Throw a wig party! Invite your friends and have some fun with wigs.

Make a donation to cancer charities.

Share photos of you wearing a wig on social media using the hashtag #InternationalWigDay.

So, whatever the occasion may be, if you feel like painting your hair in a different color or just want to try out a new hairstyle, then put on a wig! International Wig Day is the perfect day to do it!

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