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International Girls Day



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  • Date: Nov 14 2024
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Nov 14 2024


All Day

International Girls Day

International Girls Day is a day to celebrate the importance of girls and young women around the world. It’s a day to reflect on the progress that has been made and to recommit ourselves to working for gender equality.

On International Girls Day, let’s applaud the work that girls are doing to make our world a better place, and pledge to support their endeavors every day of the year.

Let’s also remember all of the girls who still don’t have access to education, healthcare, or basic human rights. We must continue working until every girl has an opportunity to thrive.

If someone brings up the subject of Gender preference, do you respond by saying,

“Gender preference”? Really?

International Girls Day

Is it no longer relevant? Your reaction is undoubtedly a result of the fact that you see more girls among the best pupils in your neighborhood, more women with employment, access to education, money, and resources, and more women in leadership roles and making progress in all spheres. What about all those women and girls who never even had the chance to live, though?

Numerous individuals still desire a male child, notwithstanding the rapid development of India in the twenty-first century. Sons are regarded as assets for political, economic, and ritual reasons because they are seen as the alpha, the guardian, and the provider, but daughters are seen as heavy liabilities.

The International Girls day provides a chance to consider the progress girls have made and the remaining obstacles in the way of worldwide equality. In honor of this event, all girls should use the tools of activism and education, which are denied to so many girls around the world.

On November 14, International Girls Day is formally observed so as to support the diverse interests that girls have and to encourage them to pursue their goals.

The first sorority in Virginia, Kappa Delta, took the lead on this project. It has kept up its efforts to help young women and girls develop their confidence. Find out how you can support girls all over the world by reading this.

History of International Girls Day

In 1897, the first International Girls Day was observed. Yes, that was over a century ago! It originated from a project started by Kappa Delta, sometimes known as “K.D.” or “Kay Dee.”

The purpose of creating this holiday is to urge ladies to be authentically themselves rather than becoming weighed down by cultural expectations.

Through the effort, K.D. hopes to give young women the self-assurance they need to succeed in whichever sector they choose, assisting them in realizing their full potential through a variety of guidance programs.

Coming from a time when women weren’t allowed to be radical, it’s a rather progressive endeavor.

The sorority was founded by Lenora Ashmore Blackiston, Mary Sommerville Sparks Hendrick, Julia Tyler Gardiner Wilson, and Sara Turner White.

Since then, millions of women have joined and are supporting its initiatives as volunteers and mentors.

Prevent Child Abuse America and the Girls Scouts of the USA are two of K.D.’s most significant charitable endeavors. The sorority runs a number of events each year to promote its causes, ranging from lectures to other events.

International Girls Day

How People Celebrate International Girls Day

People Organize Events

To commemorate this day, people organize a unique occasion for Club members who identify as feminine. It might be a special meal, a particularly girl-only sport or game, or a conference with a strong emphasis on collaborative learning. They include methods to honor and celebrate each female who attends and involve girls in event planning.

People Read About Women Who Are Changing the World.

Malala Yousafzai, the remarkable 18-year-old women’s rights activist who has already won a Nobel Peace Prize, is well-known internationally.

Unless you have been living under a very well-insulated rock, you are probably already aware of her. Her ascent to international fame has greatly advanced the cause of women everywhere and raised awareness of education inequality, one of the most pressing problems affecting women today.

Behnaz Shafiei, a fierce Iranian motocross racer who is advocating for gender equality in sports, is just one of numerous female girls making a difference around the globe.

People have a girl gang get-together

Some people invite girls over to discuss contemporary feminism and the problems that still affect females worldwide.

They explore the variety of prejudice and repression that girls experience today by watching documentaries like Miss Representation and It’s a Girl.

These kinds of activities are just as crucial as fundraising efforts or volunteer work because they will empower girls to become future leaders who will have an impact on world policy.

People discuss their concerns

Some people meet up with the female students in their community and discuss concerns pertaining to gender. They also encourage other girls to express their thoughts by listening sympathetically to them.

Importance of International Girls Day

  • It creates an environment for assimilation

The sorority brings girls from different communities and ethnicities together. They not only learn to embrace diversity but also get to know different traditions and interests.

  • It’s a day to cherish individuality

International Girls Day at Kappa Delta is all about accepting your flaws and loving yourself for who you are. Cheers to that! 

  • Girls’ needs are unique.

In comparison to boys, girls experience more prejudice, violence, and lack of time for play and education globally.

Due to their needs for sexual and reproductive health, they also encounter particular difficulties.

The education and dreams of millions of girls around the world are cut short, and their bodies are frequently too little and underdeveloped for safe pregnancies and births.

As a result, they are driven into marriage and motherhood at a very young age. In reality, the top causes of death for girls between the ages of 15 and 18 in low- and middle-income nations are pregnancy and delivery problems.

Mothers who are under the age of 18 are more likely to have undernourished children who pass away before turning five.

Girls and young women have comparatively little schooling since they are sometimes compelled to marry much older males.

They are more likely to experience financial dependence on their partner, domestic and familial abuse, and exclusion from home decision-making.

Empowering girls is a catalyst for broader social change

A girl with access to education, healthcare, voluntary family planning, and safe spaces to live and work will increase her family’s and her community’s health and wealth.

Extra years of education for girls boost their individual earning potential and educated girls are more likely to marry later and have fewer and healthier children.

For this reason, investing in girls may yield some of the best returns for programs aiming to end poverty, violence, and gender inequality.

Girls Celebrating International Girls Day

What to Give on International Girls Day

Set Up a Fundraiser

The majority of charities are more than happy to assist you in setting up a fundraiser in your neighborhood to promote their cause.

A charity that aims to end world hunger, Heifer International, has excellent resources for funding on its website.

To assist you in raising money to support girls’ access to school, Free the Children also offers a free event assistance package.

You may always hold a traditional bake sale or look through our list of original fund-raising suggestions to discover the ideal one.

You may demonstrate your support for women worldwide by organizing a fundraiser and educating your neighborhood about the difficulties girls face on a daily basis.

Support less-privileged girls

Reach out to disadvantaged girls. Pay attention to their struggles and, if you can, make a donation to their welfare. 


International Girls day promotes awareness of both the difficulties that girls experience and the possible outcomes of their resolution.

It is essential to promote greater opportunities for girls and raise awareness of the gender disparity that girls suffer on a global scale.

Do you have female friends, a daughter, or girls in your neighborhood?

Ensure you celebrate them today, it is International Girls Day!


What is International Girls Day?

International Girls Day is a day to celebrate girls around the world and to promote awareness of the difficulties they face.

What are the goals of International Girls Day?

The goals of International Girls Day are to promote greater opportunities for girls and to raise awareness of the gender disparity that girls suffer on a global scale.

How can I support International Girls Day?

You can support International Girls Day by organizing a fundraiser or by reaching out to disadvantaged girls in your community.

Who celebrates International Girls Day?

Anyone can celebrate International Girls Day, but it is especially important to celebrate the women and girls in your life.

What day is International Girls Day celebrated?

International Girls Day is celebrated on November 14th.

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