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Children's Day in Nigeria
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Nigeria is a federal republic in West Africa, with 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. It is the largest country in Africa by population and has a diverse geography, culture, and economy.


May 27 2073


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Children’s Day Nigeria

Did you know that Children’s Day Nigeria falls on May 27th every year and is a special day set aside to celebrate children? On this day, Nigerians come together to enjoy activities and events that are specifically geared towards kids. So mark your calendar and get ready for some fun!

Celebrating Children’s Day is foreign to African history and culture. Not that African children are not treasured and regarded as valuable gifts from Almighty God, but they feel there are limits to their liberty and affection to not spoil them. Only the twins, for example, are treasured as a rare strain and blessing to society, and they are occasionally celebrated by public funfair of drumming, dancing, and parental display.

Children’s Day Nigeria is dedicated to commemorating children and increasing awareness of their rights. It is a national celebration that promotes children’s rights, health, and well-being.

Children's Day Nigeria

In 1950, Nigeria celebrated its inaugural Children’s Day. This occurred due to the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s effort as the opposition leader in the Western House Assembly during colonial administration (1951). He was particularly concerned about safeguarding Nigerian children from abuse by adults or other adolescents since he had lost his daughter Taiwo Awolowo to malaria shortly after her birth in 1940 at Ikenne, near Ado-Ekiti.

History of Children’s Day in Nigeria

A children’s day may be traced back to 1857 in the United States when a clergyman named Charles Leonard hosted a service for children at his church. This ceremony later became known as Children’s Day in the area and is an early example of a day dedicated to commemorating children.

Similar festivities have taken place across the world. Turkey, for example, has observed a national Children’s Day since 1920. Finally, International Children’s Day was established during the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva in 1925. The Women’s International Democratic Federation designated June 1 as an International Day for the Protection of Children in Moscow, with other days established worldwide.

Children's Day Nigeria

On November 20, the world celebrates Universal Children’s Day.

On November 20, 1954, the United Nations General Assembly approved the Universal Children’s Day concept.

On the same day in 1959, the UN General Assembly enacted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and on November 20, 1989, the formal decree on the protection of children’s rights was established.

Children’s day is observed on different dates in different nations, even though the United Nations designated November 20 as Children’s Day.

In Nigeria, May 27 is historically celebrated as Children’s Day. Children’s day is observed in China on June 1, Japan on May 5, and the United Kingdom on August 20.

When is Nigeria’s Children’s Day?

In Nigeria, Children’s Day is celebrated on May 27. It’s an international holiday that started in Nigeria in 1964. The date on which it is observed differs by country. The day is a celebration of children, raising awareness about issues affecting children and reminding us that they are the future of our nations.

While it is not a national holiday in Nigeria and companies remain open, children are often given a day off school to spend with their families on Children’s Day. People and organizations throughout Nigeria observe and celebrate this day.

What occurs in Nigeria on Children’s Day?

Children’s day is usually commemorated in Nigeria with several parades and festivities. Schools can organize their parades and allow students to participate in the festivities. The Nigerian government organizes an annual procession for the event, in which local teachers, parents, and children participate.

Some TV and radio stations join in the fun, allowing youngsters to broadcast and anchor programs for a portion of the day. This may provide a vital experience for young children while brightening the day of watchers and listeners. In addition, children may be allowed to shadow adults at work in their employment – for example, some governors allow children to shadow them in office. This may provide youngsters with valuable experience while also inspiring them to work hard in the future.

Many religious groups observe Children’s Day by hosting parties and festivities for underprivileged children. It is sometimes viewed as an occasion to expose any plight that young Nigerians may experience, to address them to aid the children of Nigeria in Ikenne, near Ado-Ekiti.

Who’s Celebrating Children’s Day?

This is a national holiday because everyone wants their children to grow healthy and strong! Celebrate Children’s Day by doing something enjoyable with your kids. Children’s day is an excellent chance to recognize and cherish the gift of life God has bestowed upon you, your kid. You are fortunate to have a child, even if it is only one. This day allows us to tell them how wonderful they are while encouraging them to achieve their life goals and objectives.

It is also an excellent opportunity for parents to teach their children about this particular day, which will help them grasp its significance later in life when they become independent individuals who may celebrate it without their parents!

Celebrate Children’s Day by doing something your children enjoy doing together or independently, such as going to the park or the beach with other playmates; playing sports such as soccer, basketball, or volleyball, etc., or going out with friends while still having fun at home watching movies together before going to bed.

Most significantly, it is critical to encourage discussion with your children. Discuss critical concerns concerning their mental health, such as depression and anxiety. Engage in a conversation with your children. Assist them in identifying their strengths and limitations and ways to boost their self-esteem and confidence. You may also aid them in identifying their talents and limitations and develop their self-esteem and confidence.

Children's Day Nigeria

You may do this by providing chances for your kid to practice the skills they have learned in school. For example, if you have taught your child mathematics at home, offer him/her the opportunity to use what he/she has learned while completing homework or playing. Encourage them by applauding them anytime they accomplish a good job, so they may feel proud of themselves.

Another approach to commemorate this day is to educate our children or teens on life skills. Teach them how to cook, do laundry, mow the lawn, manage their time and money, and cope with stress. This will assist them in developing into self-sufficient people who have a beneficial effect on society.

It is essential to teach our children solid life skills. They will have to make decisions that will affect their future and the future of others as they mature. As a result, we can teach children critical life skills such as time management, financial management, and other important things that will benefit them in the long run.

The celebration’s significance

Though it is not a widespread public holiday in Nigeria, the day is set aside to honor the younger generation. Therefore, elementary and secondary school students are excused from class.

Aside from the festivities and celebrations associated with Children’s Day, this occasion helps to recognize that all minors and children have the right to health, education, and protection.

Children’s Day Activities

Various social events are held on Children’s Day, including excursions, parties, funfairs, parades, etc.

Most of these activities occur in unique venues such as stadiums, amusement parks, and other noteworthy locations.

Some government agencies, media outlets, and non-governmental organizations also use the day to reach out to children and assist them in various ways.

On this day, parents also celebrate their children by buying them gifts, taking them on outings, and treating them to a treat.

Gifts that can be given to celebrate Children’s Day Nigeria

Every gift, no matter how modest, brings joy to a child’s heart. But we all know that shopping for kids is difficult, and even more so when you want to give them something other than a toy which is usually the first option. As a result, here are a few suggestions for gifts you can purchase.

You can opt for piggy banks, scooters, books, clothes, edibles like sweets or chocolates, games, potted plants, drawing tools, etc. They will totally love to have any of the gifts. It is also advisable to tailor the gift to suit their interests.

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