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Dec 26 2023


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Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a holiday observed on the 26th of December, the day after Christmas in the United Kingdom, as well as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Many organizations, particularly banks, post offices, and governmental institutions, recognize the holiday. Since 1871, this custom has been followed. The day is usually observed in conjunction with the Feast of St. Stephen, a deacon appointed by the Apostles to care for widows and the poor. For his trust in God and Christ, St. Stephen was stoned to death.

Boxing Day is a government-mandated holiday in the United Kingdom, however, if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday is the holiday. On this day, all schools and many organizations are closed. On Boxing Day, many retailers are open and begin their post-Christmas deals. Boxing Day is a federal holiday in Canada. It is not, however, observed in all provinces or regions. It is not a statutory holiday in Alberta or British Columbia, nor is it an official holiday in Quebec. Although many organizations and businesses are closed, retailers are frequently open.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day, which can be dated back to the Victorian era when churches used to display boxes to collect donations from parishioners, is one of the funniest moments of the Christmas season. Also, British workers used to take time off on Christmas Day to see their families, and they were given a box to carry home with gifts, bonuses, and perhaps food. As a token of thanks for their outstanding service throughout the year, tradespeople used to collect Christmas boxes of toys or money on the first workday after Christmas. In the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and a few other Commonwealth countries, Boxing Day is observed.

How Is Today’s Boxing Day Celebrated

For generations, sporting activities have taken place on Boxing Day. Pugilism, on the other hand fighting with gloved hands (boxing!)—isn’t usually one of them. On Boxing Day, wealthy British people used to go foxhunting. In 2004, however, rules made it illegal to hunt foxes and only authorized hunts in limited circumstances.

Watching horse races and football matches against local rivals are two of the most popular Boxing Day sporting activities today. Another “sport” is post-Christmas shopping when people exchange and return items and search for the greatest discounts.

Boxing Day is still a huge day for charity and giving to the less fortunate. Some people take part in charity runs. Another type of event is the Boxing Day Dip, where people dress up and swim in the sea on Boxing Day.

History Boxing Day

The tradition of offering money and other gifts to persons in need or in positions of service in Europe can be traced back to the Middle Ages. However, the actual origin is unknown; it could refer to the alms box in the narthex of Christian churches, which collects offerings for the destitute. The ritual may have originated in the late Roman/early Christian era when alms boxes were put in churches to receive special donations linked to the Feast of Saint Stephen, which falls on the same day as Boxing Day, the second day of Christmas in Western Christian Churches. On this day, alms boxes are traditionally opened and delivered to the impoverished in various communities.

In the United Kingdom, it was customary for tradesmen to collect “Christmas boxes” of money or gifts on the first workday after Christmas as a token of appreciation for their excellent service. In his diary entry for December 19, 1663, Samuel Pepys mentions this. This practice stems from an older British tradition in which servants of the rich were allowed to see their families the next day rather than serving their employers on Christmas Day. The bosses would send each servant home with a box containing presents, bonuses, and maybe leftover food. Until the late twentieth century, many people in the United Kingdom continued to give vendors a Christmas gift, generally cash, but not on Boxing Day, as many people did not work on that day.

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Boxing Day Traditions

The following are some of the customs linked with Boxing Day;

Those Who Serve Should Be Honored

Giving money to those who supply you with services throughout the year is one of the oldest Boxing Day customs. When this practice began, it was a day when the wealthy would give their servants a day off. As a token of appreciation, the wealthy would give their staff a box containing a present. Today, it is customary to express gratitude to anybody who supplies you with a service, such as your mail carrier or garbage collector. In place of money, you might instead honor those persons with a little, basic gift.

Assisting The Less Fortunate

Giving to others who are less fortunate is another widespread habit. That is, donating money to a local food bank or a local charity.

Sporting Activities

Many people celebrate Boxing Day by watching a sporting event like horse racing or a football match. People can get a group of buddies together and spend the day with their favorite team. On Boxing Day in the United Kingdom, Premier League Football dedicates an entire day to games.

A plunge of the Polar Bear

Others prefer to take the customary Boxing Day dive into the frigid English Channel with members of local swimming clubs. This risky event benefits a variety of charities. Others like participating in or merely watching a regatta, as well as others who are bold enough to leap into the English Channel.

Shopping Deals

Boxing Day, like Black Friday in the United States, is a day when buyers can get amazing deals and savings. Many people make Boxing Day deals a ritual.

Hanging Out With Friends

Many individuals make it a practice to meet up with friends and go to the local pubs on Boxing Day. At neighborhood restaurants, enjoy drinking and socializing with friends. Naturally, more police officers are on duty to ensure that things do not become disorderly or out of hand.

Holiday Leftovers

Many people prefer to spend Boxing Day at home. On this day, it is also customary to have family and friends over. People enjoy their Christmas gifts, and many prepare a buffet of holiday leftovers including glazed ham, cold sliced beef, leftover turkey, cold salads, cheese and crackers, pickles, and bread.

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Boxing Day Gifts

In the United Kingdom, a Christmas present is known as a ‘Christmas Box.’ Boxing Day was originally a day off for servants, as well as the day when the owner gave them a ‘Christmas Box.’ On Boxing Day, the servants would also return home to offer their families ‘Christmas Boxes.’  So, if you want to present a gift to your family and friends, why not send them an incredible “Gift Box” that includes the following items:

  • Customized Gift

A cute and meaningful gift is an emoji mug or a personalized t-shirt. You can try to match your friend’s personality to a certain emoji or a hobby of theirs, then have it printed on a t-shirt and sent to them.

  • Headphones

Getting your friend new headphones is always a good idea, especially if they come with cord detanglers to keep all of their equipment in order.

  • Stationary

Since some people do not go for souvenirs, but rather for what will be beneficial, a set of colorful sticky notes, a 2023 calendar, or a set of their favorite pens would be a good choice too.

  • Clothes

Christmas Pajamas, socks, scarves, and gloves are all popular choices for Christmas gifts. If Christmas falls during the summer, as it does in Australia, purchase a lighter Pajama and scarf.

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