National Garden Meditation Day

National Garden Meditation Day

National Garden Meditation Day is an annual celebration observed on May 3rd. It encourages us to take time out of our busy lives and relax in the peace and beauty of a garden. Working in the garden, taking a leisurely stroll, or simply sitting and enjoying the scenery can be incredibly calming and therapeutic.

world beard day

World Beard Day

World Beard Day is a day for those who celebrate the glory of the beard. It is a day for beard-lovers to come together and rejoice in the facial hair that sets them apart from the clean-shaven masses. On this day, beardsmen across the globe will dress up their facial follicles in all manner of styles, from the simple goatee to the magnificent handlebar mustache. World Beard Day is also a time to reflect on the history of the beard and to celebrate the many men who have made this hairy style their own. From ancient philosophers to modern hipsters, the beard has been worn by some of the most influential people in history. So whether you’re sporting a mustache, goatee, or full-on beard, take a moment on World Beard Day to appreciate the facial hair that makes you unique.

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